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  • That is why he can be effective.

  • If the Senate Democrats want a chance at survival, not to mention relevancy, in 2012, they need to mount a leadership challenge to Reid immediately.

    The Republicans aren’t interested in bi-partisanship, and even if they find it useful, they won’t give credit for it. They want to accomplish their agenda and make the Democrats appear as obstructionist as they actually are impotent.

    The Republicans need to be seen as effective. Their base won’t care but the super-majority they hope to build for 2012 will. They will get credit for the continuing recovery of the economy by passing shill bills with fancy names that are nothing more than raw agenda. This will give them the whip hand almost immediately.

    If Obama becomes confrontational, he is obstructionist. If he is conciliatory, he alienates what is left of his base. Either way, 2012 is a bloodbath. A primary challenge is dangerous and unlikely to succeed. Feingold knows this.

    2012 is hanging by a thread. I did not think Obama could be one-termed but unless the web the Republicans are spinning gets shredded before it hits Obama’s desk, we are looking at a Republican President a whole lot smarter than Bush ’43.

    The game will be lost or won in the Senate. That assumes the Republicans can control the Tea Party. Judging from the way that Rand Paul shut his mouth after McConnell told him to, I don’t think that will be a problem. For the time being, Rubio will be content to be a good soldier.

    We need an ambitious, fearless thug for Majority Leader.

    This sounds like a job for ……. Schumer.

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    Rubio scares me. I’ve seen him up close and more to the point, his mentor, Jeb Bush. I thought Rubio was flacking for Bush and that Bush was the real candidate. But I did notice that when Bush introduced him at his victory party, Bush looked kind of dowdy whereas Rubio looked sharp. Rubio is [...]

  • Geithner will jump ship.

    I’m basing that on his nervous demeanor, his unsucessful attempts to undermine Warren and his dislike for playing on a losing team.

    I predicted a while back that Obama would have to turn to Warren because she is the one member of his economic team that has any remaining credibility with the electorate.

    I don’t know if she has the chops for treasury secretary but could Obama do any worse? Even if he does, what can she do without a reasonable power of the purse?

    The Senate is pinned between an ill-intentioned House and a weak President.
    It’s lost some of its best and most principled expertise.

    What remains is a rocky ride.

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    You should live here.

    It has its advantages. The circus comes to town twice a year. The animals and acrobats come in the fall but the clowns don’t show up until April.

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    The wheel begins to come ’round.

  • If the Republicans take either house, they will have to shoulder some of the responsibility for getting something done. They can’t afford a repeat of ’96 if they want any chance to advance their agenda in 2012 and take total control by 2016.

    That is why the Tea Party Caucus(if there is one) will be a non-factor in any consequential decision making.

    What I would expect to see is an attempt to undermine healthcare reform and finreg in the guise of ‘whatever’ coupled with a lot of spiel about getting the deficit down.

    I don’t think the hardcore conservative tacticians are sure that Obama can be beaten in 2012. If they are not, they will throw some red meat to the base in the form of a Palin nomination. If they are, Palin is the last person the party machine will tolerate.

    They alienate her at their own risk.

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    That’s exactly what I did and for exactly the same reasons.

    But my motives in voting against Rubio are a little more paranoid.

    I’ve seen what Jeb Bush did to Florida and I see the distinct possibility of a Jeb Bush run for the Whitehouse in 2016. I thought it would be Bush/Rubio but, as someone pointed out to me, they can’t come from the same state.

    Jeb was always the more dangerous of the Bush boys. If you want to parley ‘corporatism’, you should have seen the menage a trois of money, politics and state government that went on down here for 8 years. The fallout just keeps on falling.

    Obama doesn’t have the FDR juice but he does have enough personal popularity to be reelected in 2012. That will be certain if the Republicans are unable to co-opt the Tea Party and Palin is the conservative nominee. After that, the long memory trail of economic hardship, of not only the last two years but also the last 40, will grease the skids for Jeb at the national level the same way disdain for the Porkchop Gang did for him here in Florida.

    Rubio is the opening gambit.

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    You can love or hate Feingold’s principles. But there isn’t too much doubt he has some.

    Unless you vote in Wisconsin, that is.

    It is amazing how easily duped voters are by this “I am a businessman and I know how to create jobs” myth that is floating around. It must be desperation.

    I don’t think the midterms will be as bad as the polls suggest. But Feingold is a real loss in more than one sense of the word.

    It speaks well for him that he told the party machine to stay out of the election. He’s kind of like the Hamlet of Wisconsin.

    Good night, sweet prince.

  • It’s ok with me if Breitbart is on the show as long as Sherrod is across the table from him.

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    I stand corrected.

    Thanks for the information.

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    Bush doesn’t give Rubio swords and make mystical references to Chang for entertainment value.

    There’s an alliance there. How it plays out will remain to be seen.

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    Rubio is more than just a reflection of Florida’s shortsightedness.

    He is Jeb Bush’s cat’s paw and marks the entree of Jeb’s potential bid for the 2016 presidency.

    Bush is a realist and recognizes that Obama’s personal popularity coupled with demographic shifts will give Obama a big advantage in 2012. That is, of course, dependent on the economic recovery which seems to be taking hold. It is also why immigration reform(touchy though it is) will be on the congressional agenda if the Democrats have anything to say about it.

    Given Obama’s reelection, Bush/Rubio in 2016 seems likely if Rubio’s ambition doesn’t get in the way.

    This puts the Republicans(who probably will control the House) in a delicate situation. They have to discredit Democrats and Obama without using unpopular nuclear weapons such as governmental shutdowns or impeachment. That won’t sit well with the Tea Party.

    But everything has its time.

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    History repeats itself. Meek could never win. Obama’s election convinced him that the electoral dynamics among a broader swath of Florida demographics had changed. That was naive. Once he was in the race, pride kept him there. Meek was in a power position. If he had been a true partisan, he could have stayed in [...]

  • The Republican goal is to take both houses of Congress & the Whitehouse in 2012. For the time being, it suits their purposes for the Senate to remain in Democratic hands. Every piece of shill legislation, that is, legislation that has a clever name such as “Tax Cuts to Create Jobs” when it is really [...]

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    I’m no particular fan of Crist. He did toe the line against the Republican legislature’s assault on pension benefits. That was mostly due to his eye on a national Senate seat.

    I defend Meek’s right to run just as I did Nader’s. But what was Meek thinking? He never had a chance. Perhaps he was offended by Crist’s assumption that he would have to give up.

    I know this is the lesser evil conundrum we’ve all seen before and Crist certainly has a corner on hypocrisy. But he is Ghandi compared to Rubio.

    For any Democrat to hand a national stage to Rubio is an error. He is not only a Tea Party icon;he is an opportunist of the first order and ambition is not his short suit.

    2012 is going to be a brawl. Why give the other team a slugger?