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    Maybe Obama’s Justice Department could focus on prosecuting real criminals–for example the ones who run Wall Street.

  • I’m not an Obama fan, but I think this may be a non-issue. I read somewhere that the Administration’s idea is that pushing off the debt ceiling hostage situation for a year or two just means when it does comes they tell the GOP to go Cheney themselves. In the meantime, the GOP thinks they’ve won something. Now, I have no faith Obama will do the right thing when the time comes, but that’s the reasoning I’ve heard and it makes sense if it’s executed properly. Big IF with Blue Dog Obama.

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    Yes, that was the most interesting thing Obama said. He had the chance to position himself as the defender of Social Security and instead he chose to make himself an equal with Mitt Romney! Mitt Romney!

    I just received my annual Social Security statement with projected pay outs and I have to say, given what I and my employers have paid in, it was paltry–even if I worked fulltime to the age of 70. But I guess it is too much. Need to cut those payments so we can pay for wars, tax cuts for the 1% and bail outs of Obama’s buddies on Wall Street. That’s the responsible thing to do.

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    Your “argument” is incoherent. Once you’re proved wrong or can’t face a simple reality you create a straw man, exaggerate my position or change the topic. Good luck with that.

    As a reminder, Bill Clinton–a Democrat–was president in 1999 and signed the repeal of Glass Steagel and the Commodity Modernization Act at the behest of his Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin, who is an adviser to Obama and a mentor to Tim Geithner. Obama, like Clinton, Schumer, Gillibrand, et al is in bed with Wall Street and that is why he does not prosecute them for a single crime. Paying fines is the cost of doing business for Wall Street. Contrary to what you seem to believe, deregulation did not repeal all laws. Obama could prosecute if he wanted to. He could set up the mortgage fraud task force and live up to his SOTU promise, if he wanted to. He does not want to. He wants to “stand between the bankers and the pitchforks” as he so honestly put it and shield his future benefactors from the people and the law.

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    What is preventing your Dear Leader from prosecuting even a single banker? George H W Bush prosecuted and convicted thousands of bankers after the S&L crime wave. Barack Obama, not one.

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    OK, that question is too stupid to merit a response.

    Again, explain to me why there are zero prosecutions.

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    Please explain how Obama would have to be a “revolutionary” to uphold the rule of law and prosecute even one of the Wall Street elites. Just one. Just who in the Legislative branch is preventing the DOJ in the Executive branch from prosecuting a bank for mortgage fraud–which is a crime? And the banks have already settled so we know crimes were committed. Who in the Legislative branch is preventing the DOJ from prosecuting Jon Corzine for violation of Sarbanes Oxley–which is a crime?

    Actually, don’t tell me, because I know your response will be: “But Romney would be worse!”

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    During the section celebrating NHS (!) and children’s literature there was a part where the kids were supposed to be sleeping but were misbehaving–up and about and secretly reading. Lauer referred to their behavior as “bedlam,” seemingly unaware of the origin of that word and the context in which he was using it. My first thought was, echoing Tom Cruise, “glib.” What a glib, arrogant, ignorant a-hole.

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    Thank you for courage and calmness. That was a beautiful thing you did.

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    Another Obama bank bailout, this one dressed in populist disguise as relief for homeowners. Thanks Obama, you’re the greatest.