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    Since nobody has pointed this out yet: Maggie Haberman is the daughter of Clyde Haberman, a New York Times reporter who was once fired for inserting a false story into the paper.

    (Gay Talese discussed it in The Power And The Glory. The Times eventually decided to hire Haberman back; it was a prank that nobody would even detect now.)

    Haberman is quoting Nathan Daschle, the son of Big Phrama lobbyist Tom Daschle (who was Senate Majority leader in his spare time). They’re both echoing something by Luke Russert, Tim’s idiot son.

    Can’t imagine why they’re worried about class warfare.

  • I don’t know about the post-Murdoch Wall Street Journal, but they absolutely used to enforce it. Reporters couldn’t accept a meal for more than $25 and a gift with a retail value over $50.

    I was sitting at a table for with a reporter who kept track of his share of the bill amount like a senior citizen on a fixed income. Another year, the local baseball team sent two reserved seat tickets (value of $22.50) and a parking pass (value $8) for Christmas and staffers had to turn in either a ticket or their pass.

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    Lisa, you need to send your TV to the shop. Clearly you didn’t see the same show that anyone else watched. The show was a contrived melodrama, populated with cardboard characters, portrayed by people who couldn’t act.

    In addition, it got so many details of both 1960′s Chicago and the Playboy club wrong that even people who worked at the Chicago club complained about it.

    Almost every critic had this show as one of the worst of the new season. The only reason it wasn’t the worst is that there were so many horrific shows (Charlie’s Angels, Last Man Standing, I Hate My Teenage Daughter) that it was difficult to get a consensus.

    Whether NBC is capable of programming anything better is highly doubtful, but anyone sorry to see this show go is publicly admitting a dearth of taste.

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