• The letter from AG Lori Swanson is more courageous than many who are unfamiliar with the current status of Minnesota law might recognize. Minnesota has allowed MERS to proceed to foreclose against homeowners because Minnesota has a unique statute which allows MERS to record mortgages. That she would take on the MERS issue suggests that she is doing her own investigation into the MERS scheme initiated in the just as Glass-Steagall was being repealed. There is a difference between being allowed to register mortgages (whether a specific statute allows MERS to do so or not–MERS has recorded tens of thousands of mortgages across the nation) and standing to initiate foreclosure sales. AG Swanson may have to take on the Minnesota Supreme Court, which has an appalling misunderstanding of MERS as to its standing to sell Minnesota homes (See the Minnesota Supreme Court decision in Jackson v. MERS, with one wise dissent by Justice Alan Page) and the concealment of the real party taking the home. BRAVO, AG Swanson.

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