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  • wenchacha commented on the blog post Mayor Of Sexytown Is Too Sexy For His Town

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    An in-law has frontotemporal brain lesions. Change of personality is one of the first signs. Frontotemporal dementia is a stone cold bitch. Inappropriate behavior is a hallmark.

    Get him a neurological workup.

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    I know he’ll likely be on probation with a little bit of a hand-slap, but I do wish one of these fuckers would go behind bars. If any of the young women he harassed experienced anxiety or depression from his nasty messages, it’s only fitting that he spend some time being uncomfortable, too. Does Paul Ryan still think he’s a great kid? Does Ryan’s wife appreciate his ingenuity?

    He’s a fucking pathetic little weasel-boy who hates women enough that he figured the only way he’d get over on them was to frighten them. What a colossal douchebag.

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    Fenway T. Bogg, Dog Psychologist. Now accepting humans 5 days a week.

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    GM is introducing the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel in June this year. I really hope it’s a winner.

    And Malkin. She’d have been great with SNL: The Jean Doumanian years.

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    Hagel was appalled. “These are people with no courage, on both sides,” he says. “Cowards. Nameless and faceless. I called it the filthiest thing I’d ever seen.”

    Both sides, Chuck?

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    Without a powerful ideal of masculinity that points men toward marriage and fatherhood, more and more young men are deciding the hard work of becoming marriageable is not worth it

    Does Maggie know how tough it is for young men or young women to get a damn job? Yes, there are some minimum-wage part-time jobs kids can get in their high school years. It costs quite a lot of money even to attend the local community colleges. And if a student messes up, makes a mistake by not knuckling down to studies, they can lose their student aid for several years.

    I don’t know how well marriage survives in Gaza, but one of the reasons there are so many young men willing to become martyrs is because there is no real way they can move into an adult relationship with a woman. They have no money, no job, no way to get beyond their extended adolescence.

    It’s not quite as bad here. Yet.

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    Excellent photo! Reminiscent of a Philip Pearlstein painting, but warmer.

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    The commenters on the Daily Caller site pretty much sound like the same sort of people who think Tucker Carlson is a journo.

  • You’re sure it’s not just our bias? I find Ryan oily and creepy, but his fans love the shit out of him.

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    Douchebags on parade.

    It could have been worse, I guess. Only a few people wanted to punch or use the POTUS for target practice. My fellow Americans.

  • I am ready for the new Keenen Ivory Wayans film, “I’m Gonna Git You, Tucka”. Does a bow-tie go with aquarium heels?

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    So tell me, Rush: is Tit-Shimmy Palin a slut because she had a baby without being married, or is it okay, because she didn’t use birth control?

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    Is my religious liberty being denied if Mormons decide to rebaptize me after I am dead? Can my family sue the LDS for forcing a baptism on me when I don’t want one?

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    A Catholic friend tells me, “We always viewed Lutherans as the Marines of Protestants.”

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    Was Callista raised Catholic? Why, then, did she attend Luther College, a Lutheran institution? Just curious; I am a lapsed Lutheran, myself.

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    My brother rescued a beagle many years back. Sadie had seizures, and I think her treatment was phenobarb, given once or twice a day. It didn’t seem to be a big problem; she was around until her mid-teens. She was quite deaf in later years; don’t know if the phenobarb contributed to that. (I’m thinking of Rushblo with his oxy/hearing problems. Ick.) Sadie was never great with her bladder control. I don’t know if that was part of the seizure thing or just the result of rather haphazard training when she was young.

    Good luck with the pup. He’s got too much bassitude for this to slow him down.

  • He must get together with Frank Miller! They can do Early-Bird dinner at 4:30 some day soon.

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    That tat really makes me think of the film “Zoo.” Just sayin’.

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    Does she have children of her own? Man, I hope not. What an abomination.

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    Uh-oh! Looks like someone got hold of a thesaurus.

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