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    Unions are powerful ogres who are able to completely overpower giant corporations and must be defeated with misuse of the power of the state AND unions are weak and corrupt with declining membership and are a best forgotten relic of the past, not needed in the modern workplace.

    Liberals are weak-wristed, unmanly defeatists who cannot be trusted to not appease our enemies AND Liberals have taken control of the country and are tireless in their cunning efforts to suppress their enemies.

    Women are soft, devious unreliable bitchez who betray with a kiss AND women are scary, powerful ball-breakers who can castrate a man with a word.

    How to Read Žižek by Adam Kotsko here covers the whys and wherefores of this type of illogicality.

  • I got the impression that Johnny A knew perfectly well why he didn’t want to vote for more of the dreary fuck-ups who made up Bush 1s admin, but he also knew perfectly well that if he told the truth he was going to have a ceaseless whine in his ear until November 2002.

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    I came from a family of five boss and I know my mother would happily ha v e killed any one of us in exchange for a girl. sometimes that is just how it works out.

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    I realize that these people want war (hideous gargoyles of corruption that they are), but why believe that Iran either wants to or even could do anything to Israel? Iran quite plainly wants a nuke because it is demonstrably the only thing that will stop them being invaded or bombed. Apart from defensive options, a nuclear bomb is useless, because you can’t ever use it in attack.

    So why do they get such a hard-on about Iran? The hostage crisis was 32 fucking years ago! 32 years after Pearl Harbour and Changi we were all buying Sony electronics. What have the Iranians done that is worse?

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    Why all the concern about Israel amongst these people? Does any one of them seriously believe that in the event of a nuke on Tel Aviv Israel wouldn’t be able to incinerate every major city in the middle east in a morning? Iran is a thousand miles from Israel so they aren’t marching over the Sinai either.

    Seriously, I just don’t get it.

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    gGoogle the relatable Romney meme.its amusing. e g i know what its like to lose your home-I’ve forgotten where my fourth one is.

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    I HATE liberals. Absolutely hate them.

    And to make it worse, when your back is turned, we snigger quietly about how wide your hips are.

    Keep turning around real sudden now – you might just catch us out! We really hate that.

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    The bible says a lot (a real lot) about greed and wealth and helping the poor, and how the last shall be first and the first, last. And yet these filthy rich Christians are more worried about someone-else’s sex life than the safety of their eternal souls.

    It’s almost like they don’t really believe in God at all.

  • The Union Leader: for when the Plutocrats are too busy to betray the working class themselves.

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    When Romney is elected there will be no taxes – only management fees.

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    ONOZ! TBogg is six-degrees of 1%er. Soon he will grow old and the Republican party will make increasing sense to him. Traipse ye well upon his lawn while ye may for soon he shall ordering you offen it be.

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    Wait on, Breitbart never had no shadow under his chin. It was a curtain of fat hanging all the way from his maxilla to his clavicle. It must be the government garotte used to cause to kill him – what shockingly bad taste.

    And yeh, those arms…it looks like a scan of Gimli with AB’s head phopped on. And since when do you wear your belt buckle on top of your right hip? And that is pretty shitty scroll work on that armour as well. And he wants $160k for his work? Jeezuz, you could hire a top-line professional digital artist for that much – in fact, just for the 4 grand.

  • McRaven was a hero? Because if he had failed in the mission he would have suffered damage to his career? Hardly Iwo Jima, was it?

    I suppose in a world where typing demands that somebody else fly a plane to drop bombs on people without air-forces counts as soldiering, this counts as bravery.

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    Hey you guys – if you’re not more polite in your replies to the good ‘circle-eh’ I fear he may become outraged by Chappaquiddick. Then if Obama loses by 1 vote, it will be all your fault.

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    Though this may be late…can I just say that because you may be uncomfortable with death, especially the death of a child, does not mean you won’t have to face it. Treating the dead child as a child is one hell of a lot more healthy than ‘Ewww….take it away” – read Charles Lane – “Rick Santorum’s baby–and mine.” at the Washington Post about how just this happened to him.

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    Hey travy…I heard you trawl for sex in sailor’s bars in San Francisco while wearing a Laura Ashley floral shift and pumps. I have no basis in fact for this supposition, but since you were trying some sex-shaming, I thought I’d join in.

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    You can imagine his tongue sticking out from between his tense lips as he laboured to stay on the pencil line. Though its weird that somebody like that would know a Herbalife Independent Distributor in Namibia…and why he wants Carl to stop and what that it is that Carl is to cease? One can only speculate.

  • Do I want to know what she’s measuring in that photo?

    You don’t really – I’m pretty sure it’s an estimate of a Romney asset. or maybe she is miming how enthesiastically she is willing to kiss ass in exchange for wingnut welfare. Or maybe just a sammitch. Or perhaps she is explaining how she was the active partner in the world’s biggest ever goatse.

    Or else she’s trying to catch a fly.

    It is hard to know. Kathryn Lopez is inscrutable to ordinary mortals.

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    Stiff Richards…Not from here


    ska and a sense of humour…

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    If Ahmadinejad had promised to wipe Mississippi off the map and push it into the sea, who would have blamed him?

    11.5 per thousand. Jesus. However, if the GOP just passed a law that extended the number of months of a pregnancy to 21, they could lower the rate to zero by claiming they were all miscarriages. Then they could sentence the unfortunate mothers to death.

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