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    All the best to you and yours… be happy on the road.

  • Initially about guns (semi-autos, massive clips, etc), these predictable debates soon include mental health and protection of children. Certainly the proliferation of lethal weapons must be addressed, and the likelihood of an unbalanced person obtaining such a weapon must be reduced, but — I think these various “control strategies” merely tinker around the edges.
    My wife, a middle school science teacher, flatly stated that it all comes back to class sizes. Seriously. With 15 kids in a class, each student is personally known to the teacher, who can follow their personal development (or lack of), and can alert others to situations that demand attention. (The others in the class will know him too, which was apparently not the case recently.)
    Classes of 25 or more students are becoming common — my wife has 130+ total, and has colleagues with more. She attempts to know each one personally, but give me a break. More “security” (at least at school) is a misdirection of resources.

  • The key word in “line in the sand” isn’t “line”…

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    More than once I’ve wondered: how does David pull this off? Does he sleep? Does he have elves? I’m immeasurably better educated on the issues vital to me, thanks to the cogent writing and spot-on analysis reliably appearing here.

    Well… congrats, David. Get some sleep. Climb a rock (if you do that). Write a book, or several — please. I’m already awaiting your next appearance.

    (Jane, better hire those elves.)

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    Another shared characteristic of both vampires and corporations might be their immortality.

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    Long a part of my daily pattern, you are sorely missed. Recover soon, your insights are vital. Live long and prosper…

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    This tribute is appreciated, leaders of his caliber have largely vanished. As another first time voter for McGovern, I recall that it seemed difficult to find many Nixon voters by the mid 70s. However, McGovern, who has stood unabashedly for a succession of progressive positions, can only be insulted by a comparison to Obama, who [...]

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    The most annoying theme through the evening was “we built it” — perversely topped off with C.C.’s reference to his father attending college on the G.I. bill, which received a rousing cheer from the delusional crowd. It all depends on what the meaning of “it” is… and few of the attendees seem to have a clue.

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    In trying to keep up with this under-the radar issue, and as a nonspecific reply, I’d refer to TarheelDem’s highly detailed diary about his personal experience with precisely these procedures. An extremely harrowing account, it strongly supports Kevin’s choice of words.

    Nothing here, however, seems “out of bounds” — the flak is bound to be incoming. Great reporting.

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    Very enjoyable thread, thanks, Margaret. Must be off on the weekend battle against the encroachment of entropy…!

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    ‘Morning all, just in from planting various natives and got caught up. My dream memory recalls summer vacations before I was 10. I’d self-hypnotize watching the rhythmic rise and fall of the power lines outside the wagon window (I never asked if we were “there yet”). I dreamed that I rode my bike, up/down, on [...]

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    In one-party TX progressives have a free pass, if we want it, to boycott the top of the ticket. However, in many legislative districts here the GOP candidate now runs unopposed, provided that he or she beats the batshit GOP primary challenger that inevitably appears from the Tea Party belfry. Many such challengers won last [...]

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    Call me cynical (I am), but it’s plausible that the RNC’s “support” for the Greens is only intended to siphon votes from the Dems in close races. Otherwise, my takeaway from 2008 aligns closely with your (rec’d) cogent summary post. I resolve to more carefully inspect the packing list before purchasing any bill of goods [...]

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    Followers of this will be interested in this concise description of the legal issues raised by the TPP . Here’s the introductory summary to the page: In this post, three US law professors explain a recent call by over 30 legal scholars for the US Trade Representative to increase transparency for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement intellectual property [...]

  • The only way “forward” may indeed be further into the ditch. However, recently the French had little reason not to vote their choice of any of 9 first-round candidates. Such instant runoff voting might help here, but it seems elusive with ballot access questions et al. In TX the Greens must maintain 5% of the vote to maintain ballot presence, so possibly that’s the best use of my No vote.

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    The strategy could be described as “divide and conquer” as in the recent news from WI. Call me crazy, but I propose that the Rs knew that their map would go to court, be delayed, create voter confusion — and ultimately depress turnout, which I think is the goal (in most of the wildly redistricted [...]

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    Hello to all, longtime lurker I shall no longer be.  My first post alerts the community to the candidacy of Walter Hofheinz as the “Independent Democrat” in the District 32 primary (Dallas and Collin counties).  In Congress he could be the first member of a Real Progressive Caucus.  Walter’s campaign website details his positions extensively, and [...]

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