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  • wphurley commented on the blog post James O’Keefe To Pay ACORN Victim $100,000

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    $100k is a minuscule price to pay (not that Jimmy will pay it himself) for the destruction of a means through which tens of millions of voters – and their votes – were enfranchised in our so-called democracy.

    Jimmy will be rewarded well just as Eliot Abrams and countless other right-wing ratfuckers have been.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Obama vs. Taibbi: Obama’s Defense of Dodd-Frank Falls Short

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    I’m guessing that Obama was pushed to respond by campaign concerns showing crucial state races are far closer in the President’s internal polling than he, Plouff, Axlerod or the rest can admit.

    It’s a last gasp effort to appear tough by falling back on his habit of punching “DFH’s”.

    Here’s my question, who will be the lead partner in the soon-to-be formed law firm, Obama & Obama – Barry or Michelle?

  • NPR is with very few exceptions useless at-best and more often destructive as Baker again demonstrates.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Obama’s Debate Challenge: Identifying an Actual Agenda

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    Seems to me this debate is really a contest between Obama channeling defeated MA Senate candidate Martha Coakley vs. Romney channeling former VP Quayle.

    Coakley v Quayle.


  • wphurley commented on the blog post FDL Movie Night: Samsara

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    I look forward to seeing the film when it opens in Portland. That said, I do find the title to be a curious choice.

    Samsara doesn’t quite translate to the meaning offered in the marketing materials. Samsara is the endless round or death and rebirth that chains a person – via karma – to the material world. The goal, in vedic/Hindu traditions, is to achieve moksha which is to be released from samsara into eternal bliss.

    In the language of the historical Buddha (Pali) Samara equals suffering. The goal is to achieve freedom from samsara by realizing nibbana.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Late Night: Billionaires’ Ball(s)

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    The billion Barry’s betting on raising won’t be nearly enough for him to win, but in his zeal to chase GOP monies he’ll effectively vacuum-up all cash from non-GOP sources thereby denying “down-ticket” candidates the cash they’ll need to win their races.

    The GOP will take the Senate and keep the House for no other reason that money. Favorability ratings simply don’t matter.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Regulator Indifference Seen at JPMorgan Chase, Ally Financial

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    The only difference between Bush and Obama is that the latter is drone-addicted.

    Why wasn’t Barry primaried? (/rhetorical q)

  • wphurley commented on the blog post WI: Gov. Walker Looking Strong Before Recall

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    A Walker win is the fault of those multidimensional chess players congregating @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Young Prefer Obama but Are Not Enthusiastic About Voting

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    I guess SocNet web campaigns are so “4 years ago”.

    Or maybe the “yout’s” aew pissed that “the rent’s too damn high! And the wage is too damn low, if you can get a wage.”

    Even the young and idealistic need to eat.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Foreclosure Fraud Whistleblower Harassed by Mortgage Lender

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    I suspect that had we political and social leadership that took accountability to be as crucial to cultural sanity as those we have believe in “looking forward not back”, the forfeiture of liberty (a.k.a. jailtime) on the part of banksters would forestall such brazen amorality as that that’s being brought to bear on Ms. Szymoniak.

    Is America on its way to becoming Somalia – with an army (be it the U.S. Army or “Bloomberg’s Army”)?

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Housing Recovery Bubble Popped Again by New Case-Shiller Data

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    Dave, like a well slung stone skipping across only the tallest of waves on an otherwise placid lake your summary reads.

    The only data point I’d add is that with 75% or more of the 99% earning a wage or salary that’s tunneling it’s own downward course across economists’ x/y limited landscape, housing as a market is as captive to this and the trends you identified as is a banking regulator to the Khans of lower Manhattan.

  • wphurley commented on the diary post Turning the ACA into Sausage at the Supreme Court by masaccio.

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    Fortunately, oral arguments are mostly theatre. They seldom, if ever, have much impact on appellate decisions.

    Truer words are rarely spoken. The much ballyhooed oral argument before the SCOTUS is and has long been a relics – one so decrepit that no longer serves that function well either. The “oral argument” is to SCOTUS decision-making as [...]

  • wphurley commented on the diary post As Goes Obamacare, So Goes Romneycare … and State Laws Requiring Auto Insurance? by Beverly Mann.

