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  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Bill Donohue’s Vagina Crusade Cannot Be Stopped

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    For Donohue: Ah, dude, couldn’t your time be better spent rounding-up the pedophiles in the church? Just sayin’, do something useful.

  • I call bullshit!

  • King Chaos wants the ability to kill anyone who pisses him off. His highness the mayor thinks he deserves to have the same privilage as the prez. After all, he does have the most corrupt police force in the world.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Catholic League To Crucify Jew For Vagina Manger Blasphemy

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    I have to believe he is suffering PTSS from when he was an altar boy and played pick up the quarter with the priest. Or maybe he is just angry that no priest wanted to play pick-up the quarter with him.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Justice Department Responds on Securitization Fraud Task Force

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    I would believe a homeless wino begging for money when he said he was going to use the money for something to eat before I would believe these bullshit barons about anything. Talk is cheap and they have told so many lies they don’t remember the truth themselves. No action, no justice, just more of nothing from Holder and the DOJ.

  • wsmoke commented on the diary post Good News for Women: Dem Leader Cleaver Says There’s No GOP War on You by Scarecrow.

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    Hopefully by now everyone knows the leaders of congress couldn’t find their ass with their finger stuck in it. As for dipstick, he sold his people and the merikan people out long ago. I got mine and screw you, should be the motto for congress from now on. Progressive caucus my ….

  • wsmoke commented on the diary post When is Enough, Enough With the Democratic Party? by athena1.

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    until the people remove the majority and minority leaders there will be no change. The entrenched politicians need to go. The people need to adopt a two term and out approach to politics. It’s our sewer and it needs cleaning.

  • Mounted thugs, a sack of ball bearings and a handful of jacks does wonders for demounting the PD. Not totally fair, but then neither are they. just think of it as equalization of the opposition.

  • Ah, but she already has the Koch money in her pocket. Isn’t this the area Paul Ryan is from? The repubs are trying to clean up their act by passing voter ID laws. If no one but repubs can vote then they won’t need to cheat to win elections.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Iowa’s Shame, the saga continues

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    Taking a page from their book, could we just eliminate the 1% and claim we saw their suit and feared for our lives because we thought they were bankers?

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Racism and the Right

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    Actually we are dealing with two problems with the murder of Trayvon. First, we have the racial stereotyping of an individual who is spotted, tracked and ultimately shot by a deranged bigot. Then we have the second problem which is judicial bias caused by friendship between the DA and the killers dad. Remember that Zimmermans dad was a judge and as such friends with the DA and police department. Hence, all the free passes issued to zimmerman from the police department. This is a prime example of justice in America. If your friends with the judge you get a free pass, if not, your screwed.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post One Less Choice

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    I can’t see have any self-respecting individual could possibly even consider such a thing much less put it in writing. Evidently these individuals need to experience a little black and blue before they open their mouths. And would they want their daughters in such a relationship? As for el blimpo, he is on his way out.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

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    Time to cut our losses and the military budget. We could downsize the military by two-thirds and invest in the people and infrastructure and prosper. After all, isn’t the goal of the repubs to cut the government. Why not start with the most expensive program first?

  • wsmoke commented on the diary post Bolivia and Argentina: They Said “No” to the Austerity Jackals – and Prospered by Phoenix Woman.

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    As with any head-up-your-ass military country our austerity is caused by the governments need to increase the military. Any country on this plan will allow the people to starve and the infrastructure to crumble and eventially it will fail. However if the military was cut by two-thirds and this money was invested in the people [...]

  • Not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves but, if this is a picture of a repub woman I think I know what the problem is. This woman has a truck in front which seems to mean she is transgender. And we thought the repubs didn’t like lgbt’s. Me thinks there’s more going on in the dark than they will admit.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Crowd Chants “USA! USA!” as Men Kiss During Santorum Rally

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    probably just bugger them, Santorum should be required to explain how his catholic beliefs can be justified when his church leaders are performing gay acts in church. Being Santorum would be extremely scary. Constantly afraid of women, afraid of the lgbt community, even though lots of the catholic priests are part of it, having nightmares about man on dog, believing women are only a sperm-receptacle for pro-creation. And the scariest of all, knowing there are people willing to follow and support him.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Where In The World Is Andrew Breitbart?

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    Wine and grass will make you look shitfaced every time.

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Pat Robertson Is the Cancer That’s Killing Christianity

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    Santorum should take a lesson from this, this is what happens when you start believing your own BS. Robertson has always been one brick shy of an outhouse, even if he is totally full of shit. Looks like the big guy is just screwing with Robertson during their talks.

  • wsmoke commented on the diary post Lunch for the Princes of the Potomac Pays Profits to Peers of the Realm by Kelly Canfield.

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    Ah, screw’em. I’m on SS and I had noodles ah Ramen in boiling tap water, drained and gentle flavored with chicken-like seasoning. Tomorrow, I will have hotdogs ah microwave and four-day old white bread. Why would I want to confuse my taste buds with items like they are eating. Guess how many meals I can [...]

  • wsmoke commented on the blog post Does Rick Santorum Still Think Welfare Moms Are Dirty Sluts?

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    it’s simple really, we just make it a law that any woman who was denied birth control is allowed to hold her sperm donors genitals in her hands while giving birth. One might be amazed how fast birth control would not only be allowed but also free.

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