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    Those sanctions may have been the reason that there were no WMD in Iraq in 2003.

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    IMHO the Model S is one of the most beautiful passenger cars on the market. Other than the price, I find almost nothing to dislike about it. And, it appears that the Model C will remove some of that objection.

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    I’m sure that the arrows that Apaches shot at the wagon trains were scary too. But, at least now, nobody in their right mind argues that they justified genocide against the American Indians.

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    Do you consider Hamas and Israel to be moral peers? Why / why not?

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    The purpose is clear: it’s called “ethnic cleansing,” which is settler colonialism’s only alternative to apartheid.

  • Seems like everyone here is in lockstep with their admiration of Bill Clinton …

    Speaking only for myself, I admire neither of the Clintons. In fact, month by month, I respect both of them less, as I learn more about their machinations and leanings.

  • You’re right on. And, the place to look is “conflicts of interest.” Did he properly report all of them?

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    I’m not sure whom you’re referring to by “they.” This is visibly an Israeli publication that is conjecturing negatively on the priorities and aspirations of Hamas. What else would you expect?

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    This would put Aereo in somewhat the same business as Hulu, delayed rebroadcast over the Internet. The difference is that they pick up their content in real time “over the air.” IMHO, they should have gone the other direction, i.e., insisted that they are a co-location facility simply renting space and providing electricity and an [...]

  • Per this article , “Israel admits forcibly injecting Ethiopian Jews with Depo-Provera” (to diminish fertility);

    After a series of back and forth accusations and denials among government agencies, the Israeli Health Ministry has for the first time acknowledged that it has been injecting Ethiopian immigrants who are religiously Jewish with the dangerous contraceptive Depo-Provera without their consent. [...]

  • The Israelification of American policy; if Israel does it, it must be ethical and effective.

  • Amen! Good to hear from you again.

  • Obama was told to “back off,” and he did so.

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    Per the Wall Street Journal:

    Hillary Clinton has begun distancing herself from President Barack Obama, suggesting that she would do more to woo Republicans and take a more assertive stance toward global crises, while sounding more downbeat than her former boss about the U.S. economic recovery.

    Will Democrats never learn. The Republicans will hate you no matter what you do. Meanwhile, reaching out to them pisses off your base. That’s why Obama has so little love left in the ever-narrower center.

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    This very eloquent Dkos diary is by an American Jew who has finally and reluctantly decided to support a binational one-state solution.

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    Interesting factoid: I was recently told by friends who repair wind generators that the Europeans are using wind turbines that, by weight, are about thee times the size of our biggest ones.

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    An item of interest.

    Jakob Heilbrunn has an interesting article in yesterday’s NYT entitled “The Neocons’ Next Act: Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?”:

    Consider the historian Robert Kagan, the author of a recent, roundly praised article in The New Republic that amounted to a neo-neocon manifesto. He has not only avoided the vitriolic tone that has afflicted some of his intellectual brethren but also co-founded an influential bipartisan advisory group during Mrs. Clinton’s time at the State Department.

    Mr. Kagan has also been careful to avoid landing at standard-issue neocon think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute; instead, he’s a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, that citadel of liberalism headed by Strobe Talbott, who was deputy secretary of state under President Bill Clinton and is considered a strong candidate to become secretary of state in a new Democratic administration. (Mr. Talbott called the Kagan article “magisterial,” in what amounts to a public baptism into the liberal establishment.)

    Perhaps most significantly, Mr. Kagan and others have insisted on maintaining the link between modern neoconservatism and its roots in muscular Cold War liberalism. Among other things, he has frequently praised Harry S. Truman’s secretary of state, Dean Acheson, drawing a line from him straight to the neocons’ favorite president: “It was not Eisenhower or Kennedy or Nixon but Reagan whose policies most resembled those of Acheson and Truman.”

    Other neocons have followed Mr. Kagan’s careful centrism and respect for Mrs. Clinton. Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, noted in The New Republic this year that “it is clear that in administration councils she was a principled voice for a strong stand on controversial issues, whether supporting the Afghan surge or the intervention in Libya.”
    Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story
    Continue reading the main story

    And the thing is, these neocons have a point. Mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq war; supported sending arms to Syrian rebels; likened Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, to Adolf Hitler; wholeheartedly backs Israel; and stresses the importance of promoting democracy.


    The article is accompanied with side-by-side photographs of Hillary and Robert Kagan subtitled:

    Neocons like the historian Robert Kagan may be connecting with Hillary Clinton to try to regain influence in foreign policy. Credit Left, Stephanie Sinclair/VII via Corbis; right, Colin McPherson/Corbis.

    What Heilbrunn surely knows but withheld from his readers is the fact that, while she was Secretary of State, Hillary appointed Kagan’s wife (Victoria Nuland Kagan) as Assistant Secretary of State. And, I’ve read that she was only one of the Neocons with whom Hillary surrounded herself.

    Hillary is positioning herself to come across as the second coming of Margaret Thatcher. And, Heilbrunn and NYT are jerks for playing this game on their readers.

  • Shortly before Desert Storm (January 1992), I was told that the CIA and State Department warned the Bush administration that toppling Saddam Hussein would create a power vacuum that would lead to disaster and that the Bush Administration had decided to accept that advice. Dick Cheney articulated that advice almost verbatim in this 1994 80-second video clip. But, less than a decade later, he did a complete flip-flop and browbeat the CIA and State Department into going along.

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    I love that video. One of my friends sent me a link about a month ago. It’s stunning.

  • If we arm both sides in Iraq, Malaki and ISIS, it would not be the first time that we that we armed opposing groups of Muslims. Remember war between Iraq and Iran in the 1980s. We overtly armed Iraq and indirectly armed Iran through Israel … so I’ve been told by reliable sources.

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