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    I have not commented on FDL for at least two years now if not longer. I have to laugh at the direction that not only this site but many others have since anyone who ever uttered one word of dissent about electing Obama was not only ignored, but ridiculed as a troll not to be fed. Voters need to learn to critical think and not play “follow the leader”. Too many blogs became more about the bloggers than the issues. Go find the information on any candidate, and teke the time to make up your own mind byt the use of “critical thinking” not pablum being fed to you by people who like to see their name in print.

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    What you expected “Change”?

  • Off subject but I remember being called a Repug and a troll in FDL when I tried to warn people about Chicago Politics, Rahm Emanuel and Obama. How is that working out for you now???