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  • Our fearless leaders are aghast that they might be subject to rule of law. How droll!

  • As a Colorado resident who both voted for 68 and has followed the debate (and results) around legalization, I can tell you that the net effect on day to day life in CO is almost zero. No gangs of reefer heads hazarding old ladies on street corners, no middle schoolers languishing in opium dens getting their Bubba Kush on, no dramatic rise in crime or DUI behavior. The one area I have heard about is high schoolers getting fake MMJ IDs to shop in the stores, but this is a similar issue to having fake IDs for alcohol. The state needs to adjust the MMJ IDs so that they are harder to counterfeit and this issue goes away. I’ve been in the stores, they are nice and it is both easy and safe to buy. I don’t use anymore than I had before, it’s just easier to obtain. If anything, the police ceasing to “shake down” people for joints and filling the courts with these cases has really relaxed those normal tensions in the community.

    The part that remains to be seen is the financial benefit. From what I’ve heard and read, it is looking pretty good but the proof is in the pudding as they say. I suspect just the savings on enforcement, court, and jail time has added significant benefits to the state’s budget. Again we’ll see in the next few months and years. I know that counties that adopted a wait-n-see attitude to allowing dispensaries are starting to implement them as the sky has not fallen in those that already have allowed it. If anything, I think they are rushing a bit to catch up as the financial windfall is being reaped by their neighbors who got onboard early.

    Stupid WaPo. I don’t think it will affect the people’s vote (if the people show up at all), they tried the same exhausted canards here before 68 passed.

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    By that same logic though, the actual covered could be multitudes higher as well. Our family of five signed up for health and dental via the exchange. So 1 sign up = 5 people covered. So could the actual number covered be ~30 million when accounting for families?

    My point is it’s all anecdotal right now as far as how many actually got coverage, but we definitely know there were 7 million “signups”. I can give the Obama folks a pass for right now, that seems to be a fairly successful rollout of their plan.

    Signups vs. covered right now is a pretty nit-piky argument IMO.

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    At the same time Jane, if you want the fixes Jon describes above, you have to start from the baseline of pushing for single payer and then “settling” for what you can get that works. Tea baggers don’t really want to shut down the govt forever, but when they say that they get a heck of a nice chunk of their austerity wish list that was previously off-limits. Progressives would do well to learn the tactic: aim for the stars, settle for the moon.

  • Thanks for highlighting this Jon, I feel as though I’ve said this until blue in the face. No pressure on the private insurers = no decrease in prices.

    Archiebird, why not vote on adding one now? Obviously, the house repubs would not let it through, but let them take the heat for it. I never understood Democrats hestitancy to make repubs vote against good legislation; make them own their stances in the next election. Folly.

    Bring back medicare for all, make them vote on it!

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    I tried to use it, abyssmal.

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    You had that one right!

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    Equally stupid was for Progressives to not keep pushing for a “trigger” mechanism that would enact a public option if the ACA and private options failed. Imagine how this feeling would be shifted if we all knew that if the exchanges failed in a year that we would all have access to Medicare at reduced rates? Who would care if they fixed the websites or not?

    Unfortunately, that did not happen and “trust me” won the day for the ACA. Isn’t that plan working out just peachy?

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    bluevistas, Foothill development was probably insignificant compared to the raw power of the storm. Consider that 9.08″ of rain fell on Boulder proper during September 12th. This doubled the previous all time record of 4.5″ (in one day) set in 1919. Boulder County only gets 16.5″ annually in a typical year. So over half your [...]

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    Or start replacing asphalt shingles and clay tiles with glass and/or recycled plastic solar panel cells. If it can take a fully loaded 18 wheeler, it can definitely handle the roughest hail nature could throw at it.

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    I haven’t been too up to date on what’s been happening in solar power. Just the 18.5% efficiency is pretty exciting. Last time I checked (a couple years ago) it was around 13% at the upper end. Very exciting stuff.

