You see the usual gathering of so called Democratic strategists and former advisers support extending the Bush tax cuts.  Translation:  the losers brigade has arrived to save the day.

First up is Larry Summers.  This is the same economic advisor to both Clinton and Obama who was all for deregulation of the banking industry.  The same banking industry that created the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression.  Oh,  Larry hates spending money on infrastructure development.  He hates this unsexy infrastructure spending so much that he reduced the recommended stimulus plan from 1.2 trillion to 800 billion dollars before presenting the proposal to Obama.  This is the same Larry who said that the stimulus was more than enough to keep unemployment from rising above 8%.

Next up is Mark Penn.  Seems Mark is all for Obama’s capitulation.  For those of you who have forgotten about Mark, he is the cat who advised Hillary Clinton on her winning strategy to capture the Democratic nomination for President.  Oh, I forgot.  Hillary did not win the nomination.  Instead, Mark advised Hillary to campaign as an old hand in Washington who would bring stability in our troubled times.  Seems Democratic voters wanted “change” instead in 2008.  He also took Hillary’s campaign for over four million dollars with this sage advice.

Finally, rounding out the losers brigade is an oldie but a goodie – Bob Shrum.  Bob is all for Obama’s capitulation.  For those not old enough to know about Bob, he has been involved with advising Democratic presidential wannabees since the 1980s.  If memory serves, Bob has served on eight presidential campaigns, and he is zero  for eight (yes, Bob was involved with Gore’s campaign in 2000, but seeing as Gore’s election was stolen, I still consider it a loss).  Bob hung up his spurs after helping to tank Kerry’s 2004 campaign.

All of the above live financially comfortable lives now.  I know that Penn and Shrum are millionaires.  Essentially, this group of advisers has profited nicely from giving god awful advice to Democrats.

Anyway, my message to other progressives who have given up on Obama is to remember this one little touchstone of truth.  If Larry Summers, Mark Penn, and Bob Shrum think some policy is a good idea, you can be damned sure it is the wrong move.  Keep this in mind when you are under siege from liberal friends who just can’t quit Obama.  It is like the Ruby Slippers in The Wizard Of Oz. Just tap your feet together and repeat,  ”There is no bigger loser than a Democratic loser.”