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German Industrialists Helped Hitler’s Rise; They Can Stop WW3 (Maybe)

By: metamars Sunday July 27, 2014 7:31 am

(Of course, I don’t think that modern day German industrialists bear any culpability for the actions of their ‘fathers’ and ‘grand-fathers’. However, they do have a unique opportunity to sort of compensate for some of Germany’s historical shame.)

The following will be sketchy. I don’t have time for doing much more.

Hitler’s rise in Germany was aided by German industrialists, who thought they could control Hitler and his thugs. They were quite mistaken……

The US’ war mongering against Russia, if it leads to hostilities, and goes nuclear, will likely result in some of the Russian nukes being used in Germany. It’s doubtful that such hostilities would lead to a full nuclear exchange between the US and Russia – everybody would lose such a war.

Even so, just one nuclear detonation on your soil will likely ruin your economy for a few years – and what if there’s more than a few? Say, 5 or 6?

Because of the rogue nature of the US, NATO should be replaced with a purely European organization. This is anathema to the US elites, so the question arises of what more plausible scenarios could be embraced by citizens that could help avert the folly that the US is threatening?

Germany would be safer with a diminished NATO, even if the above ideal scenario (NATO dissolved in favor of a purely European alliance) is implausible. Obviously, a Germany which has no Russian nukes exploded on its soil is also going to be more affluent. Much better for stock prices! :-)

As the most influential European country in NATO, Germany could save the day by withdrawing from NATO, and letting it’s European neighbors know that some German boodle could be had by European allies who follow suite. With any luck, Germany would peel off at least half of European allies.

Merkel is a politician, who told Putin that he shouldn’t “think in the old way”. I frankly don’t know much about Merkel, but I would say that a German politician who abides their NATO ally to fund neo-Nazis in the Ukraine has no business telling any Russian leader how to think.

So, scratch the Merkel.

Enter the German industrialists (businessmen, generally)

Their corporate forbears helped lead the world into destruction. They have $$ and influence – this time around, they can help save the world from destruction. They can electorally threaten Merkel, and any other German politician who is sheepishly going along with the American orchestrated farce.

And they already have an unlikely ally, in the newish anti-Fed + anti-NATO-wars public gatherings that are going on in over about 123 German cities. (See my diary
Populist, Anti Fed Movement Up 23% in less than 1 month – “If you want to change something … you have to go on the streets” ) European Anti-Fed Movement like “merger between OWS and Tea Party”; “What about Your City?”

By: metamars Saturday July 26, 2014 4:13 am

The anti-Fed, anti-mainstream media, and anti-NAT0-wars Movement* that began in Berlin, had a big, centralized demonstration on July 19, that drew over 5,000 participants from all over Germany (and doubtless some other countries). They normally meet in over 123 different cities, on Mondays, in public areas.

Luke Rudkowski addressed this gathering, in Berlin is Inspiring the Next Revolution!.

In Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City?, Rudkowski interviews Berliners about the themes.

Some US citizens have started trying to make the movement grow in the US, namely in NYC and Santa Monica. I’ll guess that the reason I haven’t heard any reports (except for Rudkowski’s mention) is that they’re still in the embryonic stage.

At least, I like to think that’s the reason. Like Rudkowski, I wonder “What about your city?”

* Boy, do they need a concise name, or what? I nominate the “Kelly’s Heroes Movement”, since their fearless leader reminds me of Donald Sutherland’s “Oddball” character, in the movie Kelly’s Heroes.

More seriously, I like the (still playful) name “Spank the Bankers” movement.

“Kerry’s Latest Reckless Rush to Judgment” available at the wayback machine

By: metamars Tuesday July 22, 2014 8:45 am

For some strange reason, “Kerry’s Latest Reckless Rush to Judgement” isn’t available at However, the wayback machine has a cached copy, here.

If Kerry had cared about finding the truth about this tragedy that claimed the lives of 298 people, he would have simply noted that the investigation was just beginning and that it would be wrong to speculate based on the few scraps of information available. Instead he couldn’t resist establishing a narrative that has – in the eyes of the world – made Russian President Vladimir Putin the guilty party.

Kerry’s TV performance recalled his rush to judgment in blaming the Syrian government for a still-mysterious sarin gas attack last Aug. 21. In both instances, the Secretary of State stitched together circumstantial evidence around the repeated refrain, “we know.”

However, in the Syrian case, much of what Kerry claimed to “know” later turned out to be false. Yet, relying on this unreliable “evidence,” Kerry pushed the United States to the edge of a major bombing campaign before President Barack Obama pulled back and – with the aid of President Putin – reached a compromise that avoided another U.S. war and got Syria to surrender its entire stockpile of chemical weapons. [For details, see’s “John Kerry’s Sad Circle to Deceit.”]