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    May I suggest that life is better lived with the understanding that right-wingers, in this case the Court’s Falangist 5, has no interest in, use for nor concerns about consistency, cogency or constancy. If one is truly intrigued by irrationality, caprice and/or absurdist theatrics one can both indulge those interests via world-class literature from luminaries [...]

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Savers Screwed to Save Rich People

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    indeed, with Beethoven’s Pastorale playing in the background and a tranquil IMAX quality display of a field of daffodils fluttering in the summer’s breeze swaddling your dimming vision.

    This message of serenity was brought to you by the Soylent family of “organic” biscuits and other fine “foods”.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Savers Screwed to Save Rich People

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    The key sentence (IMO) in your essay, masaccio, reads:

    “So, why is the Fed pursuing policies that push people into the arms of these wolverines?”

    The question may seem to be begging for an answer, but in truth none is necessary. The fact that such policies are in force and are broadened or expanded daily is answer enough. In fact, I’d suggest that asking the question creates the opportunity for the thievery to continue while the “muppets [and marks]” distract themselves (ourselves?) trying to first divine the intentions of those whose hands are in our pockets.

    And if you think it’s bad now, just wait until bankers and Villagers launch into a fauxtrage over being bested by Sweden in the race to become a “cashless” society. I’ve called out “cashless” because it’s a rhetorical wedge. As a wedge, it deliberately inverts the “burden/benefit” relationship that results when a multi-trillion dollar economy is – by policy – forced to adopt banker-owned, banker-operated credit and debit facilities for every single legitimate (and illegitimate) transaction. Once inverted, “cashless” policy “advocates” can exploit the very real fear that cash-holding intransigents will be electronically and mechanically prohibited from “participating” in the economy. Witness the effectiveness of the international banker/bureaucrat termination of credit/debit facilities to Wikileaks.

    And if you are addicted to social “media”, be sure to “friend” your bankers, mortgage lenders, loan officers and many other such agencies because failing to do so is, not will be, is being captured and tallied in databases across the intertubes. Failure to do so may make you (your family, your business, …) vulnerable to a financial “DOS” assault or other less obvious and hostile tactic. In this case, witness the “terms of service” attached to payment cards that, in almost all cases, reserve the right for the issuer to “reclaim” unspent nickels, dimes, quarters and larger sums on cards unused for ill-defined durations or that fail to meet minimum balance requirements. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a Treasury agent stop by to “reclaim” the coins in my loose change jar.

  • it seems that Obama and the Dems cannot contain their jealousy over the gop’s most recent exercises to retain its title as the stupidest motherfuckers in the world – living or dead.

    I guess the dems will declare victory when they dumb-it-down to the point where they overcome the autonomic protections of respiration and then forget to breath.

  • wphurley commented on the blog post The “Robo-Signed” Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

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    Nah. It means that Holder’s not unlike a young, insecure, under-experienced actor whose addicted to the reviews of his/her work.

    Given the DoJ’s propensity for prosecuting whistle-blowers, “leakers” and other vocal critics of the Obama Administration, I’d say it’s fair to assume Holder’s reaction is – at best – hostile and vengeful.

  • Hopefully, the fact of an active prosecution will cause some, if not most, of the reportedly “40 states’ AGs” to rethink their decision to join the White House sanctioned white-wash of the disaster they made of the nation’s fiscal standing and the lives of tens if not more than a hundred million Americans.

    Breath not held….

  • wphurley commented on the blog post Grief Ghoul Nancy Brinker’s Race For The Bullshit

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    Jack Nicholson’s on the line for Ms Brinker. He wants his Joker’s smile back.

  • Maddow, as usual, is well out of her element when waxing “professorially” on matters fiscal and economic.

    That said, I’m delighted to see that Schneiderman will continue to focus on banks most serious crimes, the “murders” that were covered over by “arson”.

    I’d bet even money that if such an investigation is followed through aggressively and thoroughly that the investigators will find fraudulent origination documentation created out of whole cloth that – a fews years after they were manufactured – were used by the banks/servicers to “justify” foreclosing on homes that had no liens.

    These days, anyone servicing a mortgage is not paying interest, they’re (you’re) paying a “vig”.

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