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  • matt commented on the blog post Pam’s House Blend segment on Melissa Harris-Perry is up…

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    Melissa was right on Target, Pam, and said what most if not all of us would say about you, PHB and baristas. Pretty much sums up how we feel about the blend! I’ve enjoyed you recent burst of postings…

  • Deborah Mell gave her anti-equality colleagues a piece of her mind. She was awesome.
    After her words and Harris’ tears, I don’t know how anyone could fail to understand how important this is to us.
    The anti-equality crowd was exposed for what they are: cowards who know in their hearts that they are doing something mean to other people. For what?

  • But they can’t beat the French for racist anti-gay nastiness on twitter:
    our heroine Christiane Taubira as a sort of Queen Kong:

  • matt commented on the blog post Attending Gay Weddings May Turn Off God And Cause Scandal

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    In Detroit, people protested Vigneron’s equally asinine remarks.

  • matt commented on the blog post Attending Gay Weddings May Turn Off God And Cause Scandal

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    I guess telling Jesus he can’t attend gay weddings wasn’t enough.

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    Well, I’m glad Piava-Weed finally allowed this to happen. Based on her track record, I didn’t think she’d really do it.
    Anyway, I hope her action serves as a lesson to the two others standing in the way of people who love each other: Julia Gillard and Chris Christie. People in Australia and New Jersey would be able to get married if it weren’t for them. Terrible when one person can hold a state or a nation hostage.

  • France’s opposition to marriage equality will fall like the maginot line.

  • matt commented on the blog post This latest anti-gay video will make you weep

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    I guess they’re trying to influence “the youth.”
    Good luck with that.
    Eighty percent of Americans under 30 favor marriage equality.

  • This is an ethical quandry for me, Pam.
    Though I’m glad she’s come out for marriage equality, I don’t know if that matters as much as getting her re-elected. We need as many democrats as possible in the senate to ensure that the president passes progressive legislation and gets sane supreme court judges approved.

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    “For years now I have heard the word ‘Wait!’ It rings in the ear of every
    Negro with a piercing familiarity. This ‘wait’ has almost always meant ‘never.’”
    –Someone a bit closer to god than bishop tobin

  • The biggest liar about gay marriage is justice scalia.
    He keeps say he’s a strict Constitutionalist, but he isn’t.
    He’s really adhering to the dictates of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, and he selectively interprets a secular document to support the teaching of magisterium on marriage.
    People are not calling him out on this.
    The newsmedia is not calling him out on this.

  • And, as we all know, in the decade or so that gay marriage has been legal in various places around the world, the Catholic Church has never been forced to marry a single gay couple. They’ve always been tilting at windmills.

  • Cheetos, Pam? Cheetos?
    Not even Liz Lemon’s favorite pajama chip: Sabor de Soledad?

  • This is great news. Maybe we will get a clean marriage equality law in RI after all.

  • The Catholic Church does marry Catholics to non-Catholics. I never said it doesn’t. But if the marriage is a non-Catholic ceremony a priest must be present to witness and there must be a dispensation from the diocese.
    Annulments are relatively easy to get if the above criteria aren’t met.
    And, you’re right in saying that the Catholic church wants the kids raised Catholic.
    Newt didn’t have to be Catholic to marry Callista in a Catholic church or outside of one, as long as she was catholic and, again, the above criteria were met.
    I don’t know why Newt asked for an annulment of one of his prior marriages. Perhaps one of the ex wives was indeed Catholic and a priest was present at that marriage.
    The church really has to update on these things.

  • He wasn’t catholic then. (He converted for Callista.) Neither of his prior wives were Catholic. Therefore, they couldn’t get married in a Catholic Church. However, your information is correct. The Catholic Church considers marriage a sacrament, and it is therefore, irrevocable. So a “Catholic ceremony” is a sacramental ceremony, which Newt didn’t have in his prior marriages.
    Just to round this out, a Catholic can marry a non-Catholic in a protestant church or synagogue with the approval of Catholic diocese and with a Catholic priest present to witness the marriage. (The priest is a witness because the partners technically marry each other–which is also the case in a Catholic ceremony in a Catholic church. The priest merely “blesses” the couple.

  • Yes, but that’s very different from a papal statement “from the chair,” which is what the likes of Cordileone would love.
    I’m waiting out the next several weeks as the supreme court cases and the french legalization move forward. If Francis’ silence on this issue as pope continues during this short critical time period for marriage equality, that will be very telling.
    We probably won’t have an advocate in Fracis, but we also may not have the adversary we had in Benedict. And that will make a big difference as marriage equality moves forward worldwide.

  • The USCCB has an anti-gay marriage apparatus put in place under Benedict, so it’s not surprising that that apparatus continues to function as before. However, Francis has said nothing about gay marriage as pope.
    As the head of the Catholic Church in Argentina under Benedict, he was expected to argue against gay marriage when legalization was under way there. That was required by Rome.
    Now, he is Rome.
    He can do whatever he pleases.
    I’m hopeful that his laser-like focus on the poor, his mothballing of Benedict’s ridiculously ostentatious outfits and his decision to ride in open cars rather than behind bulletproof glass in the popemobile may mean more changes are forthcoming.
    No, I don’t expect him to say his predecessor was wrong about marriage equality–popes and bishops seldom do that as it is seen as disrespectful of one’s predecessor–but he may choose not to talk about it. Many Catholics are hopeful of this. Anne Rice voiced the same hope on her facebook page last week, and Frank Bruni said the same thing a few days later in the NY Times.
    The USCCB is jumping the gun.
    The fact that POPE Francis has not come out strongly against gay marriage ahead of the next week’s Prop 8 and DOMA arguments is a good thing and probably has irked NOM and some within the USCCB such as Salvatore Cordileone, Tobin, etc. If they had their druthers, they’d want a papal statement from Francis and they don’t have one.
    The Vatican will continue to speak against abortion, but civil marriage–indeed any non-catholic marriage–is NOT a doctrinal issue for the church. That’s why it was able to marry Newt Gingrich to Catholic Callista after he left both of his prior non-Catholic wives.
    All that said, we’ll know soon enough. If Francis does not speak against gay marriage over the next few weeks, we’ll know that he will not continue to press this issue. France is looking to legalize gay marriage early next month, and the Supremes will hear our cases next week. So if Francis is going to press this issue, he’ll do so very soon.
    He’s been silent.
    As saint Thomas More said, “silence implies consent.”

  • matt commented on the blog post Hillary Clinton Speaks Out For Marriage Equality

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    I don’t know if we can say the timing is politically motivated for Hillary.
    I’d say the timing has more to do with the prop 8 and doma cases, as this adds another weighty voice to the repeal chorus.
    That said, the let’s-have-a-respectful-conversation stuff is disingenuous. Hillary Clinton knows very well that those promoting marriage equality have been very fair. The scare tactic ads and mean-spirited rhetoric has come from the other side. So, she lost points from me for “wanting to sound balanced.” uggg… what baloney.
    Still, I’ll vote for Hillary for loads of reasons, including the fact that her record on gay rights both at the state department and on the world stage is spectacular. And if she picks the smart/sincere sen. Sherrod Brown of super-swing-state Ohio as her running mate, I think she’ll be unbeatable and we’ll be able to cement the nation’s progressive future. Hopefully, we’ll be Sweden someday. Fuck you, Mitt Romney.

  • And where can you find Sen. Ciccone now? Like a Renaissance courtier who has just sold out his constituents, Ciccone is in the reception room of Bishop Tobin’s mansion kissing his ring.

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