    Some other great ideas for this stuff would be make glass panels for skyscrapers out of this stuff. Can you imagine what something like the Sears tower could generate on a hot Chicago day if the upper 2/3rd of it were covered in these panels? If they happen to be made out of recycled plastic too, that’s just a win/win/win!

    Exciting stuff, hopefully as a nation (and a species) we can start to really get on top of this issue before it gets completely on top of us…

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    Well, when you make a profit selling the guns to both the good guys and the bad guys, any gun battle looks pretty cherry I suppose. Do they check the color of the hats at the time of sale, or can they see anything beyond the green of the bills?

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    The one line shut up:

    “So you are saying that God wanted Obama to be President again?”

  • I’m a den leader for cub scouts and a Catholic. Or I was a Catholic until the organization decided to jump over a cliff rather than allow women to have any freedom whatsoever regarding positions in the church and birth control. Why can’t these organizations shake these hateful ways and update their dogma to turn these “degenerate” moral failings into natural conditions given by God? Even if you can’t come to fully welcome homosexuality, at least admitting it was decided by God (or nature) and not a choice would make a world of difference in the attitude of the organization.

    Scouts is not as bad as the Church IMHO, but the backlash against gays and atheists should be dealt with, the BSA is doing themselves, and what is otherwise an excellent program for boys, a great disservice by not stepping up. At the upper levels the conservatism runs quite deep, so I can’t see this changing anytime too soon. There is a struggle happening though, you see snippets of it in the news now and again. Eventually they will change with the times, they’ll have to. Until then, I find it heartbreaking that the BSA (and the Church) is allowing this sort of hateful malaise to be the sheltered by their organizations. This poor kid and what he had to endure to be a scout should never be allowed to happen.

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    This really makes my blood boil.

    What benefit is this for 95% of the American population? The taxpayer? There is no way in hell this doesn’t send the dollar lower, food and gas prices higher, and absolutely no new jobs. By the way, that’s if it actually works as presented! Otherwise, it does nothing but allow institutions that should be insolvent to continue paying massive executive bonuses on the backs of the suffering US taxpayer. Disgusting.

    What does the average citizen get out of this deal? Nothing, but they get it in abundance and open-ended. So we got that going for us.

    Those incredible pricks. Wall St is officially dead, our economy is undead, our future is well and buried for at least a generation.

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    Let me just say that my thoughts and prayers are with those injured and the families of those that were killed, as well as the perp’s family. I don’t know if this guy watched too much TV (or owned one I guess?), listened to too much Rush, was a tea bagging gun nut, or just off his meds. It doesn’t matter, 62 innocent people were viciously attacked and at least 12 of them perished in something pointless and stupid.

    I live in North of Denver, I might even know some of these folks. Let’s just chill out on the blame throwing for a few minutes please and remember that for 62 families today is a miserable, awful day. Maybe the worst one of their lives. Soon enough we’ll know we’ll know more than we ever wanted about James Holmes, why don’t we calm the baiting? Aurora is mixed politically, the folks shot were likely Rush listeners, NRA advocates, Republicans, as well as NPR listeners, Obama supporters, perhaps even Occupy marchers.

    This shot is awful, please let’s not make it worse.

  • Unfortunately Pam, you missed the forest for the trees.

    We’ve had several votes on civil unions over the years in CO, you never had to listen to the fundies before because they had the votes to squash the legislation. You heard from the pro-LBGT crowd, making sure their butts were covered with their constituents before the legislation went down in flames. For months, we’ve known in CO that this time the signals were lining up for CUs to actually pass and become law, therefore it is the fundies turn to get out there and make noise for their people before they lose.

    I don’t know, which do you prefer? To hear speeches from your side as you lose or hear this fundie speech as our culture moves forward. I know which one I prefer, looking forward to hearing as much fundie speech as I can going forward.


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    Don’t you mean signature failure?

  • It saves even more when you factor in: no money spent for expensive court trials, jail time, appeals, housing MJ convicts, probation, etc. Probably bumps up to a Billion once all the factors are considered.

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    Shorter Bloomberg:

    Suck it Trebek!

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