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  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Second Verse, Worse As The First

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    Was wondering when you were going to make a post on the ASII fail. I was really interested in the numbers because there has been a metric asston of commercials for the movie on cable (usually following some random franklin mint commemorative belly button lint commercial).

    It seems they have increased the marketing money and reaped a lower ROI this time around. I wonder why they haven’t adopted any of the methods for wingnut welfare book sales. Just take all of the marketing money, buy tickets randomly across the country and hand tickets out with every romney yard sign…or free with a purchase of Truck Nutz(TM) or rascal scooter.

    Just wait till the nutjobs at Hot Air or start accusing them ginning up the box office numbers. I’m pretty sure they already have somewhere.

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Kitchen Not Confidential

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    I think she wants to be showcased on on A&E

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Kitchen Not Confidential

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    I want to see the secret room for her EZ-Bake ovens.

    You just know that is where all the cooking is done. The rest is just for show.

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Karen Handel Is The Komen’s Katrina

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    We all knew that Handel was the hack that most likely pushed the defunding. BUT, where was Brinker, Thompson and the rest of the board pushing back on it? Oh yea….THEY FREAKING SIGNED OFF ON IT. Probably with high fives all around.

    Where is that story? Ya it is nice to try and throw Handel under the bus, but where is the story on where individual members of the board stood on the issue? Brinker? did you support the move? Thompson? you too. Obviously HuffPo has someone with inside information over there, push him/her on it.

    With the hires of Handel and Fleishman there to spin when the shit hits the fan, I would take that as a sign they were all on board .

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Ross Douthat Is All Up In Your Uterus Again

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    I don’t think she lied. Her and the top management could have thrown in their own donations (since their own compensation is so huge) to come up with that number easily. “100% in two days” is a hedge as in they can define it in any way they want to…

    “Over the past two days our donations are up 100% in the time period between 2:53 and 2:54am”

    Without hard cash numbers it is impossible to know exactly what that “100% in two days” actually meant. Planned Parenthood came out with hard numbers….”at least $400,000″ and “$3 million in 3 days”

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Jonah Goldberg’s Children

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    Not sure what she wants to use instead of “right wing”

    I suggest “batshit insane”

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Grey-Bearded Osama Watching Videos of His Youth

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    Because, who tapes someone watching tv? And why?

    The same reason why kidnappers show the kidnapee holding a copy of the recent newspaper….to show they are still alive.

    The clip was probably to be used in some AQ video to be used as proof of OBL still being alive….sorta a “neener neener you still haven’t got me” message. Guess they cant use that now.

  • zAmboni commented on the blog post Grey-Bearded Osama Watching Videos of His Youth

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    I would say it is just the cable/sat TV guide and he is just flipping through channels. I think he may have been flipping through the “Osama OnDemand” menu.