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    After you, Blenderella.

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    As I’m sitting nervously in our South Jersey home, listening to the wind, rain, and treetritus pelt our roof, one thought kept roaring through my head: “Damn gays. It it weren’t for them none of this would be happening.” (http://current.com/groups/news-blog/93945248_pastor-blames-the-gay-agenda-for-hurricane-sandy.htm)

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    Maybe if Governor Kristie Kreme had put people to work building that tunnel, NJ’s unemployment rate wouldn’t be one of the highest in the country. At 9.8%, it’s a full point-and-a-half higher (and rising) than the national rate of 8.3%). In he meantime, that shiny new casino, has generated about half the jobs that Kristie promised. And at the rate they’re losing money, even those may not be around longer.

    All the talk about 2016 hinges on Spanky winning re-election. If the Dems can find a decent candidate, that may not be the sure thing many people think it is.

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    I may be a little late picking up on this, but I think it’s a serious contender for best new word of the year:


    Courtesy Graydon Carter (or whoever writes his headlines) in Vanity Fair

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    “Democrats aren’t supposed to fight back.”

    Looks like Harry got in touch with his inner Ralphie.

    Hell, Reid used to box for a living. It’s about time he remembered that.

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    It’s not a tithe; it’s a down payment on MittAnn’s eventual retirement home.

    On the planet Kolob.*


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    Seems that Cardinal Timmeh also totally lied (aka “Bore false witness”) about the hush money:

    “Questioned at the time about the news that one particularly notorious pedophile cleric had been given a ‘payoff’ to leave the priesthood, Cardinal Dolan, then the archbishop, responded that such an inference was ‘false, preposterous and unjust’”

    The estimable (and irreplaceable) Charlie Pierce lays it down here:


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    Every time the Atlantic asks me to re-subscribe, I reply that I can’t take seriously any magazine that has Blenderella on its payroll.

    Guess they don’t want me back badly enough.

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    I don’t how big a bra size an SE cup is, but judging from her remarks, you can evidently fit quite a boob in in one.

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    Anything to change the subject from what the good fathers at St. Molestus have been up to for who-knows-how-many years.

    I stand in awe of the chutzpah of an organization that demands the kind of control over women’s genitalia that it has so utterly failed to exercise over its own priests’ penises.

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    What a slut.

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    Charles Pierce reminds us what Breitbart tweeted when Ted Kennedy died:

    ‘I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics.
    Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement.’

    And Breitbart was a dung beetle, rolling his own balls of shit for fun and profit.

    Fuck him. Kennedy also left a family behind—not that Breitbutt gave a damn.

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    Vince Foster did it.

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    The Atlantic keeps asking me to re-subscribe. I keep replying that I can’t take any magazine seriously that employs the likes of Blenderella.

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    Seems like the bishops and the traditional power structure of the Church are turning the volume up to 11 to distract from their growing irrelevance. For example, can you imagine a cardinal’s death spurring a local prosecutor to have the body checked for evidence of foul play? It just happened in Philadelphia:


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    Except for the fact that, unlike Miller, who seems to have gleaned his references from Cliff Notes, I suspect Mr. Bogg probably knows who Berlioz was and has likely heard his music. BTW, if you haven’t heard any of it, check out his “Requiem” on a good sound system. It’s one of the most astonishing pieces of music you’ll ever hear. Of course, it won’t explain why so many unbelieving composers wrote such great religious music.

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    When I was stationed in Korea, back in 1968-69, I managed to make it down to Seoul a few times for orchestral concerts (might have been the KBS Symphony, but I can’t remember).

    This was not the Korea of Hyundai and Samsung; it was a country where life was tough, the reality of poverty was inescapable, and the oppression of military dictatorship was felt everywhere. Nevertheless, the concerts were packed, the quality of the orchestra left nothing to be desired, and the audience showed an enthusiasm that I wish I could see more often when I go to a Philadelphia Orchestra performance.

    Before one of the concerts, as I was walking up the steps to Citizens Hall, a 50ish Koren woman in traditional garb pressed a ticket for that night’s concert into my hand. I offered her money, but she refused to take it. I didn’t speak much Korean, and she spoke even less English, so I never really knew why she wanted to give this random American GI a ticket, but I always felt it had something to do with sharing a love of music.

    I don’t know who the fuck Kidist Paulos Asrat is, but when it comes to Asians and classical music, I could tell her, from experience, that she’s completely talking out of her ass .

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  • If they could drive a state car there, why couldn’t Governor Cartman have gone along for the ride? Turns out he didn’t need the Skyhook to get to the game, he needed it to get back to Trenton for a fundraiser with a bunch of Iowans. Which also explains why he upped and left with four innings left to play.

    The chopper was bad enough; what was worse was sending a car and driver just because Tubby was unwilling or unable to waddle the length of a football field.

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    How about we all copy that map and post it on Palin’s website until they get tired of deleting it?

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