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  • “…anti-bundling restrictions that stem from a voter-approved initiative that regulates political contributions and campaign spending, churches can hand out envelopes at Mass but they can’t collect them and send them in to the campaign”

    Because it’s no longer a “donation” if you’re being forced to comply.

  • Since he now admits that he understands how labeling groups as “insert inciteful label here” can lead to violence against members of that group…

    …does this mean that he will now stop referring to homosexuals as “pedophiles” and “deviants” and “perverts” and “abominations”?

  • I tend to agree with timncguy on this…

    The problem isn’t that the media was allowed to “frame” this as a first amendment issue, the problem is that the media was allowed to “frame” this as solely a gay issue.

    Granted, it was Cathy’s stance on gay marriage and CFA’s contributions to anti-gay hate groups that sparked this media fire, but as history has well taught us, prejudice rarely exists in a bubble… the Nazis didn’t just persecute the Jewish community, the KKK didn’t just persecute African Americans, and if the Cathy’s hate the gays, the media should be asking itself what other minorities do the Cathy’s hate.

    Here’s a YouTube video of the welcome ceremony at CFA WinShape’s Berry College, you know, all those “charitable” scholarships the kindly Cathy’s are giving to needy students that we kept hearing about this week… I can count on one hand how many non-whites I see in this auditorium full of freshmen and their families. It’s a sea of white just like the CFA Appreciation Day turnout.


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    Groups like Focus on the Family know all too well that burying your lies and hate in scripture and simply calling yourself a “Christian” organization is a very effective means of garnering blind trust and support from the religious community and its leaders.

    So what I want to know is what Chick-Fil-A and the Cathy family plan to do now that they have been made aware that they have been financially backing several organizations that are either being closely watched by or have already been classified as hate groups by the SPLC alongside other pseudo-religious hate groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis.

    What I’d like to see happen here is for the Cathy family to publicly withdraw its support of these groups and apologize to gays and Christians alike for ever giving these hate groups a dime… that would be HUGE!

  • “Alvin, I’m curious as to why you object to political officials acting to keep CFA out of their communities. Elected officials routinely act to keep … businesses inconsistent with community standards (fetish shops, strip clubs) out of their communities.”

    Don’t forget that many communities frequently lump gay bars (particularly those that feature drag shows) together with strip clubs and fetish shops as adult entertainment businesses that go against “community standards.” They’re often forced to operate “out of sight” on the outskirts of town or in blighted areas, if they’re even permitted at all.

    If you support the notion that a city should be allowed to ban businesses that some members of the community and city council find objectionable, it would undoubtedly have a much greater adverse impact on the gay community than Chick-Fil-A.

  • You need to pair this Southern Baptist couple’s story with the lady suing Chick-Fil-A for gender discrimination…

    They both involve folks that have supported discriminatory organizations who are now demanding public outrage and sympathy when they find themselves on the receiving end of their very own hate.

  • Kirk needs to make up his mind… first he tells us that the ergonomics of a banana is proof of God’s existence, but then he turns right around and tells us that it’s “unnatural” for some of us to enjoy bananas ;)

  • “We need the folks that are teaching in schools to represent our values.”

    What folks need to realize is that just because an elected official may be specifically commenting on the subject of homosexuality, broad and all encompassing statements like this should be taken at face value.

    When he says “our values,” he means “my values” and it is essentially an admission that he feels that only people like himself (rich, white, Christian, heterosexual males) are entitled to representation in this country.

  • …the clearly intentional distinction almost has a dismissive tone

    He seems to be implying that since it was “adult” and “heterosexual” it’s somehow ok.

    Makes me wonder how prevalent hetero sexual assault is in the church for them to be so cavalier and nonchalant about it.

  • Men don’t have it that much better… I’ve got a beard that grows practically from my eyeballs to my adam’s apple that has to be shaved once or twice a day to remain looking presentable and kempt.

    And then there’s the unibrow and other unmentionable ear & nose hairs that have to be mowed weekly.

    I’m not sure that any of us would be welcome in polite company in our natural state, lol :)

  • “Gotta love it. We’ve finally reached the presumption of guilt instead of the presumption of innocence, even if you’re 10. Makes me SO proud to be an American…”

    For what it’s worth, juveniles do not have the same rights as adults in this country… simple reason being that, if children were entitled to the same due process rights as adults, neither the schools nor parents would be able to discipline a child without a formal trial.

  • This type of dress code is pretty standard and strictly enforced on Glenwood South regardless of the color of the establishment or its patrons.



