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The Difference Between the Gun Rights Movement and the Gun Control Movement

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The families of the victims killed and wounded in the Virginia Tech massacre do not come close to having such clout. For the tragedy’s fifth anniversary next week, they are having a hard time securing meetings with Washington politicians to fix the law that promised a more complete and up-to-date federal list of the mentally ill, who should be barred from buying guns. But two dozen states have submitted fewer than 100 mental health records each when tens of thousands should be entered, according to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a national gun reform group. Financing to help state reporting efforts was supposed to be $1.1 billion over the last four years, yet Congress appropriated only $51 million. So goes the nation’s utter failure to deal with the gun menace.

Why do you think there’s such a discrepancy between the power of the gun lobby and the gun control movement? Wouldn’t you think that the million or so people affected each year by gun violence, that’s the friends and family of gun-shot victims, would raise their voices against the dangerous expansion of gun rights? Over the last ten years there would have been 10 million people directly affected by it. Where are they? Why are those who do raise their voices so outnumbered by the gun-rights advocates?

Here’s my theory. Indirect victims of gun violence, spouses, children, friends and loved ones, usually do not unite with others in the movement to stop that violence. Theirs is a lonely world of pain and loss. They suffer silently.

The gun-rights movement, on the other hand, is a natural magnet for enthusiastic gun owners. It provides the perfect justification through numbers for activities and behaviors that would otherwise be difficult to justify. It’s got that perfect combination of resisting the impending tyranny of the government, a danger that exists only in their minds, and fighting tooth and nail against the “gun-grabbers,” who in reality are the powerless ones themselves.

All this resistance feeds into their fantasies about being the underdogs in a cataclysmic battle of the titans. Depending on the personality type, some gun owners imagine glorious triumph over the enemy, these are the truly delusional ones, others picture themselves going down in a blaze of glory. I call that mania “grandiose victimism.”

There’s much more. There’s the flag-waving pseudo-patriotism of the 2nd Amendment distortions and bastardizations. There’s the god-given-rights angle, which combines that peculiar right-wing Christianity unique to the US with guns. And, of course, there’s the empowering that comes with gun use and ownership. This is perhaps the single most active motivator in the entire gun-rights movement. Fearful, insecure men, find a type of delusional power and safety in guns.

How could the gun control movement, which is grounded in common sense and reason, compete with all that?

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Guns and Women

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The Brady Campaign posted the results of a recent poll which indicates American women especially oppose guns in public. All this hearkens back to one of my most popular posts: Guns and Women, sometimes referred to as “guns are bad news for women.”

Lake’s survey found a sizable gender gap in the data, with 63 percent of women feeling less safe with allowing open carry. The gap, of 49 points between the net attitudes of men and women, represents “one of the largest divides seen on current issues,” the researchers explained.

The women who responded negatively to guns in public in this poll come from the suburbs, the cities and the farms of this country. They come in shades of black, white, and brown. They are affluent, low-income, and jobless, young and elderly. And they have a potent message: Politicians who are doing the bidding of the gun lobby, and businesses who worry about offending gun rights extremists should look at this data and be aware that there is potentially a large price to pay with voters and customers alike.

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The Conversion of Gun Control Advocates

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My comment:

The photo seems to me a perfect amalgam of the fanatical gun-rights guy who also happens to be a religious nut. Unfortunately, they are legion, and particularly dangerous because they can justify the worst nonsense. Naturally, Robert offered his patented blah-blah-blah justifications which the readership just loved.

About the conversion of formerly anti-gun people by taking them to the shooting range, Robert offered this: “Within minutes, they realize that operating a gun appeals to both their lizard and their leftist—I mean rational mind.” I suppose that’s an example of making assertions which are not backed up by facts. But, I actually don’t mind that kind of thing.

The fact is, there are some, myself included, who went the other way. I have no way of knowing which type is more numerous, but for sure the ones like me offset to some degree those who are converted.

As to the reason why, the suggestion that “They discover that you can shoot a gun without turning into a spree killer,” is a silly oversimplification. In addition to this realization, they also experience the power and thrill of firing a weapon, they feel that particular and unique kind of exhiliration for the first time. They are empowered. Whatever feelings of powerlessness they may have had disappear, replaced immediately by the illusory fantasy of finally having the possibility of being safe and without fear.

These are the things that people find attractive. The more fearful and insecure one is, the more appealing these things are.
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