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    The free market applies to ideas too! Cutting of funding is the same as rejecting an idea.

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    The system has not worked. These young folks tried working with the system and elected Obama and a democratic house and senate. What happened. Gridlock. Filibuster. Obstruction, obstructioon, obstruction. Of course they’re frustrated. The system is broken and working within it got few results. Fix the system or go around it. Money has corrupted our democracy and we cannot get change within the bought status quo.

  • Another Cornhusker Kickback, but the right doesn’t seem to be kicking about Ben Nelson this time. Ethanol is inefficient, bad for the environment and uses a food crop for fuel.Always a bad idea and should lose subsidies. Subsidize algae of some other alternative form, but corn is food.

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    I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with the “professional left!” I’m a yellow dog Demeocrat but between caving on tax cuts, TSA scanners and patdowns, and now this stupid pointless pandering to the right-wing myth of the overpaid government worker and the faux hysteria over the deficit that was created on purpose by Republicans just [...]

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    Yes you did it!!! You were totally right to do the GOP’s dirty work. I hope they paid you well.

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    Okey -dokey then. So you’ll definitely love the new Republican majority in the House. Those guys LOVE healthcare. WE’ll have EVERYONE covered all the way. ABSOLUTELY!