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    Americans love torture.

    We seem to have little restraint in using violence to get what we want and see violence as a solution to nearly every problem we face.

    When Dirty Harry stomps on a wounded suspects leg, we cheer.

    Every few days, my FB feed coughs up picture advocating corporal punishment. It generally follows the form of “I was beaten as a child and I turned out OK, therefore you should beat your child too” if you want him/her to grow up properly respectful (fearful) of the powerful.

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    “Only if can can torture all the house and senate republicans,…”

    Only republicans? Seems to me there are plenty of democrats equally deserving. How about the 14 senators that voted for KXL? All the dems that voted for the current budget bill or the NDAA giving away native american land to polluters? How about president O-drone-er?

    Shouldn’t we be equal opportunity torturers here at FDL?

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    The known acts of torture will never be prosecuted for one simple reason; the chain of command ends in the White House. In the decades old American legal shuffle, the accused will offer to dime out their superiors until there is no one left. If prosecutors don’t take offered deal, the accused will invoke the [...]

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    “…they can’t even come out clearly against something as evil and wrong …”

    Very difficult to do when you are complicit. Our misdeeds certainly did not stop the day Obama was inaugurated.

    And then of course are the drones……..

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    Americans are in love with the notion that violence at some level offers a solution to nearly every problem we face and that love extends to the pain and suffering that violence inflicts.

    From the Washington Post:

    A majority of nearly every group — non-whites, women, young adults, the elderly, Midwesterners, suburbanites, Catholics, moderates, the wealthy — said that torture of suspected terrorists can be often or sometimes justified.

    The graphic accompanying the WP article would have been a perfect highlight for this article

  • ” it appears he has the power to fix it this time.”

    Haven’t you reported here frequently that Obama has always had this power and could have used it at any time?

    The president could also fire the current head of the DEA who I believe has acted in the past contrary to his stated intentions and likely will continue to do so.

    All of this suggests that Obama is quite happy with the status quo and will do nothing.

  • “If we can convince Jeb …” LOL

    Any prosecution or investigation beyond what we already know will ultimately lead to the White House. Anyone indicted will immediately offer to rat out their superior and the perps will fall like dominoes, it is the American Way. NO administration will ever tip the first domino.

    And then come the book deals.

  • “From our fundamental “POLICY” of violence as “solution”.”

    Not a week goes by that I don’t get something across my FB feed suggesting that it is not only permissible but necessary to inflict corporal punishment on your children from time to time if you expect to raise respectful, moral, good citizens.

    Our culture of violence starts early.

    When your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail.

  • “… we have lost the moral high ground with our own citizens …”

    Are you sure we ever had it? Read the comments under any article about a bungled execution. Far too many rejoice in the suffering inflicted and given the chance, would make it the norm.

    Far to many think Treyvon Martin had it coming.

    Who hasn’t heard some one cheer when Dirty Harry stomps on the guy’s wounded leg?

  • Jon,

    Have you noticed a pattern here?

  • “…a Real Test of Obama’s Principles.”

    Assuming facts not in evidence. When has Obama ever acted on principle? He can’t even bring himself to tell the truth.

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    ““The ACA case is crap”

    Simplify, simplify, simplify.

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    “They could be out to do maximum damage.”

    The “mandate is a tax” was already a twisted and contrived ruling. No reason they can’t or won’t do it again.

    All these bumps in the road simply add to preponderance of evidence that ACA is the single most ham handed, inept piece of sweeping legislation ever attempted by Congress. It is destined to crash and burn if left as is.

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    Exactly. We won and Germany lost and our judges rejected the “Nuremberg Defense”.

    Who are the judges that can hold us accountable?

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    “Only following orders is not a defense to a war crime.”

    Only if you lose.

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    “… they were only following orders. … because we here have heard that one before.”

    To the victor go the spoils or history is written by the victors or……

    Take your pick of homilies but there is no one out there capable of demanding accountability as we simply give the rest of the world the finger.

  • From James spader as Alan Shore in Boston Legal, Season 1, episode 15:

    The truth is, as Americans, we love torture.
    We keep it to ourselves, of course, but come on, when it comes to evil doers, torture’s okay.
    Hollywood certainly knows that.
    Dirty Harry, boom, Charles Bronson in “death wish,” Denzel Washington in “man on fire”, heroes torturing the bad guys.
    In theaters all across the country, we cheered.
    We like torture.
    Is there potential for abuse? Without question.
    The events at Abu Ghraib prison were deplorable.
    But do we really believe they just happened in a vacuum? Alberto Gonzales, our attorney general, wrote a memo to the administration saying torture’s okay.
    Our supreme court just recently held that evidence gained from torture can be used in trials.
    Alan Dershowitz, one of the leading civil rights activists in our country, raised the idea of using torture warrants so as at least to be more open about it.
    Torture warrants.
    Love that torture.
    Preston talks about the victim here being an innocent man.
    Now, come on, he wasn’t that innocent.
    He did harbor a fugitive, one who kidnaps and kills children.
    He did have information that ultimately led to the rescue of the child here.
    And he refused to give it up until he was coerced.
    As for my client being above the law, well, the law in this country has always been subject to evolving community standards of humanity.
    So the 12 of you get to go back there, as a community, and ask yourselves, “was this a good thing or not?” He’s happy.
    He’s alive.
    They’re sure as hell happy.
    My client saved a life, that little boy’s life.
    If it were your child, wouldn’t you want the police to do whatever was necessary? This officer got the job done using a method that our government, our military, our attorney general, and, yes, even our supreme court has said is sometimes okay.
    Depending on the situation, torture’s okay.
    Just don’t tell anybody.

    The episode can be viewed here.

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    “… and other ways to restrict the power of the federal government.” I find this premise immensely disturbing. Every initiative since the abolition of slavery that has benefited ordinary citizens has come from the federal government. Minimum wage, social security, medicare, 40 hour week, clean air and water, prohibitions on child labor, voting rights act and [...]

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    Christianity most certainly is “ a religion aiming to convert or kill the infidel.” Just ask any of the remaining indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere.”

    Additionally, store front churches are ubiquitous in Texas. They are also fond of renting public schools.

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    I have a photo bucket account that I use occasionally. I am just lazy and spoiled by FB and other sites that let you put photos directly in comments.

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