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    Michelangelo’s Pieta is a truly beautiful and thought provoking work. A mother’s sorrow is a powerful force. One of the most powerful on Earth. But, the Pieta and the story of Christian Christ’s crucifixion is but one telling of that sorrow. And by no means, the worst. Thousands of mothers in the US since Newtown [...]

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    Dear Mr. President, thank you for enacting sane and reasonable gun restrictions.

    Your actions will have consequences. Most importantly, that of saving lives from endless and tragic gun violence.

    But also, it will be a focal point from which American’s on the unhinged
    and fear driven Evangelical Right will, “take sides”. Of this, no one should have any doubt. Those on the right have already told us what they plan to do. They are cowards, they are impotent and they are hateful.

    The question now is, what are people who live on sanity’s side going to do? For to sit still and think that with the President signing rational and reasonable gun restrictions into law that all their work is done, are fools.


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    You all beat me to it with the new of Holder staying. What a disaster!

    The real news is NOT that he’s staying on as AG, no.

    The real news is, when did he ever show up!?!? He’s been phoning it in for 4 years!

    Q: BushCo and torture in the name of the US? Holder: “no biggie”

    Q: Dark money in the GOP campaigns tying meth-labs in Wyoming to 7 GOP candidates in Montana? Holder: “uh, what?”

    Q: Dick Armey and Karl Rove passing around billions to their GOP buddies with money from overseas and other allegations of SuperPac money laundering? Holder: “snore”

    Q: Holding Wall Street accountable for the biggest self made economic disaster in generations!?!? Holder: “uuh, don’t I look nice in this suite?”

    Q: Pot smoker. Holder: “I will bring the full weight of my office down on this scourge of America” (I said my office. I will be away playing with my super-keen Lego police set”

  • Given the news from the Justice Department and the reality of US Fascism under lights in Tampa on the same day, the score for everybody watching at home is:

    Fascist parading as the GOP – 1 * US small d democracy – 0

    Time until Fascism/GOP finally seizes control of the country and doors start getting kicked in?

    That countdown begins – now.

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    To really know what the motivation is that would implicate the very top of the Austin Police Department in a Houston protest, you’d do best to find out what they don’t want protesters in Houston to see, for example, coming in and out of the Houston port. In other words, think bigger in your investigation. [...]

  • Thats exactly my point. To today’s Christians, Ammendments, the 13th or otherwise, don’t matter if it
    means they can’t discriminate.

    Case in point, how many times since Reagan and far more so under BushCo have we seen them
    introduce legislation for Ammendments not to guarantee Rights – but take them away?

    Take them away all in the name of their Jesus.

    Christians loathe our secular government. They are offended and threatened by it. And they want it gone.
    All in the name of their Jesus – who appearantly discriminates, hates and harms.

  • I have a question,

    So lets say the US courts decide to just get on with it and blast a whole the size of Jupiter through the entire concept of separation of Church and State. And they do this in order to kowtow to Christian hypocrite thug extremists who demand the right to segregate and discriminate (or worse(!) given Christianity’s very bloody history)anyone they hate?

    What is to stop Christian’s then from demanding that the US return to slavery? It was after all a Biblical concept.

    Does it bother the Courts that the Christian need to discriminate against whom they choose is based on Old Testament Biblical passages written hundreds of years BEFORE the time of their supposed Jesus and Savior? The Jesus that today’s Christians say they worship but who in fact they know nothing about?

    Seriously? Here in the 21st century, would the notion of Christian enabled slavery sanctioned by US courts bother the Judges?

    Hell! Does it bother today’s Christians? It should! But apparently it doesn’t.

  • I wouldn’t use that analogy exactly but I get your point.

  • All I am saying is similar with Scarecrow’s point. Today’s GOP is attacking women’s rights, Gay rights, minority rights, civil rights, voting rights.

    They do not want transparency in government. They do not want just and fair regulations that would help hold bankers and venture capitalists responsible for destroying the US economy. They want to roll back protections of air, water and child labor. They want to privatize everything including the military.

    They call for violence against Doctors, women, non-Christians, minorities and organized labor. They Filibuster at record levels bringing the US Senate to a stand still and they unite around a 24/7 Nationwide Network GOP propaganda machine that leaves its viewers more ignorant of facts than if they didn’t watch news at all. They loath science and make an enemy of any and all they don’t agree with.

