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    It’s good today… a mixture of rage, despair, and fatalistic acceptance. Kind of a schizophrenic 12 Step program abetted by LSD flashbacks.

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    Fearing what’s happening in DC, and growing increasing anxious about government’s unwillingness to see the source of the debt, and act to restrain that debt, is evidence of sanity. Many apolitical people who study these matters, long ago predicted the dire outcome that unfolds before our eyes. The Beneficiaries of; government largess, programs, safety nets, regulations, direct and indirect graft and lobbying, and the ideologues who pushme pullyou further and further into the Chamber of 32 Doors are also to blame. Greed, envy, animosity borne from personal failure, drive the Left’s debate — they blindly rest against the spear point of Democrat propoganda. The recently pragmatic Right sees the debt, and knows the source – if not the means to explain the solution well to those citizens who are not yet dependent upon government. The indolent class will purpose evade acknowledging that their appetites and dependence are causal mechanisms that increase the debt. Excusing their behaviors and failures, the Left panders to these souls for political advantage; ignoring the catastrophy in their actions — past and present. The Right abdicated their declared political purpose for five years and plowed the ground for what happens now. Spending is the problem. A 25% increase in the size of government and the associated costs, since 2009, are why the debt IS; what it is, today. 1.5 trillion for 2009, 2010, and 2011 plus the 3.4 trillion sent abroad to foreign banks who invested in sub-prime, (undeclared Stimulus payouts) is the reason for the pending collapse. The Health Care program awaits in the wings to drive a stake thru the heart of economic solvency. The costs to citizens are the tax they sought to avoid when voting Obama. Taxes are not always found on the paycheck detail. Inflation is under-reported to purposely deceive the public… so spending may increase; unabated, And if a person can’t see the increasing costs at the store, they deserve the fate ignorance bears. Each citizen, irrespective of age, owes what? …Half a million bucks to the treasury; and that obligation grows with each passing second. The insanity is clear and present. So is the financial collapse. I doubt it is avoidable. I do fear for my country, my family, my future — and yours too. We are effed.

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