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    You give two reasons which both make sense. But I think there is a third to throw into the mix. In states that are less accepting, there are probably a lot more people who are confused/closeted because of the stigma associated with being gay. Its not just that they are afraid to identify as gay to the pollster. Its that even though they are gay, they may be married, or the thought of being gay is so scary or repulsive to them that they identify as straight when asked.
    Ted Haggard would have identified as straight for most of his life if asked, as would Larry Craig and a host of others. They may even have believed they were.
    Been there, Done that.

  • Its nice to see a Christian who can recognize hatred when he sees it. I was beginning to wonder if there was such a thing. There needs more Christians like him who are just as outspoken as Ann Coulter.

  • I’m sure this is what Jesus would say.

  • This guy should read the Bible and check history.

    Assuming for his sake that Biblical history is about 5,000 years old, then for over 3,000 years, over 60% of that time, polygamy was not only the norm but but mandated in some cases. Polygamy was even around in the time of Jesus and Paul. It was referred to in the New Testament but curiously never condemned.

    In fact, monogamous marriage was a Greek and Roman thing that was adopted by the Judeo-Christian world after the melding of the Roman Empire and Christianity (one of main things that caused the downfall of the empire I might add).

    Before anyone accuses me of supporting polygamy, let me say I am not. It is a misogynistic arrangement that considers women to be property. I’m just saying that anyone who says its been “one man / one woman” since the dawn of time is fooling themselves or lying to everyone else. I guess I’m agreeing with Dan Savage (and apparently Dr. Dobson does too to some degree) that the Bible got some things wrong and the polygamy vs. monogamy debate is one of them.

  • Personally I think this is one of the best arguments we have to sway the people in the middle. They may not like care one way or the other about gay people, but they don’t want to hurt children. I hope that some of the public relations and advertising includes facts backing up this premise.

    I always envisioned a TV commercial showing 2 children playing together while the narrator explains that one child’s parents pay more in taxes, that one child is not as protected in the unfortunate event of a breakup, how one family had to pay additional thousands of dollars to approximate the same legal protections for that child, etc, etc. Then at the end, reveal the difference is that one child has straight married parents, and the other gay parents who are not allowed to marry.

  • But I thought the earth was only about 4000 years old. Now I’m really confused!