• I worked in a convenience store, and at one point we had 128oz insulated cups- came with a built in straw and a shoulder strap. We sold very few, but one guy came in daily and filled his up with soda. He worked construction, and the drink lasted him a full shift, with some water breaks (not to mention it was half ice). Personally, the biggest drink I’ve bought was a 64 ounce. I was horribly dehydrated. It now is the official coffee pot filling cup-perfect size. My favorite coffee mug was 32 oz, it broke so I’m using a 20, but my consumption is just topping it off throughout the day until bed. I seldom finish the “medium” drink I get at fast food joints.
    For tasty Green Tea, find some Pu-er tea. Some of the roasted/cooked varieties are a great substitute for coffee and doesn’t taste like urine. Numi Organic puer tea is available in grocery stores-the chocolate is wonderful, and does sub for coffee quite well. I drink my coffee and tea straight without sugar 90% of the time – tea with honey when I’m sick, cafe’ mocha or Turkish as a dessert, so I don’t do much soda.
    If you crave bubbles and don’t want sugar/corn sugar/artificial sweeteners, try seltzer with a twist of lemon or lime, or you can get flavored if you check and make certain they don’t have nutrayuck in them. LeCroix has some good flavors and seltzer quenches thirst far better than sweetened sodas. And the bonus of no caffeine or artificial colors. I like plain seltzer myself.
    Just as an aside, the KFC Double Down was AWESOME. As for how “unhealthy” it was, two chicken breast patties-skinless, one slice of cheese , and a couple small slices of bacon. Not much more fat or calories than eating a couple pieces of regular fried chicken, a biscuit, and a side of french fries or mac & cheese. Yet the diet nazis were out yelling about heart attack city, and how disgusting it was. Hmmm, breaded chicken breast+cheese+smoked pork= chicken cordon bleu. Anyway, it was yummy, and I might need to fix my own, since they are off the menu now.

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    I gave some thought to the invisible in a wheel chair thing that happens a while back. I don’t know about you all, but I recall as a little kid being told it was rude to stare at people who were handicapped in some way. Certainly my kids who don’t seem to find folks in wheel chairs or otherwise visibly handicapped anything other than people, possibly even more fascinating people because of braces, prosthetics, etc. But my way of dealing with a staring kid was to tell them to introduce themselves and ask about whatever. This from knowing so many who were really lonely because of the avoidance a lot of healthy folks practice.

    Every differently abled my kids have “stared at” have been thrilled to make friends with my kids, and thrilled to be talked to as a person, not either completely ignored or having a huge part of who they are pointedly ignored. But I think among my age group, a lot of the pretending the disabled are not there comes from being misinformed back as little kids that the [Blind, deaf, crippled, whatever] wanted their disability ignored, that mentioning it or asking questions would “make them uncomfortable”. I know I have to consciously remind myself that someone with a disability would rather talk about it and how it affects them than be treated like a freak. But there is my theory.

  • Do these people actually speak English as a first language? The last two comments were so badly out of syntax and so constructed that I never could actually parse out what the second to last was saying. I have to say I agree with the last one, get government totally out of the marriage business, and just give every consenting couple a civil partnership. Let folks then define marriage however they like without any government repercussions. But now my head hurts from reading them.

  • It is depressing that such a small minority can vote away rights from another minority. I often get slammed when I take people to task for their “principled” stand not to vote in this or that election. But that kind of attitude-voting is optional- is all too common and reinforced by hearing folks on a political debate saying they are going to sit this one out.
    I’ve wanted to vote my entire life, I was ecstatic when the age dropped to 18, though pissed as hell at missing the presidential election in ’76 by 2 weeks because of my birth date. I’ve missed some primaries, and a couple local off-cycle elections (usually because I forgot the date), but never something with anything important like a referendum included. I figure voting is the highest duty one has an American, and voting for or against things like an amendment to your state constitution ranks right up there.

    Unfortunately, between it being a republican primary and the lack of urgency your average hetero is going to feel about something that doesn’t directly affect them screwed you and everyone else ultimately in NC. The sad thing is that I’m not sure whose amendment is worse, NCs or VAs… at least NCs will probably get repealed or amended sooner, since it is so badly written and also affects straights. Ours says I technically can’t hold the medical POA I hold for my lady, simply because we are both females.

    Hang in there lady.