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    ” Also the ” stick ” and other tasty bits.”

    Ahhhh. The good old days. We also got black afghani in little linen bags while the Russians were in Afghanistan!

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    We don’t win wars because that is not the goal. These wars are a replenishment effort for the MIC. Out with the old, in with the new.

    Pass a war profiteering law like we had in WW2 and we will start winning.

  • @Kevin

    Good to hear your voice tonight on KPFT. As a supporter of both FDL and KPFT it was nice to hear that intersection of effort.

  • “… the real qualification for government service is being owned by the industry …”

    We aren’t going to pretend this is something new are we?

    See ACA….Wellpoint, etc.

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    Are these the same dissatisfied voters that produce a 90% incumbency rate in Congress?

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    I live in TX, where I am not represented by 3 very far to the right republicans. I therefore occasionally send small contributions to representatives elsewhere who at least give lip service to my point of view. As the author points out, they are tireless in their never ending campaign for more. But the most [...]

  • ” Is that adequate?”

    My wife and I did get married over 30 years ago but with my encouragement, she never changed her name. That does occasionally produce confusion for others and amusement for us. Her father never did get the hang of it.

    I think the impending prospect of childbirth is one of the things that still does propel many to marriage.

    Lastly, there should be a simple mechanism that allows us to designate someone to speak for us in the event that we are unable to speak or act on our own behalf. Current methods are needlessly complex, at least in some states.

  • “… I never really embraced the concept of male initiated romance, …”

    LOL. That never worked very well for me either.

  • We forget that for most of recorded history, marriage was an economic institution not a romantic one. It provided labor for those at the bottom and enhanced or consolidated power for those at the top. Marriage was usually not a choice of the betrothed.

    It was only after the second world war that women began to leave the household of their parents to live on their own in large numbers.

    We have evolved as a society to a place where marriage is no longer an economic necessity or a mandated custom. Each of the last three generations has come to see more and more that the single lifestyle or a lifestyle of serial monogamy without external blessing as viable and acceptable.

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    Merry Christmas Kevin

    Thanks for all you do at FDL.

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    “I chose to live this way, regardless of the consequences, because it is the right way to live.”

    I tell my children, “We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

    It need not be more complicated than that.

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    Let peace begin with me
    Let this be the moment now.
    With every step I take
    Let this be my solemn vow.
    To take each moment
    And live each moment
    With peace eternally.
    Let there be peace on earth,
    And let it begin with me

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    “… at the expense of hurting the ability to win the general election.”

    And the downside is?

  • I certainly had no intention of endorsing vigilantism

  • I hesitate to offer this comment anywhere but FDL.

    How do we know the dead police officers were innocent? I am certain that the vast majority of police officers are neither corrupt or excessively violent BUT, and it is a big but that goes to the very heart of the matter. How many otherwise honest cops have looked the other way or failed to come forward to report improper or illegal behavior on the part of their fellow officers. I suspect that this silence is widespread in the NYPD.

    The wall of silence, must come down if we are ever to regain trust in our justice system. Police simply cannot be above the law if we are to trust them. And that applies equally to the witnesses as well as the perpetrators.

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    Every time I read one of these “climate will kill us” articles, I am struck by the same omission; What, exactly, do you propose that we do about it? There are limits to the amount of conservation measures that our leaders, even if they were true believers, could impose on their respective populations. Does anyone [...]

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    The fictionalization of history is lamentable but it is not a new phenomenon nor is it limited to the entertainment industry. Admittedly, those efforts aimed at mass consumption are probably the most egregious.

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    Americans love torture.

    We seem to have little restraint in using violence to get what we want and see violence as a solution to nearly every problem we face.

    When Dirty Harry stomps on a wounded suspects leg, we cheer.

    Every few days, my FB feed coughs up picture advocating corporal punishment. It generally follows the form of “I was beaten as a child and I turned out OK, therefore you should beat your child too” if you want him/her to grow up properly respectful (fearful) of the powerful.

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    “Only if can can torture all the house and senate republicans,…”

    Only republicans? Seems to me there are plenty of democrats equally deserving. How about the 14 senators that voted for KXL? All the dems that voted for the current budget bill or the NDAA giving away native american land to polluters? How about president O-drone-er?

    Shouldn’t we be equal opportunity torturers here at FDL?

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