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    Still waiting for the lesser of two evils crowd to chime in about how we need to vote for the Democrats regardless of how corrupted they have become.

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    The 4th is such a miserable holiday. It is fine to have an excuse to get together to be with your family, but as far as the event itself, it has lost all meaning. We have forgotten the fact that without the French we would have been trounced. So full of ourselves we are unwilling [...]

  • I don’t believe focusing solely on women in prison does anyone any favors except continue to show women as victims. Men and women are both screwed in the justice system. While women may be more likely victims of rape than me by prison officials, let’s expand that for all rape, then how does it look for women vs. men? All prisoners are getting the short end of the stick, this isn’t something that only affects women. Perhaps if women are impacted though, maybe someone would actually give a shit though..

  • Flipping through the NBC News articles they built around the video they aired, was anyone on their little panel actually an advocate for Snowden? I can’t find the Internet based content post-interview, but to me all I see is Snowden bashing, but no one actually standing up on his behalf.

    So we have about an hour long interview where he answered Brian Williams questions, but they then in turn just continued to speak in vague generalities about the damage done, etc. to undermine his point. Was there anyone there trying to bolster the actual point Snowden made?

    If there was one, I didn’t see it.

  • I’m kinda sad that Cenk won’t be on the Young Turks tonight. Would be nice to see him tear into the MSM and administration about Snowden and his interview. Unfortunately, we’ll get Anna or John. TYT sucks when Cenk isn’t around. : (sorry off-topic.. was just thinking how much he’d flip out at things like Kerry’s jabs..)

  • Why did I feel like Brian Williams treated Snowden like a disappointed principal trying to understand what he did. I felt as if he was very quick to say that “some” or “others in ” didn’t like what you did. At no point did he himself seem to readily acknowledge the positive impact of what Snowden did.

    It is really sad that it was almost like you had a government representative go over there in interview him. Brian does realize that he represents the 4th estate right? Part of that is questioning what the government does and not just being their lapdog, right?

    Overall in this day and age, Brian did was he was supposed to, he’ll get applauded for giving Snowden a platform, but he really played it safe. Don’t go out of your way to show any appreciation for what he did. Pathetic.

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    While I rarely post here anymore, it is nice to see more people come around and see MSNBC for what it is. Back in the day, it was very unpopular for me to complain about Maddow or anything MSNBC said. Sad it took so many years for the majority to come around. My question though [...]

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    I had not heard that Warren was against legalizing weed. A few weeks ago when she was saying Hillary was great, left me a bit disappointed in her. While we may be nitpicking, the sad truth is in 2008 we (as a group) overlooked Obama’s flaws and backpedals and look where we got. I can’t [...]

  • Unfortunately, no one with enough clout is willing to stand up to Hillary and the momentum that is already building for her. The Hillary supporters from 2008 will try to keep the sheep Democrats in place and say how much better she would have been than Obama and how it is her turn. Good luck trying to derail that.

    I would love for Elizabeth Warren to run, but even if it is just to defuse the situation for her to say nice things about Hillary has me quite disappointed. She is just trying to get by in the Democratic party, but if she is going to be someone that the progressive party rallies around, she is going to have to stand up to them.

    I just don’t think she has it in her. She is trying to play the game. I believe she means well, but soon she will lose her fire and be just as bad as the rest if she doesn’t watch it.

  • Nevermind.. after listening to this, she might be just as corrupt as the rest. Perhaps you got to play along to get along, but I have to admit I am a bit disappointed in Warren.


    (Might need to reload a few times to get the jump to the time referenced to load properly)

  • As others have stated, I can’t wait until the run up to 2016 when the right is demonized and the lesser of two evil paradigms are thrown and that it is Hillary’s turn to be president. We need the first female president, blah blah blah.

    If it is imperative that we have a female President, can be Elizabeth Warren instead?

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    I think the US needs to stay out of this. In regards to Syria and Russia’s offense capabilities in the event we attack, you are forgetting that odds are our warships off the coast must have at least some Ticonderoga or Arleigh Burke Aegis class warships which along with US point defenses would hopefully take [...]

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    Was listening to the Young Turks last night and Cenk mentioned that ZERO of the Tea party groups that were reviewed were denied their exempt status. So perhaps they were delayed, but if anyone really had it out for these groups don’t you think they’d have actually denied them the tax exempt status they were filing for? It seems kinda stupid considering no one was denied anything. Shouldn’t we want the IRS to be as stringent as possible on everyone?

    Of course, this goes back to our caveman brain of us vs. them, so all the liberals gather around to defend the IRS and Obama and the right all hurt that someone would question them goes on a witch hunt.

    Glad the whole unemployment and wealth disparity issue is taken care of.

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    Give me a break, what nonsense. Holder is splitting hairs:

    (From the CNN article)

    “…”It has come to my attention,” the letter states “That you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ The answer to that question is no.” ..”

    So as long as it isn’t a weaponized drone, but instead some SF hit squad, it’s all OK. So hey everybody celebrate, the President can’t use a drone, but nothing saying he needs one since he can just send in SEAL Team 6 or the CIA.

    This was all for show IMHO. It served no purpose. The reality of the situation goes unchanged.

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    While reading this post, I was initially felt “What? You’re going to replace my doctor!? No way!”

    But after thinking about it, perhaps it is just HMO medicine, but I can tell that they really don’t give a crap whether I get better or not. I realize they see a million patients a day and they can’t get personally attached to their patients and they are constantly doing CYA medicine, but over the past 20 or so years, I really have found a drop in the genuine concern by those practitioners I do go and visit.

    The last doctor I thought that actually gave a damn was an exceptional guy who had been both a doctor and a lawyer and after the examination, we’d go to his office and he’d sit there and talk with you. The whole visit took at least 30 to 45 minutes. There was no nurse doing all the care in the front end for the 5 second visit by my PCP. The guy actually cared and wanted me to get better.

    Those days are long gone. Frankly, I could care less if a computer replaced the doctor in doing the analysis of what is going on and suggesting care. I may have an issue with machines conducting surgery at this point, but as far as primary and preventative cares go, I could care less.. because doctors apparently don’t.

  • Lol, just you wait.. Once Hillary is in office, she’ll make it alright.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I can’t even say that in jest.. She’ll do even worse all in the name of “keeping us safe”.

  • Oh.. oh.. so we can be one of those “independents” that theoretically the Democrats are willing to court at the cost of their souls? Not saying that I disagree, but it is depressing all the same.

  • When has she ever not voted for military action? She is a hawk plain and simple. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Get used to it. The lemmings are already clamoring to line up and say,

    “Things will be better under Hillary..”

    “Just you wait, all the ground Obama had to give up.. all the initiatives that Obama failed to come through on will be Hillary’s first priority in 2016…”



  • Too bad it was all for show and just intended to divide us that much more and ensure we respond on a visceral level as opposed to having an intelligent discussion about the direction of this country. Like a mosque at ground zero, it was all foddler for 2012. We are so doomed.

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