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    “If we’re going to stop the government unions’ silent coup, conservative reformers around the country must fight this challenge head on,” Pawlenty wrote. “The choice between big government and everyday Americans isn’t a hard one.”


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    Because young Mormon men have served in and studied the languages of foreign countries throughout the world, large numbers of them have been hired by the federal Central Intelligence Agency moved up the chain and therefore are “players” in the policy game. Also- many Mormon men have been hired by the FBI when considering their [...]

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    “death panel” *(the construct- not AZ) “financial instrument”

    or homeland security- which means “national security’s a joke. look at all the trillions we flushed running drugs and guns and then we get 9/11. let’s re-brand it something more German and I doubt anyone will say a word.”

    home of the brave my ass.

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    I think when Sarah looks in the mirror, she sees whatever it is that she wants to see. It’s a will power thing. as far as Potok’s statement, “….This man also talked quite a lot in these strange videos of his about what he called conscience dreaming but I think it’s almost certainly meant to [...]

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    Because one man’s terrorist is another’s “freedom fighter?” or maybe because “terrorist” gets thrown around like “virtually spotless?” or maybe because everyone else has been using it to describe the people trying to kill us while hating our freedom (there are precious few of them from a world power geoblobal perspective- that’s why we set [...]

  • Does this mean I can call the funny farm for the Arpaio pick up?

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    For me the critical difference between “inflammatory rhetoric” (otherwise known as messaging) between left and right is the right’s child-like devotion to the “kill ‘em all” cowboy fantasies that lie just beneath the surface of the language that may or may have not been some kind of trigger in AZ. When you listen to a [...]

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    (standing ovation)

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    one-part hyper-mania, two parts prison planet, add a monster mag and you’ve got fun for the whole family! Personally I blame the strict gun control laws in AZ. Otherwise all the concealed carriers would have cut this wack-job down in a heartbeat and lives could have been saved- or so that particular gun-nut fantasy goes.

  • Arizona- the meth lab of democracy. Harper’s has a good piece on it.
    Tea party in the Sonora:
    For the future of G.O.P. governance, look to Arizona
    By Ken Silverstein

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    union? that just sounds wrong. like “soviet union.” and collective bargaining sounds straight Cuban. maybe they (the limited amount of public employees with some union representation because state legislatures have not made them illegal) should start changing the terminology to something more freedomy and entrepreneurial.

    what a bait and switch. I guess several billions of dollars can get a target off anyone’s back (Wall St.) and on to the back of weaker targets like cops, nurses, teachers and the guys that fix the storm drains.

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    adam’s correct. these animals play for keeps. remember the IT kid in charge of the W WH off-site emails and the mysterious plane crash he died in? I’m sure it was just a happy accident for the boy wonder.

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    If you bought a plane ticket or called customer service about a warranty- odds are high there was an inmate working for 25 cents an hour on the other end of the line.

    How much further right? How about outlawing unions and collective bargaining for public sector workers? And they’ve only just begun.

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    Obama soft on “terror”/14 year old enemy belligerents. Palin/Patreus in 2012!

  • Did he get all that loot “playing” the market with the Orange County public pension fund? Or was that some other guy that Bill Maher has drinks with after that unwatchable HBO meet the press thing where McCaine’s daughter goes chica a mano with paul begala?

    Hey look on the bright side, at least he didn’t wear the ill-gotten gauins on his belt buckle as he handed out checks from brown and williamson on the house floor.

    “There’s no “fixing” what got broken here.”
    -the insider

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    Now let’s see here- which federal agency is least gung-ho on so-called immigration “reform”? Give up? The first two initials are “I” and “R.”


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    They keep sending me “donate now” buttons in the form of fund raising letters. I know the machine just checks the weight for checks but I always right them back- “i’ll give you some money when you stop saying “colored people.” i swear it’s dumber branding than the just say now pot leaf. just change [...]

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    I’d say based on all that shit-talking to get the job, two years of bush is much worse than W’s 8. It’s one thing to get waterboarded every six hours for three weeks. It’s something else entirely when doods wearing Amnesty International uniforms storm the compound and set the captives free. We’re loaded on to [...]

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    “Those were our guns…”

    -whitey bulger (Valhalla bust circa ’87…also bank-rolled a lot of the buses to bring in more crackers for the protests to keep boston schools racially pure)

    Valhalla bust (circa ’87)

    terrorism only works as a marketing platform when the so-called “terrorist” is a different color than he who claims that he’s “terrorized.”

    The only “radicalized” Muslims are lonely kids with behavioral disorders and easy marks for FBI agents trying to meet quotas and din-din d’souza. (except of course for the fact that he is not and never was a Muslim and “radicalized” from the Catholic church to christian fundamentalism.

  • Liberal organizers said they hope the White House will want to work closely with them.

    And I’d like to find a briefcase filled with money at a bus stop.

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