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    Agreed :-(

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    “The vast majority of Americans support the extra judicial killings of people with drones.” I find it frightening to nauseating that more than half of Americans support murder by drone, not only the murder of those only alleged to have done something or merely threatened to do something to harm Americans, but by accepting the [...]

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    “…a malicious and disgusting shooting rampage that killed many innocents along with those who, even if guilty”

    While I agree with the points of your piece, the statement above rattled my antenna. To the best of my knowledge and research Dorner was responsible for killing four people, two of whom were police officers. I’m not sure how to divide these four between innocent and not-innocent, but I can not do it so that the phrase “killed many innocents” has any ring of truth. Something I’m missing?

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    At the bottom of my latest statement from the Bank of Edwardsville (www.4thebank.com) is a list of fees to be effective April 1, 2013. One of the items is “Dormant Account / Month $4.00.” I went to the bank and asked them to define “Dormant Account.” I was told that it was an account with [...]