See 93 Members of Harvard Faculty Call on University to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Their website is:

‘Oddly’ enough {cough} {cough}, only 1 physicist appears in their list, unless you also want to count Naomi Oreskes, who has an undergraduate degree in Mining Geology, and a PhD in “Graduate Special Program in Geological Research and History of Science”. That seems a tidge light, ya know?

Now, it’s no surprise that Dr. Mike Stopa, a Harvard physicist who ran for Congress in 2013, isn’t one of the 93 signatories. That’s because Stopa has said that there’s a lot of “hysteria” surrounding global warming. Yep, he’s what some greeny types would call a “climate change denier”, even though he doesn’t deny that climate changes, nor that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.

But, what about the rest of the Harvard Physics Department? Copying and pasting their list of faculty into Excel, I get 74 rows.

Why does only 1/74 Harvard physicists support this wonderful letter, to the extent of signing it? Is the Harvard Physics Department a bastion of “climate change denialism”??

2 more members of the physics department have signed the list. (via Lubos Motls’ coverage, here.)