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  • Funny thing about technology… it is a 2 edged sword. For as helpful and useful as it can be used, it can also be used destructively and wrongly. We choose how our advanced technology is deployed and we elect representatives that act on our behalf. When they misuse or abuse technology, we are ultimately responsible. It is up to us to impeach representatives that authorize the illegal and destructive use of our technologies. We, the people have the power to throw criminals in jail and to stop them from abusing the trust he have given them. We have the power to vote them out of office. We need to stop saying “they did this or they did that” and start saying ‘we did this and we did that”. Then and only then, when we take ownership of our actions and the horrific results, do we finally empower ourselves to do something about it and stop it.

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    Illegal to protest in Australia? Who in the hell could dream this shit up? Are they suppose to move into the mud huts around the castles and toil for their tyrants in silence? Isn’t this what they used to call slavery? Forget about protesting – Time for Pitchforks and Torches / Tar and Feathers!

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    Gardening (food gardening) is a revolutionary act. An empowering act. An act of defiance and independence. Growing your own food connect you to the earth, to nature, and to your neighbors. Gardening is a hobby, a vocation, a science, an art, and a lifestyle. Gardening rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. Gardening brings the miracle of life sustaining nutrition from your taste buds to your fingertips. Victory gardening helped win a war and home gardening can set you free. Want to kick the 1% in the ass? See you in the garden.

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    If enough of us ignore them, will they pack up their bags and go home? I’m hoping so. I have no faith in our government. They are worse than useless. They are obstacles in the way of humanity’s long and wandering journey to our destiny… whatever that is. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. [...]

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    There will never be an end to war. There will always be an idiot to get a bunch of other idiots to murder people for (fill in blank). What is important to remember and to keep for ever in your mind is that it is up to us to make it so difficult and counter [...]

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    An Abomination of Justice.
    And a Scar on the Face of Liberty.

  • Sadly, I’m not a farmer. Been an electronics technician for 40 years. Would it help if I told you my heroes are Geoff Lawton and Joel Salatin? – That I love to grow food. – That I’m 60 years old and want my final chapter to be written that I was part of the solution [...]

  • I’m just an amateur technology buff. Been studying alternative energy among many other things and tend to look at our problems in a simple way. Consider the bushman in a loin cloth with is hunting spear by his side sitting out in the middle of a vast expanse with a little camp fire burning to keep him warm and to cook his food. Now consider the typical urban dweller sitting in his leather reclining chair in a fully furnished 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with 2 cars in the garage, a huge refrigerator, a 50 inch plasma screen television, stereo system, clothes washer and drier, dishwasher, gas fireplace, and lights on throughout and around the house. The proportional size of the urban dweller’s camp fire would be a small forest fire. We as a modern civilization consume and waste so much energy it is absolutely obscene. By burning fossil resources for the last few hundred years, we have consumed precious reserves that took millions of years to create. Do we need a huge house? Do we need a huge refrigerator? Do we need multiple cars? Do we need to consume our selves right into extinction? I think we do because we as a civilization are manic in our obsession to consume and waste. When our civilization finally implodes like a black star I only hope this poor planet will still be habitable for the likes of that bushman and his little campfire. I think being in balance with nature beats trying to conquer it. Good luck, everybody. We are going to need it.

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    … _ _ _ …

  • Epic fail, Mellisa. Epic.
    If you do not find the massive, secret invasion of our privacy by our government to be a threat to our liberty, then you are living in a parallel (George Orwell’s 1984 & Alex Huxley’s Brave New World) universe, not this one. With unfettered access and storage of information on everything we do – who we correspond with, what we buy, and what we think – the massing of unlimited data allows anyone in possession of that data to compile a detailed and blackmail-able profile on anyone, be they criminals, or not. You see, Melissa, it doesn’t really matter if we are suspected of a crime or not, it is the “evidence” (i.e. excuse) compiled by a phantom branch of government with no checks and balances (of criminal behavior) that allows our government to exercise unlimited authority to kidnap, torture, and kill with impunity it’s citizens it deems subversive to their established order. Good-bye liberty. Hello Tyranny.

  • Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Where there is life there is hope. I speak from experience. Don’t let the bastards win. When you give up and die, there are no more alternatives. With life there is always tomorrow. There is always hope. In our society, we find identity in the work that we do, and it gives us validation that we are somebody. But that is not true. We were somebody before we worked and we are somebody when we don’t work. I know it sounds Pollyanna to preach to you when you are emotionally flat on your back, but I am telling you, giving up is not an option. It is no option at all. First, you’ve got to get mad. Anger is a powerful force. It blows self pity right out the window. Next, get a notepad and a pencil and start jotting down what your skills and interests are. – And not just work skills and interests, personal, in the gut stuff that makes you want to jump out of bed and run to the tasks before you. Do you like to help people? Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. Like to grow wholesome, organic food? Volunteer at a community garden. Like kids? Be a foster parent. All lead to contacts and connections that lead to employment. So, let me tell you… it’s all about good people helping other good people. Show the world you are a good person, a giving person. And others will know your good works and help you get back on your feet. By the grace and kindness of others, I found good people that helped me back on my feet. They are out there for you, too. But they can’t find you or help you if they don’t know you exist. Get out there! show them you are one of the precious few who helps others and they will help you. I know this is true. I am Living proof of it. You can be, too. Don’t give up! Now go get ‘em!

  • The continuing escalation of the police toward militarization is a very bad omen for every American citizen. As we decay further and further into the fascist xenophobia of us citizens as the enemy, our rights and liberties will fade from memory and national discourse. The “playbook” of 24/7/365 surveillance combined with kidnapping, assassination, torture, and indefinite detention are the signature trademarks of a totalitarian dictatorship. We are left with only have the appearance of a democracy. If we, the People of the United States of America are not in a state of war with domestic tyrants, then what would you call it?

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    Sadly, such tragedies have occurred throughout history. Our ancestors fled religious, political, and ethnic persecution for untold generations. Sometimes it is best to flee from ignorance and superstition to create a new beginning based on tolerance and understanding than to stand and fight… only to be destroyed by them. We humans are horribly contradictory creatures [...]

  • I am very proud of these young women for getting in the way of plunder and pollution and greed… and am very ashamed of my self for not being up that tree with them. If only more of us were in those trees, maybe the bullies would pack up their toys and go home. I don’t believe change will ever come from the top down but maybe it might just begin in the trees.

  • The powerful are very afraid. This is a very good sign.

  • A civilization based on greed and exploitation is not sustainable. Collapse is inevitable. Mass starvation caused by the poisoning of our world environment is the ignition point of global revolution. People are waking up. I just pray we are not too late. Plant a food garden in every back yard. Barter with you neighbors. The first shots (corporations are people) have already been fired.

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    When tyrants, despots, dictators, and other sorts of authoritarians (formally emperors, kings and queens) who pretend to be our leaders assume, take, or steal the lives, liberties, and rights of the people, then there are only few and drastic remedies available to us… Do the powers that be really want to slide down that familiar [...]

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