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LD 1333 Already Causing Fears of Skyrocketing Rates, Disgraced Insurers Coming Back to Maine

By: ME Progressives Warehouse Wednesday September 14, 2011 7:42 am

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Bangor Daily reporting that the U.S. Census Bureau today will be releasing the latest uninsured figures today. But as it is based upon the 2010 census numbers, one wonders how accurate the numbers for Maine will be.

Especially in light of news that the insurance industry is already raising premiums beyond reach of many small rural Maine companies.

One company that left Maine but has now returned, Assurant, is now sending out expensive lil recruiting literature to all life and health (L&H) insurance agents in the state. Previously they did business under than name of Fortis, and had [landed themselves in hot water with the State of Maine Bureau of Insurance, as did the company John Alden.

More on Assurant here, John Alden here.

Expect to see a LOT of these formerly disgraced companies coming back home to roost in Maine, thanks to LD 1333. There are many reasons they left Maine markets in the first place, and one would be wise to be skeptical of them as they return, as well as do their own research into the companies before they sign anything.

In addition to Senator Plowman’s opinion piece today where she failed repeatedly and predictably to mention her (and others) many questionable connections to ALEC and MHPC, the Bangor Daily News ran one from Rep. Walter Kumiega (D-Deer Isle).

Some clips:

One of those laws is the major health insurance overhaul Republicans pushed through a few months ago.

We are already seeing the negative effects of this health insurance overhaul. The Ellsworth American reported recently that some small businesses in rural Maine will be seeing their health insurance costs go up more than 60 percent as early as October.


Tea Party Maine Governor Paul LePage Wants to Create New State Agency

By: ME Progressives Warehouse Tuesday September 6, 2011 7:52 am

Photo: Government of Alberta. Gary Mar, Alberta’s representative in Washington, D.C. shares a laugh with Governor-elect Paul Lepage, R-Maine; and Minister Iris Evans.

Photo: Government of Alberta. Gary Mar, Alberta’s representative in Washington, D.C. shares a laugh with Governor-elect Paul Lepage, R-Maine; and Minister Iris Evans.

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The Kennebec Journal is reporting today that the governor wants to “create a new program to oversee policy, management” along the lines of “secret shoppers” he employed at Marden’s.

“Whether it is an inspector general, or an office of management and budget, which is what we are trying to implement now, we are going down that path,” LePage said last month. “We need that type of office.”

He said when he was manager of Marden’s Surplus & Salvage, they used “secret shoppers” to measure employee performance and to check on whether stores were implementing policies. The shoppers were company employees that posed as shoppers and developed valuable data for company management.

“We need that in state government,” he said. “We need to know what is really happening.”

Jonathan Nass, a senior policy adviser for LePage, is working on the details of the proposal that will go to the Legislature in January.

(It always comes back to “Marden’s = Maine” with this guy, doesn’t it?)

More from Bangor Daily News regarding Nass’ vision:

Maine Governor Paul LePage “Takes Media To The Woodshed”

By: ME Progressives Warehouse Friday July 29, 2011 6:21 pm

This week it was announced that Peter Rogers had been named LePage’s communications director.He is everything that Paul LePage needs so that the work the governor is doing is not constantly overshadowed by the ridiculous responses he makes to the press.

Rogers has his work cut out for him, but one hopes his experience with the Gulf War, the War on Terror and raising five daughters has provided him with some of what he’ll need to survive the public persona that is LePage.

Renee Ordway, Bangor Daily News, July 12: “New LePage spokesman has work cut out for him”

Let’s see how he handles the fall-out of the governor’s latest interaction with Maine media, whom hepromptly marched out to the newly installed “Statehouse Woodshed” yesterday, prior to his meeting with Portland Mayor Nick Mavodones.

Watch for yourself.

Oh, that all went well now, didn’t it? Let’s see how the print media, now properly scolded by “Pere LePage”, reacted today:

Bangor Daily News: LePage meets with Portland mayor, blasts media in wake of alleged comments

Kennebec Journal has no online version and the paper chose to bury Rebekah Metzler’s story on page B-3. Here is the Morning Sentinel’s version: LePage meets with Portland mayor.

(One wonders what is going on with the KJ; were they told to tone it down or lose all Statehouse access??) Considering that in the WMTM-8 video clip Rebekah is indeed the woman that LePage was yelling at, that question begs to be asked.

And here we have the Portland Press Herald’s version: LePage assures mayor he’ll support Portland, slams ‘dishonest’ press.

Lewiston Sun Journal, who initially reported the “woodshed” comments, seems to have taken the governor’s scolding yesterday to heart- as they failed to mention LePage’s apoplectic fit altogether:Fish on agenda as LePage meets Portand mayor.

Wow. At least one of Maine’s media listens when a GOP leader snaps: “Get your ass in line!”

So far, there has not yet been any official statement released from the Governor’s office to yesterday’s outburst by LePage. When/if there is, rest assured it will be shared here.