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  • Israel is not going to stop until they have annexed and colonized the entire West Bank. And the American press will never acknowledge any link between Israel’s behavior on the West Bank and anything the plastinians might do in response.

  • “…the black political class and the economic elite,…”

    Once a person of any color enters the “political class” they become one of the “economic elite”. The money required to gain and keep national political office requires that transition and demands fealty to the status quo.

    Even as Ferguson and similar events elsewhere project racism back into the national conversation, it serves as mis-direction from the class struggle that is at the heart of our economic troubles. Ferguson, as evidenced in the reference to city finances shows, is just another chapter in the 1% vs the rest of us battle.

    Focusing on the racial aspect of Ferguson is a divide and conquer strategy used to fragment the 99% and keep us fighting among ourselves.

    Sadly, it works every time.

    Furthermore, the disappointment that showers down from the failures of “transformational leaders” and politics at the national level inhibits the focus on local politics that may actually produce meaningful change.

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    There are a lot of Scrabble players in my family but we also like that old standby Charades at get togethers.

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    “Seems like I’ve seen this play before…”

    Just wait until After the midterms. Obama will make Corbett look like an amateur.

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    “… a plan that lets private insurers administer Medicaid-funded coverage …”

    Although TX has not accepted the Medicaid expansion, this is how they administer existing Medicaid. It truly sucks.

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    I am not persuaded that polls like this really tell us much. I am an extreme liberal who has been disappointed with Obama almost from the start. I would certainly answer extremely disappointed if asked.

    But I am perfectly capable of holding my nose and voting for other democrats even if I feel the urge to puke when I get to the parking lot.

  • I don’t see where a single courtroom victory is particularly meaningful if it does not actually produce the intended results.

    It is a curious characteristic of our judicial system that rulings like this may have minimal impact on their own but if they are joined by similar rulings from other courts, they may eventually impact behavior. But a single ruling without consequence or penalty changes nothing.

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    “And what about the “base”…..”

    Most of those who fall into the category of committed democrats have no interest in holding Obama accountable for anything. This goes for both other Washington democrats and the local rank and file.

    Should any Obama action be remotely disappointing, they will haul out the recurring mantra of “the republicans made him do it“.

    Those dems that actually have some principles left, I suspect there are a few even if I can’t actually name one, will be marginalized as dirty fucking hippies same as they have been since Obama took office.

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    “Obama has already left this critical part of the Constitution in tatters.”

    One of the more amusing mindsets of the right wing is their zeal to impeach Obama. Yet rarely do any of them cite an actually impeachable offense.

    The persistent war making might actually qualify yet I suspect that many congressional conservatives are loathe to pursue this particular avenue. Should they ever retake the White House, this is surely a power they covet.

  • Kevin,

    Never doubt that I respect your journalistic integrity. Your reporting is consistently of the highest quality.

    My hypothetical question was not intended to suggest any shortcoming on your part. It was directed more at provoking commentary.

  • “Finally, thousands of photographs may see the “light of day.””

    Who, exactly, can make that happen? What if the Defense department just says no or just destroys the photos?

    It has been clear and consistent to what lengths the Obama Administration will go to hide their embarrassments.

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    ” Most often that gift becomes a tremendous burden to taxpayers…” The real burden on the American taxpayer are not the disabled that need assistance. The real burdens are are the tax scofflaws that avoid paying their share of societies costs such as Walmart, big oil and the banks. Every Walmart in America costs taxpayers between [...]

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    I am the parent of a disabled child (now adult. Her mother and I have cared for her for 27 years. She continues to live at home with us because there is no other safe place for her to go that is close enough or affordable to us. The amount of assistance we receive is [...]

  • Keep in mind that the 2010 mid terms resulted in a bunch of republican governors and legislatures in a census year. This produced many of the worst policy initiatives we have seen over the last 4 years. It also put the redistricting power in the hands of the republicans. The resulting gerrymandering will haunt us until at least 2020.

  • ” Worst vote I ever cast.”

    On some level I agree with you but excluding third parties do you imagine anything would be better with Clinton or McCain at the helm?

    I think McCain would have been better than Clinton in that the 2010 mid term debacle would probably swung the other way both at the state and congressional levels.

  • “…, it is unlikely Obama is risking much of a public backlash for going around them.”

    Little risk to Obama perhaps but it will not help dems in the mid terms and may actually hurt them.

    Republicans will successfully cast any environmental regulation as a job killer and jobs still trump climate with the electorate. Not the dembots so much but certainly the persuadable middle.

  • “BK isn’t really a US corp to begin with,…”

    And there lies the real root of the problem. The notion that any multi-national corporation with gross revenues greater than most countries GDP’s has any sort of patriotic loyalty to any one country is an antiquated paradigm.

  • “Union members will boycott the stores so will lefties.”

    Chick Fil A is doing just fine.

  • ” US lawmakers issued statements saying they were upset by the merger citing both Burger King’s roots in America and clear move to dodge US taxes.”

    These moves are either legal or they are not. No one should pay taxes they are not required by law to pay. If the tax code contains a loop hole that corporations can legally slip through to reduce their taxes, the fault lies with Congress and Congress alone.

    Congress writes the tax code and must accept responsibility for the consequences.

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    ” A lack of a cogent vision for a better society?”

    I would put this at the top of the list. When was the last time you actually heard a new idea from a democrat? Nefarious as they may be, the republicans do occasional circulate a new idea even if it is little more than an update of some 13th century policy. The dems can’t figure out how to protect past victories and at times seem hell bent on demolishing their own legacy.

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