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    Not much has been said about the true origin of the states’ and municipal crises. Let’s go back to the 80′s, just for a moment, when Reagan opened the mental facilities to the streets, and opined that it’s the public’s job to care for the less fortunate. That’s when, along with trickle-down, the repugnants’ plan [...]

  • Bush didn’t write that memoir; there’re too many sentences.

    He was contemplating ditching the Dick after his first term, but then Cheney reminded him, “Who the hell do you think is gonna run the country?”

    He was mad as hell they wouldn’t let him return to Washington on 9/11. Yeah, there he goes again, diving headlong into battle.

    He ordered the shooting down of the pentagon
    plane-as-missile. But he decided to save telling anyone for nine years. It’d make such a dramatic draw for his memoirs, you know.

    Come to think of it, why couldn’t some jets like the ones pacing Air Force 1 that day, just swing up from that same base and save the day in Washington.

    Ahhh, so much to contemplate. And sparked from the mind of an imbecile.

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