Kerry’s clown act had clown-worthy support from a State Dept. spokesperson who, surprisingly, was asked tough questions. Apparently, some of these journalists had read 10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash

It’s funny, isn’t it, that the Russians can release data and not jeopardize their sources and methods, but the US can’t do that. Not so far, anyway.

Why am I not holding my breath for the US to release data at the same level as the Russian data?

Useless American Activists Should Have Been Delegitimizing American War Mongers, All Along

By: metamars Monday July 21, 2014 12:20 am

I just read MH17: The Exploitation of A Tragedy by Justin Raimondo, at

From that article,

Unable or unwilling to directly confront its main antagonists – Russia and Iran – Washington has turned to cold war era tactics (and rhetoric), using proxies to fight wars they don’t dare fight on their own. In Libya, and now Syria, the US used its supposedly tame jihadists to overturn secular Arab leaders who didn’t follow Washington’s orders willingly. The big problem with their efforts to recruit suitable proxies, however, is that quality control is lacking.

This is especially evident in the Ukraine, where Washington has hooked up with a motley gang of ultra-nationalists, open fascists, and Ukrainian oligarchs. Yet the violent coup that ousted President Viktor Yanukovich was just the beginning as far as the War Party is concerned. The Obama administration has been under attack from fellow Democrats as well as McCainite Republicans to deliver some serious arms to Kiev – as well as the Syrian rebels – and the MH17 incident may well provide the political impetus for him to do so, at least in the case of the former.

Raimondo concludes with

Yet none of this obviates the real lesson of this horrific incident – which is that the superpowers’ reckless proxy wars are setting us up for a major conflict, a misstep that could end in starting World War III.

Whatever the details of how the seemingly incorrigible American elite political class have brought things to such a dark precipice, are not the subject of this diary. Today’s crop of jackasses – Obama, Kerry, McCain, etc. (oh, and let’s not forget Hillary Clinton) – are largely interchangeable with the leading lights {cough} {cough} of earlier generations. , and we don’t lose too much by simply stating that this class of elite, evil clowns are like the Energizer Bunny Rabbit, that keeps going, and going, and going.

If you want details, read Noam Chomsky, not metamars. ( :-) ).


I’m not going to develop the argument, but simply “state without proof” that the most obvious thing that needed to have been done is that the whole warmongering apparatus should have been de-legitimized, via activist-citizens educating their fellow citizens, about false flag attacks, endless attempts at destabilization of non-lackey foreign countries, economic hit men, etc.

Americans who are aware of our dark and suppressed history do a piss poor job of educating the public, at large, about what they know.

Does anybody imagine that, if you went any neighborhood in America (outside Washington D.C.) and asked them if they knew about Victoria Nuland’s statement about $5 billion spent on the Ukrainian “democratic” project, or that the “chocolate king” was basically installed via a violent coup, that more than 10% of Americans would know the correct answers?

These are just “for instance” questions, the larger point being that American’s ignorance of their own government’s foreign policy horrors underscores the fact that our ruling elite have not been any where near delegitimized as people who deserve to be leading much of anything, much less the world’s pre-eminent military power. AND FURTHERMORE, IT’S FAR MORE RATIONAL TO BLAME USELESS AMERICAN ACTIVISTS FOR THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS, RATHER THAN THE ELITE CLASS, AS THEY HAVE NO MOTIVATION TO CHANGE THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR

If the American public had been properly educated via a useful American activist class, whenever any of the elite clowns opened their mouths about bringing “freedom and democracy” to the rest of the world (which lacks our fine form of government, ya see), they would be largely either laughed at, or ridiculed. That would have created a real political force that would have resulted in the election of less insane and sociopathic leaders.


I’m not going to develop the argument, but simply “state without proof” that the most obvious thing that needed to have been done is that they whole warmongering apparatus should have been legitimized,

has been fixed.

“Slam Dunk” George Tenet Helped Cover Up Shootdown of TWA800 – or, Why You Shouldn’t Trust Anything the US Says About MH17 Forensic Evidence

By: metamars Sunday July 20, 2014 4:36 am

George Ray McGovern, a former high-level CIA analyst who helped start Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (who do, indeed, issue sane statements regarding intelligence and national security, unlike neocon wackjob serial liars) has penned Facts needed on Malaysian jet shoot-down

From that article:

I also have grown more and more suspicious of the official U.S. government account about the crash of TWA-800 on July 17, 1996. Shortly after departing Kennedy Airport in New York, the plane exploded off Long Island with 230 people killed. More than 100 eyewitnesses reported seeing an object they described variously as a “missile,” “flare” or “rocket” rise up into the sky and merge with TWA Flight 800.

The immediate suspicion was that the disaster was an act of terrorism, although some speculation focused on the presence of U.S. Navy missile-carrying warships in the area. However, after raising much of the plane’s wreckage from the sea bottom, the National Transportation Safety Board and Justice Department/FBI dismissed the eyewitness accounts of a missile and concluded instead that the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction.

