Yesterday Rep. Ed Markey Markey called on BP to release a live video feed of the pipe instead of fragmented, days-old clips. BP agreed late yesterday to let Markey put the video on his website. Markey tried to host the live feed of BP’s underwater pipe gushing oil by putting it on his "award winning" Global Warming website. So far, it’s not loading for anyone. And really, it’s no surprise.

Frankly, the Congressional website infrastructure is far from adequate to host a proprietary live video feed. Not only would the traffic alone be too much for Markey’s website to handle without adequate preparation, but, I highly doubt BP or Markey are using any embeddable web service able to handle the number of viewers who want to watch this.

Here’s what should happen: the White House, like it should with every aspect of the BP disaster, needs to take control of the live feed. The White House should use its vast technological resources and expertise to take the feed that is streaming into the White House Situation Room, and use the White House’s already proven, high quality live video service. Not only can the White House website handle the traffic, so can its live video capabilities that can be embedded across the web.

Kudos to Markey for getting BP to consent to a live feed, but let’s leave the technology to the pros. The White House needs to take control and own this live feed of a pipe leaking millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf every day.