    Most importantly, they are willing to tank the US economy and any hope of recovery in order to win – for them. Not the people.

    So you tell me? Is this the GOP of your parents? Is this the GOP of Eisenhower or even of Reagan? I say no. Its something else entirely. And its dangerous.

  • True. But then you are not taking into account the changes in the GOP, and the changes in Mitt as a politician.

    The ground has moved considerably since Mitt first began his political career. Even more so than his “positions” on the issues.

    Ever gotten into a situation that you just knew you wanted to be in only to get there and find that its not what you thought it would be?

    I can’t help but wonder if ol’ Mitt is today learning something about that old truism, “careful what you wish for. You might get it”.

  • I think your point is well made and in general I agree. Those with the Gold make the rules in American politics. So, why should the GOP Money care who is actually put in charge? Care who their chosen Meat-puppets are?

    I would reply that I am agreeing with Scarecrow’s earlier point that the GOP’s methods, their obstruction, hypocrisy and utter contempt for our country’s small d democratic processes are in fact “a coup” in progress.
    Aided by the criminal Citizens United decision.

    And I am also aware of history and the need to “keep up appearances” when a party like the GOP dares such a political disaster as a coup in the making. As in 1939 Germany, it was a series of patient, well planned, daring steps taken by “true believers” that won over the German government and won German peoples hearts prior to Hitlers rise to power.

    Some of those steps were mere hateful words in the media about those the Nazi’s targeted. Other steps were the erosion of principles and possesses. Some, the re-writing of history, the overt limiting of civil rights and fair judicial remedy. Yet others, pure violence.

    All of these things have taken place here in the US in the last 10 years at the hands of the GOP.

    Think of it as the Frog-In-The-Cooking-Pot experiment. Put a live frog in a cook pot and turn up the heat quickly. The frog knows something is up and jumps to freedom before he boils. But turn the heat up slowly on that same frog in the same circumstance and soon its too late for him to realize what has happened to his world and he boils unable to free himself. The US at large is the frog. The GOP is the Pot and the GOP Money is the heat.

    If you call me cynical, you would be correct. I find no reason not to feel that way with today’s GOP. The Martinez-Ryan GOP ticket (or similar) could be the last terrible step in the hideous transformation of the US into 1939 Germany. Like I said, all “Neat and Tidy”.

  • It must also be repeated that a brokered convention with this election cycles GOP is entirely possible for one other reason….

    Mitt would voluntarily drop out of the race if for no other reason than the fact that he might actually win the White House.

    Thus, inhibiting at least for the next four years his pursuits of the extraordinary financial largess that men like him in the top 1% enjoy.

    Clearly, he is twisted in knots over the fact that anyone would have the audacity to question his business ethics or the means he’s used to acquire his vast wealth.

    Mitt dropping out and GOP Meat-puppets in is a win-win for the GOP.

    And the very picture of living Hell for the rest of us.

  • I believe this post is more true than people realize.

    Today’s GOP machine has demonstrated its abject contempt not only for our country’s democratic processes by refusing to participate or worse obstruct at every turn but they also have no respect for their own party rules during their entire primary process.

    Today’s GOP wants to win-by ANY means necessary. Period. Not representative “power with” but total “power over”. Someone to be King. Or better still in their minds, a theocratic Fuhrer.

    If it comes down to a brokered convention, the likely ticket will be the Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez and Wisconsin’s Ayn Rand/Grover Norquist acolyte, Paul Ryan.

    The Martinez-Ryan ticket will allow the GOP to pretend they are the party of a the big tent while installing the meat-puppets that the Adelson’s and Koch’s of the world can control with impunity.

    After which Justice Roberts and the other 4 Treasonous Supremes who gave us Citizens United will have served their purpose and will just be in the way as the GOP takes the US back to 1939 Germany. All “Neat and Tidy”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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    Keith’s firing demonstrates a profound act of cowardice on the part of Comcast. Keith reminded us every day that it is vital that we all learn to stand up and speak truth to power. To demand that those in high places be held accountable for their actions. Comcast is breathing its last as an aging [...]