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  • Nothing at all will happen until there is FLOOD of indictments against the robo signers, the participants in the fraudelant mortgage applications and the lenders are forced to buy back the loans where paperwork was never transferred. Send the illegal foreclosure lenders to prison as well as the crooked loan originators. While you’re at it, toss in the crooked credit rating agencies and the Wall Street traders that are well documented for knowingly selling bad loans as AAA. The entire lending arena and Wall Street secondary market in the 2000s was a criminal enterprise. Indict em’ all!

  • Personal inadequacy is the fuel of bigotry. While I sympathize with the Mayor, I wouldn’t spend my dollars in N.C. That’s the only way most people can make a relevant point when confronted with hate and ignorance.

  • A Christian Church should be offering unlimited support for the oppressed, not being on the side of, or advocating for the oppressors. This Pastor is fueled by hate, and the people that sit still in the pews of his church are absorbing his hate. The most disappionting aspect of his whole tirade is that “not one” congregant stood and challenged him, or at the very least, walked out. Advocating murder within the walls of the sanctuary? This is not God’s House.

  • All you need to know is that Gregory is not a journalist. He is a shill for the GOP. Being BFF with the Cheneys probably comes with prescripted questions and talking points before every broadcast.

  • Because of this change, the Presbyterian Church in my community left the Presbyterian USA body. When they did this I believe they ceased to be a church and decided to be little more than private club. I was born into this church and the only thing I think, is what took them so long? Any church that is not inclusive to everyone misses the whole point, no matter what other good they may do.

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    ACA may be deeply flawed, but it does have some good elements. I would rather keep it and work to transform it than start all over again and get less then nothing. Remember that SS and Medicare did not resemble the current programs when they were first put into play. With today’s political climate every [...]

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    I don’t think many low information voters watch Colbert. You have to follow the news and politics to appreciate him. He is a smart person’s comedian.

  • First of all, none of this should come as any surprise to the people of Washington. Yakima has always been conservatism central, what with the fundamentalists and old John Birchers. Most people in the state pretty much ignore Yakima as an outlyer. Secondly, trying to separate Washingtonians from their Starbucks and Seattles Best (owned by Starbucks) will be about as likely as Sarah Palin winning a Noble Prize. Coffee is not just part of a food group, it is at the top of the food pyramid here. From what I am hearing, most of the polls show this will not go anywhere at the polls even if voting civil rights were allowed, which I suspect will fail in the courts here as in California.

  • What’s next, ankle braclets and cameras in our homes and GPS tracking on our cars.

  • This is the height of dishonesty. If the Catholic Bishops believe that homosexuality if a sin, then civil unions are just as sinful as marriage. Support for the civil unions throws their rational right out the door. Marriage for all is a matter of equal rights. This new stand is a prime example of the wrong headedness of the Church. Christ preached against the man orchestrated laws of the Pharises and the Scribes or as we call it today, organized religion. This is just more of the same.

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    First Pat was into mining in countries where severe abuse was the practice. Then he went big time in the vitamin and supplement business. He must see a profit in weed down the pipeline.

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    Why should black pastors in the South be any different from the hypocritical white pastors in the South? They’re all selective literalists.

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    The Mormons have so many bizarre beliefs and ceramonies, I wonder how this will play with the Evangelicals? The Mormon Church became very secretive in the early 80′s after the Mark Hoffman/Salamander Letter scandal. I doubt they will welcome the kind of scrutiny that a national campaign will bring. The more someone actually learns about Mormonism, the more cultish and fictional it appears. It is true they have the ability to organize. Look how they organized against Prop 8 in California and opposition to the Equal Rights Admendment in the late 70s. But, I think this will be different because the spotlight will be on Mormonism, not a different issue. If the faith comes under rational scrutiny, it is unlikely it will be viewed credibly.

  • I think you should have a problem with diverting funds even if they are re-directed to worthy and needy causes. This settlement was made to give help to the homeowners. If they use this money for another purpose, it victimizes the homeowner a second time.

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    Why don’t we call these people what they are. They are radical terrorists. Their lives apparently are so void and empty that they have no other alternative, but to inflict themselves in the lives of people they don’t know or know anything about.

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    She lives for you. It is what gives her life purpose. If you can be calm and enjoy all her remaining pain free days, she will have lived a life well done. We lost our 15 year old Golden late last year. Not an hour passes that she is not in our hearts. When she [...]

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    I’ve always contended that women could live without sex much easier than men. If the GOP is successful in blocking women’s access to birth control, why don’t women just say “NO” to sex. After all, that is the ultimate form of birth control. I suspect there would be a turn around pretty fast.

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    Why don’t talk to an ER nurse or doctor. They will enlighten you about accidental and intentional gun shots! They also have a pretty good handle on unstable people that have been involved in shootings that are legally carrying!

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    Remember, the guy that shot Gabby Giffords was legally carrying. While you may be comfortable with a blatantly armed society, I am not. I doubt mothers across America want to be taking their children into businesses where who know who is walking around armed. Our society is filled with people with emotional and mental stresses [...]

  • This deal has not been officially inked and signed. Why can’t they make it illegal to use ALL funds for any other purpose than helping homeowners. What is happening in Wisconsin is out and out theft from the already victums of fraud and abuse.

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