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    I remember seeing SRV at Montreux not on stage but after concert in the tiny club/cafe there (accessed by having some kind of connection/reference). intense and jaw dropping performance. The problem is that his recordings, because of short format, do not do him justice and that’s probably also why he may not at this point make it into any halls of fame.

    I nominate Joanne Shaw Taylor as the next SRV.

  • One begins to wonder whether there exist intimidation/threats overt or heavily hinted to steer members of grand juries away from implicating police.
    If you were serving on a grand jury would you truly feel comfortable in your anonymity from “law enforcement”? Putting ordinary citizens in situations where there is possibility of state retaliation for wrong thinking is not the best way to ensure justice.

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    Russia amassing troops can also be interpreted as protective. When the federalist/rebel/separatist forces need to take cover behind the Russian border, Russian troops will be helpful to prevent Ukrainian hot pursuit.
    Why station Russian troops in the region that already is anti-Kiev? No point really.

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    It would be in the national interest if there were a purge of each and every neo-con from the foreign policy establishment and a shunning in the academic community. It is not just that they are wrong but wrong in such disasterously expensive ways. Why are all these neo’s so obnoxious whether they be neo-con, neo-liberal or neo-nazi whose respective faith/beliefs trumps observed reality.

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    1) credible air defense capability, arguably imperfect against mis-piloted commercial flights.
    2) The airlines may have drones for staff and drones for management but the planes are piloted.

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    Why do some people find death by drone to be not real killing, with blood, grief, and cruel results. It’s not just the drone operators that seem to be in a remote disconnect but those who think nothing of wishing death upon someone if done by drone. (insert Obama joke here)

    Then there are people who think drones can be used for anything anywhere. The big secret is that they can not be used where there is any credible air defense capability. And for the most part (except in Africa) require acquiescence of local government. It is not a reasonable tool of war in any serious war where there is not a total imbalance of military capacity.

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    While I agree with the general alarm about spent fuel storage, the beat up of SFP#4 is getting exceedingly tiresome and probably of negative effect to those who would like to get rational messages across. Exposure of the pool (to rain?)is not in and of itself anything but symbolic of destruction. The roof and walls [...]

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    On the matter of the Fukushima NRC 50 mile evacuation, Jatzco and his staff/information were wrong. The congressional testimony relied not on facts but on hearsay. You will find how uncertain the testimony is if you read the minutes of the NRC’s staff meetings which are just sad in terms of lack of content and [...]

  • If the constitution doesn’t apply, it must be not a legal process. Looks like a Kangaroo process followed by lynching. Should the tax payers be obliged to pay for this?

  • Don’t you know, nobody uses landlines anymore.

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    Sampling of current alarm about #4 SFP is like suddenly getting stuck in a traffic jam which is a memory of an accident that occurred long time ago. The alarm does not really ring all that true. While there is a whole lot of fuel there, I’m not all that convinced that the people who [...]

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    Bothered by the proliferation of the concept of profiling as it relates to the case everyone is talking about. Racial profiling is an institutional thing and is descriptive of something that is not as innocuous as the term profiling suggests. I can live with institutions being accused of profiling instead of prejudice/bigotry/hate, but to talk about [...]

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    Sodium cooling is scary with anything other than motor car exhaust valves. Monju is apparently one of those facilities and is a breeder reactor to boot. Only recently did they manage to fish out a piece of hardware (crane?) that they accidentally dropped in, so it’s been off-line. My understanding is that water is not [...]

  • The program has yet to air in Oz, so I can’t comment on it’s faults. However to read the one-two punch as anything like a freak accident excuse/propaganda by nuclear apologists is more paranoia than reality. Off shore quakes and tsunami are part and parcel of the same disaster as demonstrated throughout the northeast of [...]

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    There does not appear to be yet a PDF available of the report. The Japanese and non-Japanese press are all over the place with regard to interpreting what it means. There appears however very little beyond what is known from concurrent reporting. And it is very disappointing that they could not get Tepco employees to [...]

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    I don’t believe Jaczko can be trusted given his previous alarmist/false testimony about the condition of #3 spent fuel pool at Fukushima immediately following the disaster. Someone with such a loose notion of objective truth isn’t useful regardless what position he may be perceived to favor. The notion that he is more safety oriented than [...]

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    If not insider trading, then how about a simple conspiracy to defraud? It couldn’t have been a win-win for everyone so who got screwed?

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    At about the time when the country started to be referred to as the “Homeland”.
    It’s a 21st century thing.

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    Inadequate tsunami preparation is result of not learning from history. The fact that history is more like on 500-1000 year cycle for big tsunami may or may not excuse it. If you are seriously suggesting that cost was weighed against a likely event and frugality won, you are sadly mistaken as to understanding fundamentals of [...]

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