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  • As long as Democrats buy into “pay-fors” or other deficit hysteria codewords they are beaten before they start, if their goal is to actually accomplish something progressive. Demand what you want, the deficit be damned. That’s what anybody does in Washington who expects to be taken seriously.

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    The thesis of this article doesn’t exactly explain why Obama’s original appointment to the China ambassadorship was Jon Huntsman. It seems inconceivable that Republican presidential hopeful Huntsman, though extremely wealthy, could have been an Obama donor. Huntsman is said to speak (at least some) Mandarin, so it’s possible that O thought he was (gasp) sort of qualified. But obviously nobody cares about that. It actually kind of pissed me off. More evidence that the Democrat’s are such suck-asses to wealth that they can’t even do the patronage thingy right.

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    Darwin was motivated to keep the money in the family, as it were. Before he got married he wrote up a pro-con list that went something like this:

    con: less money for books pro: she has money
    less time for study she is an angel

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    Ah, “Jim” Comey. He who once shone almost as brightly in knighthood as the man whom FDL was built on, Patrick Fitzgerald. The thing is, Obama doesn’t give a shit about any finely nuanced “lesser degree of abject disgustingness” for such a pick. This is all about B-Ball, baby. Obama wants Comey for his 3 [...]

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    I seem to recall how everyone in Washington seemed to think “Libby-Gate” was really silly too. Somehow, they were forced to pay attention, though, because a few DFH bloggers paid an intense amount of attention to it and put the mainstream media to shame with their “nothing to see here, folks” attitude. No one who [...]

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    “A property tax removes ownership of property form the resident and makes the “property owner” a tenant of the state” Yes, and that is exactly the point. Private property in land in the sense you mean is a relatively recent phenomenon and is a source of much injustice. In the ancient Mosaic system, for example, [...]

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    Lets, I would echo the others who are saying you deserve a tremendous amount of credit for getting “the coin” into the mainstream. You took it and ran with it when most of us thought it was just an interesting idea to kick around on the MMT blogs. I do want to disagree with you [...]

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    I saw this comment at the Krugman blog:

    JH SF
    The “Rolling Stones” presidency.

    You can’t always get what you want from Obama but sometimes you get what you need.

    Multidimensional chess-notice Obama has forged an electoral coalition that now allows “liberals” to deal from a position of strength-or at least a stronger position than they have had in 40 years.

    Notice how he segmented off the Senate Democrats with the chained CPI issue so he could use that as leverage against the republicans to make a deal that AVOIDS cutting Social Programs.

    Brilliant. It appears rather Machiavellian.

    Could any “wingnut” be more delusional? “It must be very strange to be President Bush Obama. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius…”

  • access to mental health services remains spotty, its funding and beneficiary requirements subject to the whims of governments attempting to balance their bloated budgets.

    I just want to note that “even the liberal” Think Progress is carrying Pete Peterson’s water while making an otherwise valid point. Most non-military, non-swat team budgets are hardly “bloated,” you jerks.

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    Good post, Joe. I think these guy are writing about “the coin” because it makes for a good journalistic hook. And of course they have to ridicule the idea at the same time they’re discussing it so as to maintain their standing in the Church of the Serious People. I do have a question about [...]

  • I’m really sick of the whole thing about making generalizations about generations. The people who got the best deal on SS were the first people who got it. The whole tax and trust fund deal is totally unnecessary and was instituted out of political expediency by FDR. He didn’t want the right to attack it as a welfare program, so he set it up as an “insurance” program. The “baby boomers” I feel have not received their just due. On the whole they are much more interesting than the vastly overrated “greatest generation.” Just my opinion, and maybe it stems from a tendency to admire, in a way, older sibs more than parents. The GG’s I know are fine people, but they didn’t do anything all that special. They just went with the program. If you had anything going for you at all in the immediate postwar decades, you could do all right and most of them did.

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    Fair enough. It was good talking you, Dearie. I’m gonna check out now. G’night.

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    Poor little rich boys. Hard to feel sorry for them, but I think in way they must have suffered from neglect in their formative years. I think of the story about Romney getting the state trooper uniform from his father. What a thoughtless deed that was for a father.

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    Yeah, exactly. The Yailie “sportsmanship” thing can’t be taken too far. One got the sense that he was a little squeamish about doing the things he had to do to make his “team” win. But he always did them. It was the hesitation before that gave him his “wimp factor.” W., on the other hand, loved winning rigged games, unfair fights, the flattery of sycophants, etc.

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    Lying to congress or stealing an election is one thing, but senior would have zero respect for someone who would cheat at golf or horseshoes.

  • There’s no good reason why we should ever have to default. Argentina had debt that was denominated in foreign currency. They could not pay it with their fiat so they took the hit with devaluation relative to other currencies and retained the ability to spend it in their own economy. Every dime of the US [...]

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    Okay, fair point. And if you wanted to make a stronger point about the Romney family you could have brought up the fact that Mitt’s dad’s first cousin was an apostle in the church. There are only 12 of those at any one time and it is a lifetime appointment. That’s really big time in the LDS church. [...]

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    tjbs, the Mormons have what you might call a “lay clergy” and a “Mormon Bishop” is like a temporary pastor. He presides over a particular congregation or “ward” for 2-5 years, and then someone else from the ward is asked or “called” to serve as bishop. Once a bishop is “released” from his calling he [...]

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    LGID, I’ve followed the discussion on the platinum coins for some time. I wish Obama would bring it up to at least point out the ridiculousness of the annual “debt ceiling crisis” the Republicans insist on creating. You know, educate the public: “you think this sounds silly, kinda gimmicky; well, that’s exactly what this phony [...]

  • 3. The failure of Erskine Bowles to stake out a Democratic position on the long-run budget for Obama to start negotiating from.

    maybe you could elaborate a bit on what you mean here. You mean Bowles of Simpson and Bowles deficit reduction committee? Wasn’t this Pres. Obama’s pet committee with no legal authority, i.e, not authorized by congress? How, then, could Erskine Bowles’ “failure” be more important than the insufficient stimulus?

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