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  • They let a BROWN into Cohasset???? What’s next a blah in Hingham??? I mean, honestly, isn’t this why there’s Hull?

  • More like 1840′s. My very Republican, very 1940′s/1950′s Great Aunt thought it was good for young people to have a couple of years of independence and would’ve viewed more than 2 or 3 kids as irresponsible and self indulgent.

    Meanwhile about the whole: red states are takers, well A) duh and B) that’s different.

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    Tbogg, you left out her most important grift in relation to this little project: it provided the building materials for her own, new fugly McMansion thing-y. And probably the spite fence she had to hastily erect when that busybody reporter moved in next door.

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    Considering Stupid Sippy just got herself sooooooo bitch slapped on the very same issue by a quite awesome Martin Bashir (confirming my suspicion that he hates her but considers the other 3 Cycle kids to practically be his own children), in which she signed off looking like an enraged wet cat, you’d THINK she’d have sense enough to keep her yap shut. But no…

    SippyCup frequently also likes to posit absurd “what if” questions to progressive Cycle guests, much along the lines of “Why would you have sex knowing that your partner might sometime go to a party without you, get drunk, have sex with someone else and give you an STD?”. Even after the guest invariably disproves her painfully weak strawman, she’ll sit there smiling smugly—-while everyone else looks completely embarassed for her.

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    I’m thinking YouTube and ShoutyFace just got a LOT scarier!

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    Hey Guns!!! We need some Oregaon wingnut trolls on here whining about OUR tax rates on here—and insisting our tax structure is very similar to CA’s (even though it totally isn’t, since we have no sales tax, middling property taxes and low business taxes—and are actually in the middle on tax rates) and threatening to move to ID, across the river to the ‘Couve or (of course) AZ.

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    Apparnetly he;s even less needy than that—Wonkette uncovered a gross income of some $63 mil. Even if (again) he pays the rate we all know he totally does not (and BTW, does he realize he can deduct his state income taxes off his federal?), he clears about $27 million per year.

    There are families of 4 who would be happy to clear $27 thousand per year.

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    The shot of his first, recently sold home makes it look, spectacular view aside, like everyone’s grandma’s condo in Boca. Dude, for $2.7 mil, I’d expect a better finish that builder’s grade, big ugly 1980′s white tile!

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    Yes, and she makes it using “surplus” materials she stole from the yet unpaid for (and empty) Wasilla sports complex. She teaching L’il Paulie how to use that auto factory he used to whine about being closed for HIS new meth lab.

    And unlike Granny Clampett and her innocent still, they won’t be diluting THEIR moonshine in any cement pond for fancy city folks, neither.

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    Cause the Clampetts were just nice people who had a buttload of money dumped in their laps and not evil, sociopathic grifters?

    Though I’m sure Granny’s moonshine would be very popular in Janesville or Wasilla. And if they had a nice reality show where Munster and Secret Gramma changed their hair color as frequently as Willow did in Bris Bris’s show, I might have to actually tune in.

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    Better yet, Granny Starver has a reality show with America’s Hottest Secret Grandma!


    Snooki/Goober 2016 Shazzzamm!!!!

  • No his hand’s just cramped from “other stuff” since Ann banished him to one of their 17 guest bedrooms. And even that nice crown he bought her from Harry Winston’s STILL didn’t cut it.

  • I actually bet they watched while just full on seething with rage. But felt a bit better when L’il Munster Buddy got booed.

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    Maybe not quite that bad, but definitely Crohn’s Disease.

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    Oh, also, too—-maybe they wouldn’t be so “poor” if they’d get their maids to iron their clothes once in awhile….

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    Shhhhh, he stole it off Theo Huxtable!!!

    Meanwhiles, the single mom and the single lady DESERVE to be sad and stuff, cause you know, no man to define them and stuff. Not to mention the single mom did the sexytime (twice, no less), so she should be punished.

    Let’s all pray or soemthing for their new impoverished status.

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    Do they insist that “there’s a lot of people like them”? Cause that was my Great Aunt’s fallback reasoning. On EVERYTHING.

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    Actually, I was just thinking how much I’d enjoy kicking Halperin in the nuts, myself. Oh and to be followed by beating the crap out of Chuck Todd (though he’s been dialing back his smug smarm lately).

    I wonder if it’s Joe’s suggestion that Mika dyed her hair that dreadful color—-cause that would be very 1950′s controlling husband, also, too.

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    From where I’m sitting $10K per year for college sounds pretty reasonable. People with younger kids pay that (and more) for daycare nowadays. You still have time to earn, pay off your house, etc—-I’m 47 and I really don’t freak out all over the place about retirement.

    Also, here’s a thought–why aren’t you having your kids pay at least part of their tuition or living expenses if you’re THAT concerned? NOt to mention, as pointed out downthread, “paying for college” has been a huge concern for middle income parents since state schools started charing tuition.

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    I’d just like tp point out TBogg is dead on about the far sides frequently being a lot closer than they realize…..using a completely different example:

    Here in PDX we have these two extremes united in mouth foaming opposition on two issues, water fluoridation is one (apparently both sides agree I’ll no longer be free if it happens). The ohter is building a large (for us, about 600 rooms) hotel across from our convention center (where the nearest hotels are small, dumpy and about 6 blocks away).

    Both sides absolutely HATE the idea of a public/private project that would create short and long term direct and indirect jobs, bring in $$$ we currently lose to cities like Omaha and Boise, etc…

    The right hates it because tax $$$ for hotels is eeeeevvvvilllll. Even when it’s helping corporate interests, etc. Still it’s eeeevvvvilll. Because these aren’t “real” jobs, anyway. And Portland’s economy isn’t at tourism based. And it’s only a matter of time before we become a fishing/lumber economy, anyway.Oh yes, and all conventions are drunk Shriners and who wants any of that, amirite???

    The left hates it because eeeeeeewwwy, McEww, it will be a CHAIN hotel (which about 80% of our hotels already are) and it will squash all the beautiful indies(which are all owned by rich corporations, but never mind)and bring the other chains (which are, sadly, already here)and OMG it really IS the apocalypse to build a nice hotel on urban property that’s currently a couple of falling down budget no-tell motels and parking lots!!! Oh yeah, and cause conventions are all tacky, drunk Shriners.

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