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    I’m speechless! That’s hysterical – maybe you can combine that with the pink Darth Vader helmet?

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    Hey Mr. Bogg sir – just wanted to chime in with all these other folks and thank you for hanging in there a bit longer (and thanks to Ms. Hamsher for talking you into it, or out of it as the case may be). I’d be delighted to have even intermittent doses of TBogg and basset friends (not enough bassets in my life).

    I always leave Chez Bogg with a smile, no matter how bad things are going – which is often pretty bad lately. Its the tonic to which I always return (my browser cache knows that the single letter T usually means I’m coming here). You’ve even infected my writing – also, too is appearing in my official correspondences almost without my noticing it, dang it! You and Charles Pierce are both treasures and I’d be extremely grateful for any utterances you wish to make (or pictures you want to post) no matter how short and sweet and irregular.

    And of course, if you do retire from this funhouse you’ve already made the world a much better (and snarkier :-) place. So thanks for that…

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    You mean, in a lifeboat like at the end of a James Bond film?

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    To keep all the other books from falling over…

  • Aww, sad to see you go BT – you’re one of a kind. Have to follow you to your humble abode. Oh, and…


    t wasn’t clear if “direct Newt interaction” came with a happy ending.

    Thanks for that – I didn’t think it was possible to be any further mentally scarred after the last few years but, well, that’s gonna leave a mark. Maybe some enterprising young horror film maker can work with you on that one…

    /back to the shadows again

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    Hello to my fellow Wisconsinites! I’m a Madisonian to be specific. Just wanted to say hey…

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    :-( RIP Gil – hate to see you go but thanks for all the music.

    One of my fondest high school memories was visiting my grandma in Arkansas and she giving me some cash to go hang out at the mall. I came back with a copy of Reflections and when I showed the cover to her she let out an audible gasp :-) But what made me happy made her happy, and what a great album! I miss them both actually…

  • Perhaps a badger with shingles?

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    Yeah, it was just a minor stumble. Still, there’s something symbolic about it. I haven’t seen anyone here showing disdain for the constitution but, rather, for using it as a political ploy. Its a sad thing – kind of like when people have a knee-jerk negative reaction to the Bible because its been used/abused the same way. Or to words like patriot, family, etc.

    If I was a cynic (which I am) I’d think it was for the sole opportunity of getting the video for later creative remixing by Fox and such. Next step: get them all to pose in front of a green screen for later use (Orange Man in a soup kitchen, with a bunch of minority folks, etc).