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  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Rave On, John Donne

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    Does this woman even speak English?? Word order, syntax…these are important rules of grammar! Just go away now, wouldjya? Pretty please??

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post The God Who Wasn’t There

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    Mebbe Timmy just needs to PRAY HARDER!!!!! Wolverines!!!!!

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Oh, Shut The Fuck Up

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    I hate, HATE with the heat of a thousand suns the substitution of the number “2″ for the word “to.” It’s not like one has to type a whole slew of characters…and it makes the sender look like a 13-year old. Of course in Walker’s case, that’s giving him a year or two. Do his “job creators” all want to bust the public employee union, too? Koch sucker….

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Sean Hannity Wants His Boner Pills

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    No. He gets paid too much money to think that hard.

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Jonah Goldberg’s Children

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    What, a double standard from the other side? I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Allen West Don’t Take No Sassy Mouth

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    Given that Brian’s brain is so small that he does not know that “Democrat” is a noun, not an adjective, I would hazard a guess that the rest of his theory is equally defective. Also, too, PJ Media? Hahahahahaha…as popular as “The Undefeated,” I bet…

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Hicks Nix Quick Dick Pix Flick

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    Fuck Lee Stranahan and fuck Andrew Breitbart. These two paramecia have succeeded in ridding the Congress of the most depraved individual to sit there since…Larry Craig? David Vitter? John Ensign?? Please…I hope they are very proud of themselves, and I relish the thought of this POS being even less successful than “Atlas Shrugged: Part Monotonous”.

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Death Of A Ladies Man

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    While the Snowbilly Grifter may not be a “…bag of moose chips…” I have it on good authority that she is in fact, full of cow chips. Poor Ziegler; will he have to settle for Bachmann now?? I’m tempted to “enter my e-mail address in the slot” but then…

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Ace O’ Spade’s Growing Interest In Man Penis

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    Yet another illustration of “IOKIYAR”…screw these people, they are really becoming parodies of themselves. Let’s ALL stop taking them seriously….

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    blood and boobies and midgets

    Yes, indeed, the foundation of Great Literature. Mr. B, you, sir, are no Philistine!

  • And now, Governor “Sandwiches” refuses to reimburse the taxpayers, because his personal travel is necessary. Bull. Effing. Shit. This clown is raping the state of NJ for his own comfort and ease of travel. Impeach this fat clown right now! I’m so glad I live in NY, but thanks for canceling the tunnel, asshole.


  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Andrew Breitbart’s Employees Are All-Penis, All-The-Time

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    The notion that a verified Twitter accountAndrew Breitbart is a serial liar, in this [and every other] instance, belonging to a member of Congress, can allegedly be hacked and continue to remain verified raises serious questions for TwitterBreitbart.

    Please. Does anyone believe ANYTHING this man publishes? If so, here’s a pro tip: You. Are. A. Fundamentally. Stupid. Person.

    That is all…

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post That’s Bruuuuuuuuuni. With nine u’s….

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    I am so with you on this issue. It is absolutely ridiculous that some idiot has decided that “Peasant food” is haute cuisine. The historically-minded among us know that the only reason people ate that crap is they couldn’t afford REAL MEAT. Please. Let’s stop celebrating the wonderful qualities of eating table scraps and pretending that we are so cool while doing so. I really hate Bruni’s reviews, for the most part, because they represent restaurants that are completely unaffordable for the middle class consumer in NYC. I know the Times pitches to its more well-heeled customers, and don’t begrudge them that. I have only the hope that Bruni’s writing will be better on the Op-Ed page than it was in the food section, a la Frank Rich’s move a few years ago. However, it is Bruni we’re talking about…I’m guessing second-rate Chunky BoBo, actually. Yet another reason not to pay for the content. Google News links ftw!

  • Please tell me this is all a work of fiction…all I have to say is that whoever typed up this screed is a seriously deluded person, verging on insanity. Also, too, it’s GOOD to want things. Does not mean you’re going to get them, but everybody needs a goal. h/t to the landlord; “Trailer Park Aimee Semple McSnowbilly” is the real “master stroke” here! Bravo!!

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Rich Lowry Unable To Achieve Election Erection

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    Hey, Rich, I just got a couple of e-mails you may be interested in; Free VI4gR4 for all! I get to see this idiot on my teevee from time to time; he is a lying little sack of shit, if ever I saw one. Very “punchy” face.

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post Jonah And The Fail

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    Jonah Goldberg/Eric Ericson: Always. Wrong.

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post A Little Cheese With That Whiney Voice

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    Better a “tight face” than a huge stick up your ass, Sarah…

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post The Age Of Aquarius Made Me Do It

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    I just wanted to thank the New York Times for installing a paywall. Though I was a lifetime reader of the paper, in recent years I have been given pause. Now that I would have to pay to read Douthat’s brain droppings, I have found alternative sources of news. Protip: Google News lets you read the NYT for free! Minus the brilliant scribblings of Chunky Reese Witherspoon. And everybody is happy…except for Bill Keller and Pinch the Younger. Screw them both…and take Fred Effing Hiatt with you!

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post There Goes The Neighborhood

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    Honestly, can any one person, let alone the “Economics Editor” of a major publication really be this stupid? I know that’s a rhetorical question, but please…longing for the days when the poors travelled in steerage? What a dim bulb….

  • Xenocrates commented on the blog post McBambi vs. Taibbzilla (Updated)

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    But the fact is it’s not Goldman Sachs’ responsibility to make sure that Morgan Stanley makes money. /blockquote>

    But it IS seemingly the job of the United States Taxpayer to bail out GS and MS because they were TOO BIG TO FAIL. I”m so glad Taibbi called out McMegan for her blatant shilling for the big banks.

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