To help in selling this version, the CIA “technical experts” working under CIA Director George Tenet – yes, the same fellow who described the Iraq WMD evidence as a “slam dunk” – were enlisted to prepare a video artfully designed to discredit the missile claims. But the TWA800 Project Investigative Team – a determined group of engineers, scientists, eyewitnesses and journalists – have continued to challenge the official findings, including the CIA video.

Wayne Madsen: Israel ordered Malaysian Airline Shoot-down

By: metamars Thursday July 17, 2014 10:33 am

The always-interestings, but never-verifiable Wayne Madsen has posted the following:

Ukrainian government, Russia, and Donetsk People’s Republic all deny shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over eastern Ukraine. But there is no word from Kolomoisky’s Army led by Ukrainan-Israeli billionaire oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky has funded his own army in eastern Ukraine with massive weapons purchases and fascist mercenaries. The Buk missile system used to shoot down MH-17 is in Ukrainian stocks and has been sold by Kiev to Georgia. Media propaganda alert over charges that Ukraine does not possess Buk system. Donetsk Republic also says it has no missile system capable of hitting a plane at 33,000 feet. The truth: Kolomoisky, who takes his orders from Tel Aviv, pulled this attack off to divert attention from Israel’s Gaza genocide and try to put blame on Russia. Israel and its sayanim are masters of false flag attacks.

Prior to reading this, I had assumed the following ordering of likelihood of guilt:

Tied 1) and 2) and 3) Ukrainian government , separatists , US (covert op)

Distant 4) Russian government (essentially 0 probability)

Then again, what I know about the Ukraine would struggle to fill a thimble. I never even heard of Kolomoisky.

Well, make of this what you will.

Populist, Anti Fed Movement Up 23% in less than 1 month – "If you want to change something … you have to go on the streets"

By: metamars Friday July 11, 2014 3:41 pm

Luke Rudkowki of interviews Lars Maehrholz, whose populist, anti-Fed movement is still growing rapidly. See Game Changing Major End The Fed Rally Planned in Europe

In just a few short weeks, the movement has grown from about 100 cities to 123 in Germany. (See my Jun 25 diary, non-camping, Occupy-like movement in Europe ramps up to 100 cities, in over 2 months. Lawrence Lessig, take note!)

Lars is now organizing a large rally for the 19th of July, in Berlin, where he hopes to get attendees from all the European cities where his movement is already having meetings. He hopes to get 10,000 attendees, or more.

Good luck, Lars!

Lessig’s Mayday Hits $5M Fundraising Goal To Elect Pro-Campaign Finance Reform Politicians (plus: wider perspective)

By: metamars Sunday July 6, 2014 3:40 am

From Techcrunch

Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig’s just raised a lot of money…to help get the money out of politics by campaigning to elect five politicians who will enact campaign finance reform. This morning the Super PAC hit its $5 million grassroots fundraising goal thanks to 47,000 supporters, which will be matched by $5 million in donations from wealthy tech luminaries. Combined with the $1 million it crowdfunded earlier this year that was matched by Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, TED’s Chris Anderson, and Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham brings Mayday to it full $12 million funding goal before this year’s mid-term elections.


The Mayday website is here.

It’s somewhat mind-blowing (and dismaying) that crowd-funding is under-utilized, as late as 2014, but I’m glad to see that this is starting to change, as evidenced by the effort.

The Focus Fusion crowdsourcing campaign just ended*, and while it didn’t get 100% of it’s target, it did get 90%, which ain’t too shabby. A solar road crowdfunding project, which I have some doubts about (but nevertheless seems plausible enough to be worth trying**) got 220% of it’s funding goal (which was 1 million dollars).

I take all these as hopeful signs in trying, and dark days. Reading political blogs can be depressing, not only because of the dearth of intelligent strategizing and cost/benefit analyses, but also because so many participants don’t even have a fundamentally problem-solving approach to issues that they care about. They seem to be more interested in tribalism and, amongst the most egregiously primitive, more about flinging verbal poo, then actually changing anything.

Neither the “analysis paralysis” intellectuals, nor the fundamentally emotional tribalists get it. They are powerless, and on a trajectory for continued, if not greater, powerlessness.

Lessig gets it, and has taken intelligent action. Good for him, and good for us. Well done, Mr. Lessig.

* Focus Fusion owns the record (or did about a year ago) for highest temperature attained in human-created fusion reaction. This was accomplished at a tiny fraction of the funding of the big, hot fusion research projects. See In the race for fusion, a dark horse takes the lead It’s not only an extremely green (= low environmental impact) technology, but (AFAICT) the most promising route to viable, hot fusion.

** The solar roadways project raised $2,200,716. Meanwhile, US bubble gum sales in 2009 were $3.71 billion. Even if the solar roadways project turns out to be a total bust, the cost to society, overall, was effectively 0, IMO.
And if it turns out not to be a bust, the contribution to energy sources in the US could be worth $billions.