I quoted an LA Times article, Low-wage workers turning to voters for pay raises in a diary I posted this morning: Regional Green Party Campaign School Coming to NYC; Should They Expand to Minimum-Wage-Boost Ballot Initiatives?

Here’s the quote:

For decades, Long Beach hotel workers fought for better wages.

But their efforts to start unions mostly fizzled. So last year, union backers tried something new: a ballot measure.

Voters swiftly gave them what years of picket lines and union-card drives had failed to secure — a $13-per-hour minimum wage for hundreds of Long Beach hotel workers.

A similar shift happened in San Jose, where voters in November awarded workers a higher minimum wage not just in hotels, but citywide. The victories put these two California cities on the cusp of an emerging trend: Ballot initiatives, labor experts say, have the potential to rewrite labor’s playbook for how to win concessions from management.

Long Beach and San Jose join a list of cities nationwide where voters, not unions, have won workers higher wages, demonstrating the power of this new labor tactic.

This was important enough, on it’s own merits, that I didn’t want anybody to miss it. E.g., even if they don’t care a fig about the Green Party.

Well, you’ve been warned!