• Passing a highly unpopular insurance bailout during a census year had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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    The NRA and conservatives in general have been playing a long game for 50 years or more.

    Efforts like the one proposed here stand little chance of achieving meaningful results in one or two election cycles. In it to win it on issues like this mean a sustained commitment of 20+ years.

    Does Bloomberg have the stamina to stay with it?

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    It is inevitable that the ACA debate will eventually shift to how many people are paying or paying more and getting less. And, medical bankruptcies will continue unabated.

    ACA will eventually be revealed as the insurance grift that it actually is.

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    Nailed it. While MSM and main stream pundits continually sidestep this issue, FDL should never let this slide.

    Meaningful numbers that we will probably never see would be increase in Dr visits, increase in hospital admissions, increase in CAT scans or MRI’s. Stats like these might suggest that more people are receiving the health services they are now paying for.

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    “…failing to do so, means an immediate “revocation” one’s driving privilege.” Why must one desire to drive in order to vote? There are plenty of vote worthy citizens who have no need to drive. My state issues look alike ID cards for voting ID and check cashing and plane boarding and so on with no privilege [...]

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    “Exactly who is this fountain of wisdom?”

    That was sort of my question. Who is this guy and why should I care what he has to say?

  • “But rooting for the ACA’s failure doesn’t put us on a track to real reform …”

    Pointing out ACA’s shortcomings and predicting its future impact should not be equated with “rooting for failure“.

  • “Good arguments and good policies sometimes prevail even if they hurt the 0.1 percent …”

    Why must we position everything that helps ordinary people as hurting the 1%? We should be making the argument that a healthy population with access to healthcare benefits all including the 1%, whether they understand that or not.

    Is it really that difficult to understand that healthy workers with healthy families are more productive, less distracted, take fewer days off and have more disposable income to buy the crap the 1% is importing from China?

  • “… we would never have gotten health reform.”

    We still haven’t gotten “health reform”. We got an insurance bill that still leaves too many exposed to medical bankruptcy and many others unable or reluctant to access actual health care because of high (unaffordable) co-pays and deductibles and very limited provider networks.

    Shame on Krugman. He should know better.

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    “Moving the law farther to the right risks pushing more current supporters into this camp.”

    By 2016, the news cycle stories on ACA are going to be focused on:

    1. Obamacare fails to slow the rate of medical bankruptcies.

    2. Obamacare clients unable to find the care they need within restricted provider networks.

    Both the left and the right will be screaming, “neener, neener, we told you so.”

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    “Recent polls have shown that many Americans do see climate change as a serious threat in the future. “

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    “…these efforts have succeeded in forcing the president to delay …”

    And delay is all you are ever going to get. This remains a when question not an if question.

    Last poll I saw showed majorities of Reps, Indies and DEMS all favoring approval based primarily on the delusion of jobs. Eating today will always beat breathing tomorrow or ten years from now.

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    Seems to me that the employer mandate is less about getting 500,000 people insured and a whole lot about keeping a lot more than that insured through their employer.

    I suspect that minus the mandate, some employers will start dropping the health insurance they offer now, probably more than half a million people.

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    The turd polishing continues.

    I would be surprised if that broken arm only cost $7000.

  • Is the GOP paying attention?

    This might just be the impeachment worthy issue they have been looking for.

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    and Onitgoes.

    The only way to stop being played for suckers, is to stop playing.

    I know plenty of loyal democrats still riding the Obama bus. They are mostly just as annoying and deluded as the tea party’ers, although slightly less vile and hateful.

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    Mary Landreau (along with the already departed Senator from Walmart, Blanche Lincoln) was one of the blue dog rotating villains used to thwart anything good that might have ended up in ACA.

    Democrats will never accomplish anything worthwhile until they purge the Blue Dogs from their ranks.

    The wolf in sheep’s clothing is always more dangerous than the wolf in plain sight. Good riddance.

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    “If Democrats think they can just rely on young voters because they are unlikely to vote for Republicans, ….”

    They might try actually advocating something “liberal” once in a while

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    No matter how much you polish a turd, it is still a turd.

  • “… everyone falsely attributing Gore’s loss to Nader will vote for someone in 2016 who enabled that massive criminal atrocity.”

    And will continue to crap on those of us who choose to vote for an actual liberal.

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