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    I hear John Roberts takes the Metro – how about an Occupy the Metro demonstration?

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    So I don’t post much but Elliott Abrams on MTP? My dream scenario is Gene Robinson turns to David Gregory (another person covered in shame)and says “sorry, I don’t sit down with traitors” indicating Abrams and leaves the set. Like I said – it’s a dream.

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    This is so incredibly depressing. It hits home as my father was a physicist and I could never imagine him being killed just for being a scientist. I mean, killing scientists – wasn’t that a hallmark of the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages. Sadly I think maybe we are living in a new Dark Age. If you know scientists they generally don’t care about politics. It’s about the work to them. I need a drink.

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    sorry I’m late to the discussion – it’s been a good one. My anecdote – fall 2007 and my wife and I (who moved to the Bay Area from MN) decided to buy. The prices were a shock – but we figured we were just rubes from the midwest. There was a house listed for $995,000 in Redwood City – nothing special – 3 bedroom ranch with a pool. We offered $950k and were turned down. At that point a light went off and I said to my wife – this is nuts. Dropped out of the market and saw that the house sold 6 months later for $900k. We are still renting and see no reason to buy. I feel sorry for anyone in this mess because our government doesn’t seem up to the task of handling this problem – let alone any other. Prices will not stabilize until unemployment drops. Also, anyone consider maybe time to lower inventory – maybe bulldoze a lot of homes in over built areas????

  • In honor of Alex I too just registered today – but only to offset his evilness! Jane, you are a treasure beyond words. I try never to miss your appearances in the media zoo – but I actually have become worried recently as I can actually see the wear and tear that having to deal with awfulness of public governence can do to one’s health. And if I recall you are a cancer survivor, right?

    So, I hope you have a support system in place (not that these wonderful people here at the Lake aren’t a support staff all in themselves). I know there are many battles to fight and we seriously need you to fight them – but please take care of yourself.

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