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    I think the US needs to stay out of this. In regards to Syria and Russia’s offense capabilities in the event we attack, you are forgetting that odds are our warships off the coast must have at least some Ticonderoga or Arleigh Burke Aegis class warships which along with US point defenses would hopefully take [...]

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    Was listening to the Young Turks last night and Cenk mentioned that ZERO of the Tea party groups that were reviewed were denied their exempt status. So perhaps they were delayed, but if anyone really had it out for these groups don’t you think they’d have actually denied them the tax exempt status they were filing for? It seems kinda stupid considering no one was denied anything. Shouldn’t we want the IRS to be as stringent as possible on everyone?

    Of course, this goes back to our caveman brain of us vs. them, so all the liberals gather around to defend the IRS and Obama and the right all hurt that someone would question them goes on a witch hunt.

    Glad the whole unemployment and wealth disparity issue is taken care of.

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    Give me a break, what nonsense. Holder is splitting hairs:

    (From the CNN article)

    “…”It has come to my attention,” the letter states “That you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ The answer to that question is no.” ..”

    So as long as it isn’t a weaponized drone, but instead some SF hit squad, it’s all OK. So hey everybody celebrate, the President can’t use a drone, but nothing saying he needs one since he can just send in SEAL Team 6 or the CIA.

    This was all for show IMHO. It served no purpose. The reality of the situation goes unchanged.

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    While reading this post, I was initially felt “What? You’re going to replace my doctor!? No way!”

    But after thinking about it, perhaps it is just HMO medicine, but I can tell that they really don’t give a crap whether I get better or not. I realize they see a million patients a day and they can’t get personally attached to their patients and they are constantly doing CYA medicine, but over the past 20 or so years, I really have found a drop in the genuine concern by those practitioners I do go and visit.

    The last doctor I thought that actually gave a damn was an exceptional guy who had been both a doctor and a lawyer and after the examination, we’d go to his office and he’d sit there and talk with you. The whole visit took at least 30 to 45 minutes. There was no nurse doing all the care in the front end for the 5 second visit by my PCP. The guy actually cared and wanted me to get better.

    Those days are long gone. Frankly, I could care less if a computer replaced the doctor in doing the analysis of what is going on and suggesting care. I may have an issue with machines conducting surgery at this point, but as far as primary and preventative cares go, I could care less.. because doctors apparently don’t.

  • Lol, just you wait.. Once Hillary is in office, she’ll make it alright.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I can’t even say that in jest.. She’ll do even worse all in the name of “keeping us safe”.

  • Oh.. oh.. so we can be one of those “independents” that theoretically the Democrats are willing to court at the cost of their souls? Not saying that I disagree, but it is depressing all the same.

  • When has she ever not voted for military action? She is a hawk plain and simple. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Get used to it. The lemmings are already clamoring to line up and say,

    “Things will be better under Hillary..”

    “Just you wait, all the ground Obama had to give up.. all the initiatives that Obama failed to come through on will be Hillary’s first priority in 2016…”



  • Too bad it was all for show and just intended to divide us that much more and ensure we respond on a visceral level as opposed to having an intelligent discussion about the direction of this country. Like a mosque at ground zero, it was all foddler for 2012. We are so doomed.

  • Wow, what a shock. The mainstream media is already laying the groundwork for a continuation of business as usual regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat in 2016 wins.

    Who could have foreseen it? The media needs to get this going now to ensure it takes up all the oxygen in the room so any chance a 3rd party or outside-the-usual-suspects have absolutely ZERO CHANCE at winning.

    Yes, that’s right people. We either have a Bush or Clinton in the White House with Obama acting as a surrogate Bush (who am I kidding Clinton was no better in many things).

    That’s right step right up, Hillary is going to be the next President. Everyone get in line now. I’m certain she’ll be a real winner. *yawn*

    How predictable (and sad).

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    What a load of horseshit. Great, so the die has been cast and this will be the emotional knee-jerk argument we will have for the next two years like healthcare before it where Obama will give in on his principles and we will be left with scraps.

    This is all kabuki meant to distract us from our shrinking wages, our declining empire and to prevent us from focusing on the rich and powerful who steal from our country each and every day.

    Yes, gun violence is horrible, but I would instead ask why people are doing what they are? Perhaps some lash out in moment’s of crisis, but for the most part a dying mental health system that can’t serve all those who need it have set us up for the system in which we live today.

    So play on.. let’s all get heated up about guns. I like how he wants to spend $500 million on this on executive orders, but where were the executive orders in the aftermath of him coming to power against the rich and powerful? Why does he only do this when he can score political points and only fuel the hatred of a radical right that will only divide this country further.

    Stand up to the Republicans on real issues, not this nonsense. Tragedy happens and we move on. Fight them on things of true substance not this crap. We only rally around things that make us scared, not things that make us a better people who might actually _FOR ONCE_ go to sleep thinking that tomorrow might actually be better as opposed to standard expectation that things will be worse tomorrow.

