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  • Keep in mind that the 2010 mid terms resulted in a bunch of republican governors and legislatures in a census year. This produced many of the worst policy initiatives we have seen over the last 4 years. It also put the redistricting power in the hands of the republicans. The resulting gerrymandering will haunt us until at least 2020.

  • ” Worst vote I ever cast.”

    On some level I agree with you but excluding third parties do you imagine anything would be better with Clinton or McCain at the helm?

    I think McCain would have been better than Clinton in that the 2010 mid term debacle would probably swung the other way both at the state and congressional levels.

  • “…, it is unlikely Obama is risking much of a public backlash for going around them.”

    Little risk to Obama perhaps but it will not help dems in the mid terms and may actually hurt them.

    Republicans will successfully cast any environmental regulation as a job killer and jobs still trump climate with the electorate. Not the dembots so much but certainly the persuadable middle.

  • “BK isn’t really a US corp to begin with,…”

    And there lies the real root of the problem. The notion that any multi-national corporation with gross revenues greater than most countries GDP’s has any sort of patriotic loyalty to any one country is an antiquated paradigm.

  • “Union members will boycott the stores so will lefties.”

    Chick Fil A is doing just fine.

  • ” US lawmakers issued statements saying they were upset by the merger citing both Burger King’s roots in America and clear move to dodge US taxes.”

    These moves are either legal or they are not. No one should pay taxes they are not required by law to pay. If the tax code contains a loop hole that corporations can legally slip through to reduce their taxes, the fault lies with Congress and Congress alone.

    Congress writes the tax code and must accept responsibility for the consequences.

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    ” A lack of a cogent vision for a better society?”

    I would put this at the top of the list. When was the last time you actually heard a new idea from a democrat? Nefarious as they may be, the republicans do occasional circulate a new idea even if it is little more than an update of some 13th century policy. The dems can’t figure out how to protect past victories and at times seem hell bent on demolishing their own legacy.

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    I think the political class and their masters know full well that welfare, food stamps and the like are simply bribes paid to the poorest to keep them from guillotining their asses.

    Articles like this are part of the mis-direction aimed at the sinking middle class to keep them blaming those just a little bit worse off for their problems. Keep them looking down and occasionally sideways, distracts them from looking up at the real source of their economic problems.

    Americans will never hate or blame the rich because deep down they want to be the rich and believe they can be.

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    “…. we should adopt a campaign of aggressive public shaming for anyone who goes on the dole, …”

    When we get around to shaming those like banks, oil companies and Walmart who take billions, I’ll worry about some kids getting a $2.00 free lunch.

    If we are going to be shaming people, let’s start with the guy that wrote this article.

    “Those who have truly fallen on hard times …..”

    “Hard times” is lottery built into the very fabric of the system. See “minimum wage”.

  • I have no idea what “comprehensive immigration reform” actually meansbut I suspect I won’t like it. I really am not in the mood for any more “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” muck ups.

    I have no confidence that the current political climate is capable of producing anything useful and compassionate.

  • ” He’s apparently been on the scene of many hot spots.”

    Presumably by his own choice.

  • “…the more the US gets in the way the greater the antagonism and belligerence …”

    Sadly it will never occur to anyone inside the beltway that we will continue to provoke terrorist threats as long as we keep pissing people off. They don’t hate us for our freedoms they hate us for the fucking bombs and other forms of meddling.

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    “Healing doesn’t help. It validates the status quo. And it’s the status quo that’s sick.”

    Nailed it.

  • “I just want to say your silence is consent. If you choose to say nothing, then you’re endorsing the action.”

    There will always some with power who will abuse it. It is up to their fellow officers to keep them in check or get rid of them. As long as the circle the wagons mentality is permitted and encouraged, the abuse will continue. See also pedophile priests and Penn State.

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    …there is a HUGE amount of support out there for HRC…”

    Yes, the institutional dems can’t wait but they are also the ones who want to nominate Obama for sainthood. I am not convinced the Obama coalition will turn out for her in sufficient numbers.

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    “… his former campaign and government staffers are eagerly joining union busting groups for fun and profit.”

    I frequently contend in these comment sections that Obama and his Democrats really have no guiding principles. There is nothing they profess to believe that is not up for sale to the highest bidder. This gives them more in common with a street gang, a cult of personality, than an actual political party. This simply confirms it.

    This is one of the reasons, if not the principle reason, that republicans are successful in dragging the discussion on almost everything to the right even as their numbers are in decline.

    We really need a T-Party type insurgency from the left.

  • To Tarheel:

    Found this elsewhere which may reflect the question we should be asking. It appears the warrant system may be part of a concerted effort to place all residents under suspicion as a means of control. That would certainly be an additional abuse of police power.

    Ferguson Police Hand Out 3 Arrest Warrants Per Household Per Year
    Mother Jones points to a new report that claims police in Ferguson hand out the equivalent of three arrest warrants per household every year. By analyzing data from courts, the report also showed that Ferguson residents are fined an average of 1 per household.

    From the report:

    Overall, we found that by disproportionately stopping, charging
    and fining the poor and minorities, by closing the Courts to the public,
    and by incarcerating people for the failure to pay fines, these policies
    unintentionally push the poor further into poverty, prevent the
    homeless from accessing the housing, treatment, and jobs they so
    desperately need to regain stability in their lives, and violate the

  • “… how do you get the funds under this system?”

    I got nailed a couple of times by red light cameras. I was not happy about it but I fully understood that if I did not pay that I could be arrested and detained for any sort of traffic stop. I also recognize that fines and costs increase if not paid in a timely manner.

    Like anyone else, an unexpected expense of $200 puts a big dent in my monthly income and something else must be sacrificed.

    If you are suggesting that there be some sort of alternate penalty for people with little or no income, I agree.

    This entire event centers around the imposition of summary justice by cops and the disproportionate application of violence against some demographic groups. It is not helpful and detracts from the issue at hand to suggest that commonly accepted penalties for ordinary transgressions are inappropriate.

  • Kevin:

    “Why the aggressive accusation?”

    It is clear to me that the cops in Ferguson are behaving badly in many ways and are targeting specific groups with their belligerence. It is important that that message be communicated clearly and to do that we must not clutter up accusations of improper behavior by the police with actions that are common and ordinary. It obscures the message that needs to get out.

  • “… if the bench warrant system did not keep them in prison until fines were paid off.”

    This is pretty much standard operating procedure everywhere. Get pulled over for speeding with outstanding traffic warrants or unpaid parking tickets and you will be detained.

    Don’t try and make it sound like this is unique to Missouri.

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