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  • When he was admonishing folks to stop raping people, was he really talking to Young master baiter James O’Keefe?

  • CNN did mention this morning that the federal government had spent over 500 billion dollars on unemployment benefits in the past 5 years.

    500 Billion would have paid for an awful lot of infrastructure and jobs.

    While unemployment insurance is good, infrastructure jobs is better.

    Sadly, CNN made no effort to tie that to the budget deficit, shrunken GDP or lowered tax receipts and even went so far as to bring on a talking head to trumpet entitlement reform. Ignoring the obvious 800lb gorilla in the room that is the impact on budgets of extended high unemployment.

  • The future of live music is here: (They’re all 15 or under)

    Dear Mr Fantasy


    Not bad for a 50 sumthin…never too old

  • Last show I went to was in a barn. Lasted 3 days.

    I recorded the who0le gig….

    Not bad for a 50 sumthin…never too old

  • Sorta OT also, but…I’m dying to find out if any of the State Dept leaks go back far enough to indict Marc Grossman for any of the Sibel Edmonds allegations.

  • Indeed. And it’s an appropriate analogy…Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound.

    I work for a very large cable ISP and we fire people for playing bootleg media on their company workstations. I personally know 2 people who’ve met this fate. It’s insane that DoD doesn’t or can’t enforce similar policies.

  • I believe the College Newspaper misinterpreted the transcription. I believe the correct phrase is “Like a band-aid on a sucking chest wound”.

  • This is exactly what was expected when the republicans swept the midterms in 2010.

    In the 2008 cycle, Democrats swept. And the first thing they chose to do was…NOT LOOK BACK. To ignore all the law breaking that took place while the GoP held the reins of power (for 14 years!).

    Now that the GoP holds the reins of power, they immediately set about at “Looking Back”. To investigate and even (unsuccessfully) prosecute perceived lawbreaking by Democrats.

    We seem to have arrived at a stalemate that guarantees that no lawbreaking by our government will ever be properly prosecuted. Democrats are intimidated and Republicans are incompetent.

    I suspect this is by design.

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    The thing that always struck me as definitive evidence of the closed mind of blogs such as Powerline is how they refuse to allow on-line real time discussion of the positions they take. An open minded person would readily assume that they were afraid to have their opinions struck down. As such, people like Hart Williams who clearly has documented evidence of the Koch brother’s intrusion into not only politics but actual policy as well, are never published by these pundits. They fear real, hard, fact. Mr Hinderaker is not only factually wrong in his defense of the Koch brothers, but he actively refuses the wealth and dearth of evidence that exists which proves him factually wrong. What drives “the left” nuts is that WE know he lives in a fantasy world and we have real evidence that proves it. But “they” actively run AWAY from facts.

    I saw this quote on Chris Floyd’s site today:

    “In the long run my observations have convinced me that some men, reasoning preposterously, first establish some conclusion in their minds which, either because of its being their own or because of their having received it from some person who has their entire confidence, impresses them so deeply that one finds it impossible ever to get it out of their heads. Such arguments in support of their fixed idea … gain their instant acceptance and applause. On the other hand whatever is brought forward against it, however ingenious and conclusive, they receive with disdain or with hot rage – if indeed it does not make them ill. Beside themselves with passion, some of them would not be backward even about scheming to suppress and silence their adversaries. I have had some experience of this myself. … No good can come of dealing with such people, especially to the extent that their company may be not only unpleasant but dangerous.”

    Galileo Galilei – from Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

    Prescient, no?

    This battle for truth has been ongoing for a long long time, has it not? And it is always the authoritarian oppressors who run from truth or turn their guns on it.

  • Those fuckers

  • Could someone define foreign communications please?

    I work for a cable company and we contracted with NZTI (New Zealand Telecom) for our SIP (Session initiation protocol) services. SIP means any communications sessions set up and tear down. Does this mean the company I work for, does all their telecom sessions qualify as foreign communications? All SIP Sessions are directed towards IP Addresses owned and managed by a New Zealand company. I’m a bit troubled because a broad definition of foreign communications(our government could never be accused of doing such, could they?) seems to me like it could include these SIP transactions, which would provide source and destination identifiable information.

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    @Tina…it appears the server(s) hosting Bradblog and Velvet Revolution experienced a hard drive failure. They are both up now.

  • Speaking of scapegoating, if I remember correctly, Jimmy Carter was blamed for the Hamas election victory as his Carter Center was on the ground as an election observer and blogs in the conserv-o-sphere dropped and then amplified the conspiracy theory that Carter subverted these elections to bring about the Hamas victory. They just love to hate Jimmy, don’t they? This is something conservative leaders have become extremely good at. Deflecting blame upon their “enemies” when their fairy tale vision of the world turns out to blow up in their faces.

  • I was playing 11 dimensional chess with that question….

    Maybe the Holder/Obama DoJ is letting them argue their own (repulsive) policies for a reason?

  • Question BMAZ…

    What can you tell us about the lawyers arguing for the DoJ? Are they careerists? How long? Who brought them in? Especially the lead(s).

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    If BofA is that precarious, then BofA must be wound down and the parts spun off. Good fucking riddance.

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    I never stated that magnetic resonance imaging uses RF/X-ray energy. I stated that the energy from the excited atom returning to it’s de-energized state is what is measured.

    I stand by everything I posted with the exception of X-Ray energy’s position within the energy spectrum. Robspierre and Magnetics and correct and I thank them for clarifying my error, and adding to the discussion.. X-Rays are of the same Spectrum as Radio and Visible light but more energetic than visible light.

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    The metal hip causes lots of ‘scatter” which usually resulted in unreadable medical images. denser tissues are more at risk to cellular damage from ionizing radiation. So, I don’t think the replacement hip puts you at grave risk from this scan, but it could make it so that you’d be forced to get groped instead.

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    Living in Potter County, PA in the middle of the Marcellus play and being a very vocal advocate of a moratorium on drilling, I am almost certain now that I would have great difficulty flying now and maybe I should put off that Canadian vacation too.

    And one of the most amazing things about this is that the Tea Partiers here in Potter County were CHEERING THIS ON…even though many of their own were put under direct surveillance.


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