    Whether a gun nut has to wait 3 days or use lesser round magazines, it won’t matter. They will horde their larger clips starting tonight and the prices will skyrocket. It won’t stop the next tragedy. All it does is shift the media’s focus from the real problems in our country for an emotional trigger.

    Life in America.

  • Sure glad “we” voted for Obama as opposed to Romney. Not that I am a proponent of his views, but at least then the Democrats (theoretically) would at least have to pretend to be the opposition party.

    Now, we just have 4 more years of “What could I do? I had to give in because the Republicans wouldn’t negotiate!” or the typical, give away half the farm before negotiations begin and then work towards compromise of giving the opposition 75% of what they want for 25% of the ideals that he theoretically supposed to be representing.

    What a sham. 4 more years of crap followed up by lemmings going “Go Hillary” or whatever nonsense. Yeah, more empowered interests that we can blindly trust believing somehow that they represent our world view. Give me a break.

    As much as we’d hate to admit it all the fearmongering each election cycle is hollow. The Republicans would very unlikely would have been unable to put taken women’s rights, ban abortion and put “them” back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant nor would they rob everyone on Social Security. We hold onto those things as justification for the “lesser of two evils”, which is all nonsense.

  • I could really care less about the number of McJobs that are added to the economy. What I want to know is where does our country stand in taxable revenue now as opposed to pre-crisis as opposed to pre-Bill Clinton WTO/NAFTA nonsense/

    The fact that people do or do not have jobs is irrelevant if they are unable to put food on their tables, provide for their families, their children’s education and retirement. The fact that people are living more than ever hand to mouth says much more about the state of our country than the unemployment rate.

    The fact we are no longer tracking data such as jobs lost due to outsourcing (because what it cost $15mil a year .. thanks Obama) just reinforces the notion that the media and government are working hand in hand to try to tell the people that the economy is doing better than ever and it is all a lie.

    Don’t pay attention to the fact that your kids will probably fare worse than you did either by a horrible job market or the fact that they will not have as much in the way of opportunity for education, etc.

    This whole thing is such a farce.

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    Yawn. Oh please Nancy, don’t leave us. Please don’t leave us. Don’t you have more money to take? More deals to make for special interests and pay lip service to the issues of the day?

    How about those war crimes charges against Bush and friends. Great job Nancy.

  • God Michael Hastings is awesome. It is a shame he will end up in some 3rd world embassy in the end as well. This country is incapable of meaningful change and cannot remove the blinder from its eyes.

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    Can’t wait until 2013 and I’m told I need to vote for Democrats because the Republicans will be so much worse.

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    Alright, went and voted. Don’t feel any better for it. Lines were minimal, but obviously I was there at the very start of the day. Found it odd that the eSlate machine in the lower right corner said “BATTERY” in red. Told the staff, but they sorta just nodded and had me on my way. Whatever.

  • … and you do realize that head hunters and other corporations post listings for positions with qualifications that they know good and well no one in the general community can meet, right? From there, businesses build their case for outsourcing or H1B visas. If the local community can’t meet their needs, businesses make their case for whatever maximizes stockholder value.

    The whole notion of “..if one has the skills” nonsense and if taken at face value should be a wake up call to the miserable state our educational system has fallen. Instead we argue about the teacher’s unions and how much teachers make, but not the CEOs making more money than they could spend in several lifetimes.

    “If one has the skills”, really? In other words if someone was lucky enough to have studied the right thing in school or who bought into the student loan racket. Yeah, that’s great. They have to make a pipe dream like that for the “American dream” otherwise their racket falls apart.

    Insane. Craig’s List is now the go to place for quality employment. How the might have fallen.

  • Until the people reclaim this country from big business, we are doomed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe we ever will. I think on the whole this country is corrupted to its core. The fact that multinational CEOs are bound by law to maximize stakeholder profit, they are soulless entities taking the power from the people and in turn making the people a commodity to be traded and sold at will, with no regard for the lives they impact beyond the public relations impact of a given decision.

    Until the people decide to stop buying the two party bullshit, we’re done. Perhaps I haven’t been nearly as frequent a visitor here as late due to my own issues, but it seems like things are slowing down here at the lake. Is it just me? Or does that seem to be true?

  • Unfortunately, I am reluctant to be the least bit optimistic about the change in unemployment numbers. A job is not a job. McJobs are not jobs that put roofs over people’s heads or allow people to get ahead in this world, they are merely servant class jobs that let people make barely enough to survive (if they are lucky and work overtime) and far from enough to allow them to focus on society beyond their immediate needs. These positions keep people stupid, uninformed and reactionary.

    Yeah, more people are making minimum wage or are temporary seasonal or construction workers, wow. I bet they can plan for their kid’s education or retirement with such a firm footing beneath them.

    What a crock of shit.

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