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    As the poet says (only I forget which one) “All words are fossilized poetry”.

    Here’s a favorite bit from my favorite poem all day permanent red by Logue (“first battle scenes from the Illiad rewritten”.

    Headlock. Body slam. Hands that do not reach back. Low dust. Stormed by Chylabborak, driven-in by Abassee
    The light above his circle hatched with spears
    Odysseus to Sheepgrove:
    “Get lord Idomeneo from the ridge.”

    Then prays:
    Brainchild Athena, Holy Girl,
    As one you made
    As calm as water in a well
    I know that you have cares enough
    Other than those of me and mine.
    Yet, Daughter of God, without your help
    We cannot last.”

    Setting down her topaz saucer heaped with nectarine jelly
    Emptying her blood-red mouth set in her ice-white face
    Teenaged Athena jumped up and shrieked:
    “Kill! Kill for me!
    Better to die than to live without killing!”

    Who says prayer does no good?

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    I’ve been wondering if Dorner–who seems like he might be a decent guy, considering–set his pick-up on fire to prevent any more civilians from being shot up.

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    I have not read Haidt’s original research, but the factors of morality that gave me the most trouble in the popular press were his areas of “Deference to authority” and “In-group loyalty”. My personal experience of Liberals vs. Conservatives is that the two groups decide who is an authority and who is a member of their in-group very differently; I’ve yet to meet a conservative, for instance, who defers to the authority of a climate scientist, and they seem to have trouble deferring to Black presidents.
    In any case, when I read Liberals stereotype more than Conservatives I think there is a Validity problem: The categories are so squishy I doubt they can be quantified meaningfully.

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    Usually when I feel like saying something and read the thread, someone has already said something equivalent to what I wanted to say. No point in repeating.

  • Maybe Schneiderman is aware of what happened to Eliot Spitzer when he took his job seriously.

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    As a high school teacher with LAUSD I can report that Sharon, our highly qualified and responsible cafeteria manager is overworked just with heating up the pre-packaged food, dishing it out, maintaining sanitation and following through on the piles of paperwork she has to do every day. However, the change in food this year was [...]

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    I remember the day of the eviction going past in the Blue Line train, but the city had blocked the view on purpose by parking a train in the way. I thought it was bizarre that they’d gone to that trouble. It was almost as though the city was ashamed of what it was doing.

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    But why is he specifically referring to Israel as a Jewish state? I don’t think even Bush used that formulation. Any room for non-Jews in Israel?

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    Excuse me?! I’m a teacher and The Weekly Reader ought to sue you–It’s a great resource.