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  • How do you run to the right of Miss McConnell? You will fall off the edge of the earth.

  • This is a very interesting and extremely complicated topic. I have an unusual perspective as a gay white man who lives with a straight black man. We are very close friends and discuss topics such as this one. One of the insights I have gained through him is the role of the experience many black men have with incarceration. Far too many young black men are imprisoned and most are forced to have sex as part of their initiation to prison life. Those who spend a long time inside will almost certainly have sex with other men, whether or not they are “gay”, and whether or not it is forced or consensual. A black man out of prison has friends and male relatives who have been through the same experiences and although no one talks about it, everyone in the community knows about it. They all have to prove to one another and to the community that whatever they did inside was not because they are “gay” and did not make them “gay”. Thus the extreme over-compensation; the aggressive anti-gay talk and violent response to anyone who suggests they might be gay, whether it is true or not. On the street there are very few things that can be said that will cause more violence than that kind of accusation.

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    Not in this world since Reagan’s time unless we are talking about teapublican fantasy math.

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    As for hypocrisy about gay matters, black churches are not much different from where most white churches were not too many years ago (I am old enough to remember those days). Many white evangelical and Roman Catholic churches still are stuck in those times. Most blacks, like most whites, accept gay friends/relatives on a personal level, even if nervously, but are not comfortable taking it to the level of publicly addressing how gay men should fit into society. Younger blacks, like younger whites, are more comfortable about this issue, but black churches are run by older men who, for the most part, don’t encourage dissent about long-held views of morality. Most of us know that a selective reading of the bible can be used to justify almost anything, including incest and murder. I think that a generational change in the virtually all-male leadership of black churches will eventually change things.

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    I am helping a man get back on his feet who fell out of the middle class to prison and then homelessness. He has no assets or possessions apart from his clothes and, recently, a car that is worth about $300. In PA he gets $120 a month from SNAP but it is almost a [...]

  • I would suffer but I think he should shut down everything and require that the debt limit vote be permanently eliminated. Most teabaggers get some kind of government support. It is time to make everyone understand what “limited government” really means.

  • Wonder what he thought about Tim Tebow kissing Demaryus Thomas.

  • This would be funny if it weren’t so sick. I am a white liberal who hires black ex-cons from the inner city, and through them I have been able to get a picture of inner city life. No black man has to go out looking for white women for sex. They visit black neighborhoods in a steady stream looking for excitement. It is a white man’s fantasy that a black man can have sex with a “respectable” white woman only by force. Quite a few of these respectable white women are going shopping for sex and getting what they want. Once in a while I take my workers out for a couple of beers in their own neighborhood and I see it myself. It is not a black man’s fantasy.

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    I wonder if it is wise to use the word “surge” in an observation about Santorum.

  • I hope this means that they will also take a look at their operating costs. I stopped giving when they built their own Washington monument. Like so many groups that I once respected, they became primarily advocates for their own comfort.

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