  • …two of the other headlines on the front page of Houseblend today are rightly condemning NOM and Maggie Gallagher for race baiting after internal documents were exposed where they admit to intentionally “driving a wedge” between minorities and fanning racial hostilities.

    Yet in the Martin case and with several news outlets admitting to engaging in similar behaviors to make this look like a racist incident (doctoring 9-1-1 calls, videos, and photographs and using phony “experts”), not only is no one here condemning these behaviors, they have taken the bait hook, line, and sinker.

    Frankly, I think the whole lot of them NOM, FRC, FOX, ABC, NBC, the Orlando Sentinel, etc should be facing charges for intentionally inciting racial tensions… and I’m sorry if you feel that my being objective and not buying into the obvious double standard makes me a racist.

  • With no cable and being too busy with college since January, I haven’t been keeping up with the national news… I heard something about hoodies and a shooting, but wow, I had no idea that this was such a big controversy.

    So a few questions from someone who has been living under a rock:

    Why is this being called a “racial” incident…? A resident sees a stranger wandering around at night ducking in and out of doorways behind the homes in a gated, private community that’s had a rash of recent burglaries and it’s NOT supposed to raise suspicions?! Never mind the fact that neither person involved was white.

    And why are people ridiculously claiming that hoodies don’t have a certain negative connotation… when it is exactly because of this negative connotation that many people wear them to look “tough” or “scary” or to conceal their identity. Anyway. Unabomber. Nuff said.

    Why are folks harping on the fact that the young man had a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Ice Tea… is this somehow important or are the networks just getting paid royalties every time they can work Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea into the broadcast?

    Why is it important that the young man was unarmed… people are beaten and killed every day with nothing more than bare hands.

    Why are folks calling community watch patrol in this case “stalking”…

    And for the love of god, why are people calling this “racial profiling”… there were no police or law enforcement involved.

    And in the midst of all this finger pointing, why is no one pointing the finger of blame at the father? His 17 year old son had been sent to stay with him for a few days of fatherly supervision and discipline after the young man had been repeatedly suspended from school for destruction of school property, possession of a stash of stolen jewelry (and I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be from the homes that had been burglarized in the neighborhood), possession of a weapon (screwdriver), and drug possession. So if he was supposed to be watching his son, why didn’t he even realise until the following day that his son had been missing since the previous evening.

    James Byrd, Matthew Shepard, James Anderson… these are real victims of hate crimes. Their murders were senseless, unjustified, and horrific. Martin was an undisciplined young man, a thief, and a drug user who was killed in self defense by the person “he” was beating.

  • …and I love the whole a “generous donor” will match your donation of up to $200,000 ploy.

    I’m guessing that’s probably a lie, too… and if not, why not just say who the donor is?

  • Isn’t this essentially false advertising and charity fraud…?

    Asking folks to donate money to help promote “unity” when NOM’s actual hidden agenda has been to “drive a wedge” between minorities and to exploit and fan the flames of racial hostility in this country.

    I’m not even sure that “hate” group is a strong enough term for what this organization actually is and is attempting to do. Domestic terrorist group seems more fitting.

  • “…provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots…”

    NOM is being truthful when it says that Wooden et al are not NOM puppets…

    The NOM “wedge” agenda clearly acknowledges that it is deliberately using these people as bait.

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    So does this mean that (diploma mill “Dr”) Patrick Wooden et al were just paid talking heads… allowing their supposed faith and their congregations to be used in exchange for financial compensation?

    And did NOM actually select Wooden specifically because they knew he was a joke and a fraud that would make an easy target with his tall tales about butt plugs and cell phones and his store bought college degree…

    …for that matter, did the Tea Party engage in similar race-baiting by throwing Herman Cain’s hat into the POTUS race knowing full well that his lack of qualifications and past indiscretions would quickly make him a laughing stock in the media.

  • …if they truly want “to bring purity” back to the SC GOP party, why limit this pledge and these values to just potential candidates?

    Shouldn’t a signed copy of this pledge be required to accompany all financial and material donations and contributions as well…?

    It’d be hypocritical and unethical for these sanitized candidates to accept “dirty” money, goods, and services or support from “dirty” volunteers and voters.

    (* and wasn’t “purity” Hitler’s schtick? Just sayin’…)

  • “Below is the final installment of my five-part interview with Pastor Wooden… ever since Patrick’s first interview with AFTAH, he has become a huge target for bigoted and often vicious “gay” militants.”

    …it’s interesting how LaBarbera alternates between addressing Wooden as “Dr. Wooden” in the first installments of the interview when he wants to portray him as an expert (on putting things up your butt), and now “Pastor Wooden” in the final installment when he wants to portray him as a victim.

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