Alan Simpson: AARP “Is a Cruel Organization,” but “their Article on Sex over 80, I Thought Was Amazing”

6:38 am in Uncategorized by Michael Whitney

Ladies and Gentleman, Alan “310 Million Tits” Simpson, whose plan to gut our country’s safety net is being embraced by President Obama, thinks the AARP is a “cruel organization” full of “marketers,” not “patriots.” That said, Simpson, aged 79, really likes the AARP’s magazine, especially “their article on sex over 80. Hell, I thought that was amazing.”

In a late January interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Simpson rambled about the AARP while trying to defend his Catfood Commission. Watch it:

Note: Firedoglake is not responsible for any long term damage associated with any mental anguish from imagining Alan Simpson perusing through the AARP’s magazine on articles about sex over 80.