• Josephine County in S. Oregon enjoys the lowest property tax rate in Oregon — $0.58 per $1000 of assessed property value.  The county has been able to survive in this low tax rate environment for a long, long time due to federal funds that replaced tax receipts for curtailed timber harvests on federal lands.  This [...]

  • Question: if SCOTUS rejects the mandate, does this overturn the entire bill?

    I ask because if ACA is overturned, I suspect a lot of citizens will be surprised to find that, for example, their >18-yr-old kids are once again uninsured.

  • Waiting for a meet-and-greet reception later that evening at the local Charlotte mosque.

    (Obummer’s staff are collectively dumber than a bag of hammers).

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    Since I understand the dynamics and limitations of a two-party system, I support the Democratic nominee, whomever they are.

    Which is exactly what the DLC and Barry expect. I.E., there are no consequences for major suckitude.

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    I am a registered Democrat. I’m not young and I will write-in Ron Paul during the general election.

    I’m done wasting my vote on corporate democrats. I gave Barry a chance (and my vote) in 2008. He used his opportunity to succor the bankers by:

    a) reappointing Ben Bernanke (thanks for 0.5% savings interest, you scumbag), and

    b) appointing Eric Place Holder, a true waste of skin (hasn’t indicted a single major banker for the 2008 meltdown).

    How could Ron Paul possibly do worse?

  • Mitch McConnell is a frothing, batshit insane leader of the GOP.

    The GOP is rectal cancer.

    Ergo, Mitch McConnell is frothing rectal cancer.

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    FYI–I think the Democratic Party apparatus is finally tumbling to the fact that their “loyal” constituency has had it with both Obama and the DC Dems. I receive about one call a week (from various Dem organizations) asking for a donation. I don’t let the caller say more than about a sentence before I simply [...]

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    The Obama re-election campaign called me up on Saturday wanting money for a “grassroots” effort. I politely inquired if there were any Democrats running for President in 2012.

    This is going to make my future tin cupping calls a lot more enjoyable. Thanks!

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    Also also, the Bush tax cut extensions are not even an example of what I was talking about, because even Nancy couldn’t get enough votes in the house.

    What? Please don’t drink and post. Are you saying that Nancy Pelosi could not muster enough votes to sustain a veto? Bullsnot.

    The Bush tax cuts are a perfect example of Barack’s failure to lead. We could have been done with them 12/31/2010, but the GOP made it clear from the outset that the tax cuts were a non-negotiable item and Obummer subsequently folded on the issue like a cheap card table.

    The point that you keep missing (over and over and over) is that at some point a President must pick a fight with the opposition and win. He must show the opposition that he has power and is not afraid to use it. You don’t understand this central tenet of governing and neither does Barack. The net result is that every time Barack “negotiates” with the GOP, he starts by giving away his leverage. The GOP never gives away its leverage because they know Barack is all hat and no cattle.

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    In Obama’s first two years legislation failed primarily because of people like Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh, and Joe Lieberman. If you have people in your own party who are determined to vote against you, I don’t know what you do,[snip]

    No imagination…none.

    Bush’s tax cuts were set to expire in 2010. All Obama had to do was veto every bill set on his desk that extended the Bush tax cuts. If a handful of blue dogs voted to override the vetoes, so what? It takes a lot of votes to override a veto.

    DKos is that way ===>>

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    Actually, call me an Obot, but if he had free reign I think Obama would enact better policies. However, we have to deal with the country and the congress that we have and Obama cannot actually pass his own laws.

    How quickly you forget that for 2 years Obama and the Dems controlled the Executive and Legislative branches, with a supermajority in the Senate.

    So, one of the simplest things he could have done was to kill the Bush tax cuts–a no-brainer. And yet, the billionaires and millionaires prevailed.

    You were saying…?

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    So my question to Obama, in what may be the last 2 years of his Presidency, is when are you going to grow up and realize that you can’t always turn the other cheek, that you can’t always give up your lunch money, and that standing your ground is what makes an adult from the child?

    When his pants are around his ankles?

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    Here’s a way to leave a mark on the Democratic machine vis a vis Barry’s behavior…. Today I received a cold call from the state Democratic Party for a donation. The caller read from a script and eventually mentioned something about “the next election, Democrats, and President Obama.” At that point I politely broke into [...]

  • Barack could win back the youth vote (and the rest of the Democratic party) if he started picking fights with the Republicans. Right now, the GOP is completely dictating the DC agenda, while poor ole’ Obama does what, exactly? If The Man wants to snap the Democratic party out of its current lethargy, he could [...]

  • “I will not vote for him again. He has marshmallows for balls and a Twizzler for a dick. I could kick his ass and I am a crippled old lady.”

    Spot on! But you forgot to mention DC’s biggest other wimp: Harry Reid.

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    Scarecrow…superb analysis. I defy any Obama spokesperson to point out any meaningful difference between what Obama has done and what a President Romney would have done. In the ensuing laundry list of Obama failures that follows the above quote, I notice that no mention was made that during this president’s watch, rape scans and sexual [...]