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    You really think Feinstein is finally cracking? I suspect she’s pretending to be outraged, then plans to put in meaningless unenforcable unviewable restrictions on the NSA, and then insist everything is fine – we don’t have to worry anymore, she was also concerned and fixed the problem and there’s no reason to continue talking about this.

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    Holy dyslexia batman
    - the opposition has said it wants to cleanse the area of everyone who doesn’t agree with their version of Islam.

    I had the right letters. Didn’t there used to be an edit option?

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    Not that every thread must go back to the situation in Syria, but these tweets are another reason we shouldn’t go forward with military action. Now count me among those who are less than optimistic that Iran is ready to be our friend and work with us on issues in the ME. These tweets are [...]

  • accounts with low balances actually cost the big banks money to manage them, so moving those accounts out saves them a bit of money.

    I’ve heard that one too quite a bit, but it just doesn’t seem to pass my personal smell test. I mean, if this really was the case why did they back down on the fees? I suppose maybe BOA did it because of just how much bad press they got, but Wells Fargo’s $3 fee they were thinking about? They already got the bad press, but even if they keep the fee BOA gave them plenty of cover. They could’ve quietly made it clear that they were ok with losing the small accounts and used the fact that BOA was first and with a worse fee to keep themselves from getting much more bad press then they already had to deal with. While I doubt this will have a huge affect on the banks, it still seems like if they really were ok with these accounts being moved they would’ve stuck to their guns and pushed out even more of the small accounts.

    My own pet theory that I’ve been forming is that this affects their liquidity requirements. I’m not entirely sure specifically what those requirements are, but if $4.5 billion was moved after roughly 650,000 accounts (and this is just to CUs, not including smaller banks like jrubin said), and we’re supposedly up to 1 million accounts moved, I think it’s fair to guess that no less then $6 billion was just taken out of their liquid assets. Now they have to cash in some of their other assets just to have enough physical cash on hand. So even if those accounts weren’t profitable, they kept the banks in compliance. Having to cash in 6 billion in assets seems like it would be a big enough deal that that could cause them to back down on the fees. At least until they can find a more hidden way of charging them.

  • Glad to see from all the comments that this committee is smart enough to have noticed that fact. It’s really too bad – when she wants to be she’s by far the smartest clearheaded of the talking heads. Her reporting on the the re-issuing of permits after the Gulf oil disaster was great. She can [...]

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    Donald Trump is taking credit for this release, and in a way he should. It wasn’t until he riled up the crazies that this happened.

    Is it possible that maybe this was the point? I mean, now Trump won’t look foolish delivering his obviously nonsense discoveries about Obama’s birth, and Trump has a “win” over Obama. This should help Trump among those on the right who might be persuaded to support him. The longer that Trump appears “viable” on the right the better it is for Obama.

    Or maybe that’s overly hopeful thinking and Obama is just a pandering idiot (but the one area he occasionally shows intelligence in is his attempts to get re-elected).

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    I look forward to their next report about how cops shouldn’t have guns because sometimes criminals get hurt and need medical care.