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    These are poor arguments. Who cares if the racism is greater in the south or not. The purpose of the law is to reduce the effect of racism where ever and to whatever extent it might obtain. It is a completely other argument about whether there should be an application of the law in the north but there is no doubt that it should continue to apply as it currently does. There is a mechanism to get out from under this law – the bailout. One must show that one’s state, county, city etc. has had no discrimination in terms of voting for 10 years. If these people had met that criteria, they would be out in a flash.

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    I just think that Brooks has it upside down. The 1% can only get away with their looting when the working class has self doubt and they (the 1%) are confident. The minute that the working class get skeptical, or informed the hubris of the rich is threatened and they are no longer able to [...]

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    Sorry, it said Bo speaker which I suppose doesn’t necessarily mean speaker of the house etc.which he isn’t. But this is off question. The airline ticket money would come from outside. I’ll bet people there can do the work just fine. I saw a bunch of stuff in Panama in the day done by Peace Corp people and their explanation was that they came for a year and did lots. Not a one stop fly in thing. In this case I think that the money would have done more for the Chileans that a or multiple nonprofessional builders showing up. Please respond to that.

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    Just wanted this to appear at the top so someone might read it. Has nothing to do with Bo whoever that might be.

    Does it worry anyone besides me that probably the whole house could have been built by local construction people for less money than that spent on airplane tickets to chile by all those that took part? I know about the old argument about the experience that the builders bring back as with the Peace Corps, and spread the rest of their lives but really. Is the point to provide the housing or just the feel good international stuff?

    The church that I attend built a Parish Hall adjoining at the cost of about one million dollars. The congregation has about 140 members. If the mission of the church is to aid the poor wouldn’t it be better to throw up a shack for $100K and give the rest to the people in Haiti or something? Just sayin’